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☕️ C&C NEWS ☙ Tuesday, November 1, 2022 ☙ PREVENTION 

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By Jeff Childers


Seven more days… Welcome to November, C&C, and good morning! Today’s awesome roundup includes: SADS strikes again; negative vaccine efficacy; I debunk Pfizer’s new claim it never tested for preventing infections; CDC director Walensky gets covid, again, after 5 jabs and paxlovid; Brazil in massive protests after election results; and True the Vote activists spend a day in jail after refusing to turn over their whistleblower.


💉 Please keep videogame studio director J. E. Sawyer in your thoughts today, as he’s struggling with baffling, sudden and unexpected blood clots throughout his body. The good news though is that, since he’s alway been a cheerleader for the jabs, he’s protected from covid. Probably.

Sawyer’d never even HAD a blood clot before. Now he has oodles of them.

Fortunately, Mr. Sawyer says he expects to make a complete recovery with the help of blood thinners.

💉 Pro golfer Luis Vega, 26, recently woke up paralyzed from the waist down, recently had a sudden and unexpected blood clot that formed along his spine, pressing on his nerves.

His Mount Sinai doctors are baffled. Vega’s medical team performed every test they could think of to find the cause of Vega’s blood clot. Despite their best efforts, they found no obvious or underlying cause for the condition. “He had a remarkably rare diagnosis and had no risk factors at all for it to happen, the rarest of the rare,” said his doctor.

Fortunately, Vega’s emergency spinal surgery seems to have gone well and he’s back to playing golf.

💉 Doctor Lauren Gilstrap, 38, a cardiac expert, died suddenly and unexpectedly last week. No cause of death has been released. Lauren worked for Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health, which mandated covid shots in 2021, for safety.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Heart and Vascular Center @DHHeartVascular

We are profoundly saddened by the loss of Dr. Lauren Gilstrap on October 21st. Lauren was not only an incredibly talented physician, researcher, and teacher, but she was a dear friend to so many. She was a shining light and embodied true excellence in everything she did.


6:11 PM ∙ Oct 24, 20221,167Likes108Retweets

💉 CTV News ran a story yesterday headlined, “EU Regulator Recommends Adding Heavy Periods to Side Effects of mRNA Covid Shots.”

The European Medicines Agency defined “heavy periods” as bleeding characterized by increased volume and/or duration that interferes with the quality of life. At this point, the EMA allows there is at least a “reasonable possibility” that heavy periods are causally associated with the mRNA vaccines.

It’s possible. Who knows?

This is only a year late. But remember, and repeat after me, the CDC promises that the shots have no adverse effect — zero, zilch, nada — on fertility. You can take that to the bank.*

(Only approved digital currencies allowed.)

💉 Panic-plagued CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, quintuple jabbed, infected by covid 10 days ago, on Paxlovid, can’t get a break. She now has symptomatic covid, AGAIN.

Pfizer says “covid rebound” can, unfortunately, happen in a very small number, 1-2% of cases.

Bergen Review Media @thebergenreview

Fauci says he is experiencing ‘rebound’ of COVID symptoms after Paxlovid treatment buff.lyFauci says he is experiencing ‘rebound’ of COVID symptoms after Paxlovid treatmentAnthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious diseases doctor, said he is experiencing a rebound of COVID-19 symptoms after taking Pfizer’…6:22 PM ∙ Oct 31, 2022

George Hatcher Sr. @GeorgeHatcher

Biden tests positive again for coronavirus after Paxlovid ‘rebound’ washingtonpost.comBiden tests positive again for coronavirus after Paxlovid ‘rebound’The president’s symptoms haven’t reemerged and “continues to feel quite well,” according to his doctor….4:30 AM ∙ Oct 26, 20221Like1Retweet

Dr. skippy haha for medicare for all, Esq. @shvintage

@FinchTH Yes Jill Biden also experienced the Paxlovid rebound – npr.orgFirst lady Jill Biden tests positive for COVID-19 in rebound caseThe first lady first tested positive on Aug. 16 and she remained in isolation for five days, undergoing a course of Paxlovid treatment….4:32 PM ∙ Oct 31, 2022

It’s weird that they all got covid again so fast, given that it only happens 1-2% of the time.

Some people wonder why Walensky was even taking Paxlovid, because she’s not in any high-risk group for whom the drug is intended. It’s no mystery to me; early in the pandemic she said she was plagued with “unshakeable feelings of imminent doom.” She’s got a terrible, untreated anxiety disorder, and she’s running the most influential health agency in the world.

Makes sense. Especially after seeing that Puppy character. Walensky’s nowhere close to the worst we could’ve done.

💉 Ever since Pfizer’s executive recently and infamously claimed that the vaccine maker never tested its shots for efficacy at preventing covid-19 infections, because of the “speed of science” or something, I’ve been wanting to do a deeper dive on that questionable premise. Yesterday I finally got the opportunity.

The Ethical Skeptic, an independent data analyst collecting and charting covid data since the beginning of the pandemic, updated a chart that I reported on a couple weeks ago. Then, he’d concluded that new covid infections were preferring recently-jabbed folks 4:1, even after adjusting for relative populations and testing frequency.

But now, just two weeks later, covid’s preference for recently-jabbed folks appears to have nearly doubled, to 7:1.

October 18:

October 31:

The good news is that the recently-jabbed are the very smallest group. The repeat jabbers seem to be real gluttons for punishment, not only enduring the “transient” side effects from the shots, but also voluntarily encountering the highest risk for covid infection.

When a vaccine makes it more likely that you’ll catch the targeted disease, that’s called “negative efficacy,” which, apart from killing you with blood clots and strokes, is about the LAST thing you want your vaccine to do.

I mean, stopping you getting sick is the vaccine’s ONLY JOB.

But don’t complain! Pfizer recently told the European Union’s commission that it was moving at the speed of science and NEVER tested the shots to see if they’d prevent infections. On purpose. Nor did they test to see if the shots would reduce hospitalizations or deaths. They claimed they only tested whether the shots produced certain antibodies. So it’s your own fault if you thought the shots did something else like stopping infections.

Or, is it?

While I had the kids out for Halloween last night wearing my C&C t-shirt, I ran into a long-time C&C fan who’d been reading the blog since it was just a Facebook post. He even remembered the local “experts,” who used to plague the comments with smart aleck quips like “you can take your medical advice from a lawyer if you want to.”

It true, I’m “just” a lawyer. I’m not a doctor or a vaccine scientist. But, as a lawyer, I know how to search for source documents, and I went looking to see if I could find how Pfizer described the original clinical trials.

Here it is!

I might need some help from some of our C&C team who have the relevant expertise. But Pfizer’s description of its Phase 2 and 3 clinical trials looks to me to be aimed at testing for REDUCED INFECTIONS:

Nowhere in the clinical trial description does it mention testing for reducing severity of the disease. I defy you to find it.

Again, since I’m “only” a lawyer, I went looking for what the subject-matter experts thought the language from Pfizer’s clinical trials meant.

On December 17, 2020, the World Economic Forum triumphantly reported a story headlined, “The Results From Pfizer’s Vaccine Trial and What They Tell Us.” That headline seemed like the article might help interpret Pfizer’s results.

Here’s how the WEF’s vaccine experts summarized the trial results:

There it is! I knew I wasn’t crazy. WEF’s experts calculated the so-called “95% efficacy” by dividing the number of uninfected people by the total trial group. We heard a lot about that 95% efficacy, remember? It was about infections, not antibodies.

But, maybe it was just the WEF’s vaccine experts who read Pfizer’s results this way? Nope. Everybody did. In a November 2020 article titled “What do the efficacy results of Pfizer’s clinical trial mean?”, Medeen’s Health-Desk, billed as “public health experts in service of journalism,” described Pfizer’s trials like this:


These citations also blow away the pro-vaxxers’ condescending argument that “Covid-19,” the illness, is materially different from “SARS-CoV-2,” which is the virus that CAUSES Covid-19. But the Pfizer trial said it was testing for efficacy against “confirmed Covid-19,” the illness, not SARS-CoV-2, the virus.

In other words, they DID test for “confirmed Covid-19.” And they DID claim that their dumb shot was “95% effective” at preventing a Covid-19 infection.

PREVENTING. As the public health experts at Medeen explained, Pfizer said the shots made people “much less likely to contract Covid-19.”

But the actual real-world data appears to show the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Pfizer claimed its carefully controlled clinical trials proved. After a short, misleading burst of immunity, the shots’ efficacy seems to ultimately go negative. People appear to be much MORE LIKELY to contract Covid-19, if they get the shots.

Oh, if only Pfizer had moved at the speed of medicine instead of moving at the speed of science, and done NORMAL vaccine trials that lasted longer than 90 days. Maybe we could have figured this unhappy contretemps out, before people got hurt?

But now, negative efficacy appears to be showing up INSIDE three months. The group that Ethical Skeptic calculated was second-most-likely to get infected are people who got their last shot within 90 days.

You’d have to be pretty crazy to take the shot now.

Don’t come arguing that the shots might give you an infection but “at least” you won’t get sick, or arguing that it’s mostly unvaccinated people dying from covid. There’s not one single randomized controlled trial showing any of that. I don’t care what Pensyltucky’s Covid Dashboard shows. We have no idea how they’re identifying “unvaccinated.” That’s just “uncontrolled, non-randomized” data.

You’d think these ‘experts’ would understand the difference between a legitimate scientific trial and some data reported by bureaucrats. Oh, if you give them 1,000 studies showing ivermectin’s efficacy, they can microscopically identify the failures of each and every one. But talk about covid efficacy, and suddenly, study standards are completely irrelevant.

It’s almost like the experts only believe what they WANT to believe.

🔥 Brazil is lit right now, after conservative presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro lost the election to committed socialist Lula da Silva yesterday.

Bolsonaro won every part of the country except one: the Nordeste region, where the gangs and drug cartels operate. In one sense, the gangs and drug cartels just picked Brazil’s next president.

Around mid-day yesterday, Joe Biden tweeted that the Brazilian election was “free and fair.” So that tells you a lot right there.

The Brazilian people seem skeptical of the results for a variety of reasons, and are now engaged in widespread protests.

VISH BURRA 🔫 @VishBurra

MORE: Protesters using cranes and farm equipment to block a road that connects Western Brazil to the Amazonic region and the SE region (where metro centers such as Rio and São Paulo are). Sinop-MT is the heartland of Brazilian ag production. This means food can’t leave the region


5:24 AM ∙ Nov 1, 2022700Likes220Retweets

VISH BURRA 🔫 @VishBurra

ON THE GROUND: Pro-Bolsonaro protesters are using construction trucks to haul dirt and sand to block roads.


5:42 AM ∙ Nov 1, 2022759Likes214Retweets

Last year, in 2021, Brazilians protested demanding an “auditable vote,” because they feared there would be cheating this year (in 2022). But the Brazilian Supreme Court blocked an auditable vote.

Rafael Fontana @RafaelFontana

Hundreds of thousands demonstrate this Sunday in Brazil demanding auditable elections. Brazilian voters fear a fraud in the Presidential election that will take place in 2022.


12:55 AM ∙ Aug 2, 20211,594Likes661Retweets

We’re going to learn a lot from how this Brazil situation plays out.

🔥 Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, the True the Vote activists who exposed Konnech’s election software’s data privacy problems, have been ordered by Federal Judge Kenneth Hoyt to spend the day in jail, for contempt, for failing to disclose the name of the whistleblower who originally put them onto the fact that the Chinese-connected software was in use in a large number of U.S. voting precincts.

George Webb – Investigative Journalist @RealGeorgeWebb1

Catherine Englebrecht and Gregg Phillips taken into custody in the Courtroom here in Houston this morning.


2:41 PM ∙ Oct 31, 2022768Likes496Retweets

The judge will probably bring them back into court in a day or two and ask them again. It’s convenient for everybody, because the jail is only one floor below the federal court. Meanwhile the pair’s lawyers will almost certainly be working to get higher court review.

Phillips and Engelbrecht are defendants in Konnech’s civil defamation action. Konnech argues they can’t prove the tech company is controlled by China, so they shouldn’t have gone around telling everybody Konnech was a Chinese plant, and trying to convince supervisors of elections around the country to dump the company’s software. Oh. And, anti-China racism.

According to the Texas Tribune’s article on their arrest, Phillips and Engelbrecht have repeatedly claimed Konnech president Eugene Yu was a Chinese communist party secret agent. Yu was recently arrested in Los Angeles for a criminal privacy violation of his software contract with the county.

It seems obvious that the fact of Yu’s arrest should slow Judge Hoyt’s roll a little, but the old-school judge appears determined to enforce his courtroom rules. Unless their lawyers can get the Fifth Circuit to stop Judge Hoyt, Phillips and Engelbrecht will probably have to choose between revealing their confidential source or staying in jail for a while.

Nobody said this was going to be easy! I’m monitoring the situation, and if there is something we can do to help, I’ll let you know.

Have a terrific Tuesday and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

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