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☕️ C&C NEWS ☙ Tuesday, December 6, 2022 ☙ SANITY’S RETURN 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C! It’s Tuesday, and your roundup today includes: Florida makes waves and cures mandates with new provider alert; the Atlantic questions whether kids microbiomes will be harmed and winds up impeaching experts; Fauci’s transcript drops; Republican governors seek end to military mandates; Texas looks poised to pass vaccine mandate ban; NY Post exposes Hunter Biden’s law firm graft; 6th Circuit upholds stay of Air Force jab mandate; and gross anti-Trump porno lawyer Avenatti’s federal prison sentence gets TRIPLED.


🪖 Reminder: C&C will be closed tomorrow, Pearl Harbor Day, so that I can attend an anti-child-trafficking event in South Florida tonight. I’ll make it up to you, I promise!


💉 Fighting vaccine mandates is like playing whack-a-mole, except for much higher stakes. You’d think we don’t have any moles left in Florida, but you’d be wrong. Their ugly little rodent heads keep popping up, especially in healthcare and colleges.

Those two problem areas intersect in medical and nursing schools, which are subject to Florida’s mandate ban because they are state actors. But they claim that the private institutions providing their students with residencies require the shots. So the schools have been demanding to know students’ shot status, and refusing to place kids in residencies if they are unjabbed.

Without completing residency, the student can’t graduate.

Previously we’d been recommending that those students either arrange their own residencies with a reasonable facility, or contact the approved facilities directly to request a vaccine mandate exemption using Florida’s statutory forms, which by law cannot be refused.

Last week I found out the schools have caught on.

This time, when Nurse Ratched deployed Spring’s residency requirements, the latest rules prohibited self-arranged residencies (formerly allowed), and banned direct contact with any of the approved, vaccine-requiring institutions. For privacy!

Violate the rules and get kicked out of the program.

Last Friday, I think the Governor’s office somehow became aware of the problem, and Florida’s Surgeon General Ladapo send out a “provider alert” to all licensed healthcare workers in the state, to remind them of Florida’s vaccine policy.

Florida’s current guidance requires healthcare professionals to advise their patients of ALL POSSIBLE OUTCOMES of the vaccines. That means providers can’t just parrot, “the CDC says the shots are safe and effective! Caw! Caw!”

No. Instead, Florida providers must inform patients of the jabs’ known side effects, including Bell’s Palsy, myocarditis, pericarditis, and so forth. Full disclosure. And for some reason, a lot of them just HATE IT. You’ve never seen such a bunch of reluctant disclosers in your entire life. They act like their mother just hauled them back into the store by the ear and forced them to confess to stealing that Snicker’s bar.

Maybe even worse, they now have to tell patients the State recommends AGAINST boosters for men under 40. So.

The new provider alert only “reminds” practitioners of the existing guidance and doesn’t create any new guidance. But the provider alert still triggered a bunch of jab-happy healthcare professionals, like Michelle B:

Haha, that’s a good one. The Florida Department of Health doesn’t understand science as well as Michelle B — a nursing student — does. Okay, Michelle.

Anyway, after the provider alert dropped, the nursing school rescinded the jab mandate! They’re still trying to find out students’ jab status, supposedly to “help with placement,” which makes unjabbed kids very suspicious, but it is still an improvement over where we were before the provider alert dropped.

On an aside, healthcare workers often ask about when the government will drop mandates. The example above, “Michelle B (she/her),” is what they need to focus on. There are still far too many healthcare professionals who are in LOVE with vaccine mandates and want to reproduce with them.

Clean up the healthcare house and the mandate problem will go away.

Anyway, Dr. Ladapo — apparently not satisfied with the provider alert — waded into Twitter and called the vaccines “far less safe than any vaccines widely used.” He also asked when sanity would return to science — Bam!

In other words, Dr. Ladapo called science “crazy,” but in a nice way.

Dr. Ladapo got a lot of “feedback,” but his ratios held. He also got a lot of attention, including from outside the state, such as from independent data researcher John Beaudoin, who’s flyspecked Massachusetts’ death records to suss out vaccine injuries, and who offered to come help out in Florida:

Florida should get Beaudoin or someone like him reviewing our medical records. And I also endorse his call for transparency in death records. ALL medical information for people who died after January 2021 should be subject to public records requests, as a matter of great public interest. All it would take is a one-sentence addition to the public records statute removing the existing exemption for death records.

Dead people don’t need privacy! But living people urgently need to know about potential threats.


(Postscript: I’d like to quietly recognize a great friend and not-so-quiet behind-the-scenes ally, who I believe was instrumental in the issuance of the provider alert.)

🔥 The Atlantic ran an unintentionally ironic story yesterday headlined, “The Year Without Germs Changed Kids.” The sub-headline further explains: “Children who spent their formative years in the bleach-everything era will certainly have different microbiomes. The question is whether different means bad.”

I’ll give you a hint. Their microbiomes won’t be BETTER. You can count on that much.

The Atlantic, which gave away its viewpoint when the author used the delightful term “hygiene theater,” says that despite warnings from microbiome specialists, covid experts have no idea, really, whether putting kids in a bubble for two years would hurt them or not, or what to do about it.

Who knows? It’s baffling:

For now, “we are in the realm of speculation,” says Maria Gloria Dominguez Bello, a microbiologist at Rutgers. Scientists don’t understand how, or even which, behaviors may affect the composition of our inner flora throughout our life span. Chronic illnesses such as obesity and asthma also take time to manifest. There’s not yet evidence that they’re on the rise among children, and even if they were, researchers wouldn’t expect to see the signal for at least a couple of years, perhaps more.

Experts are so embarrassingly pathetic these days. Back in the pandemic, experts knew EVERYTHING. Nothing was blocked to their keen insights, or their laserlike intelligences. Those experts could give us microscopic details about the novel coronavirus and without even breaking a sweat, they could recite, chapter and verse, precisely what we needed to do to keep everyone safe. There were no questions whatsoever in those days.

In fact, back then, even ASKING questions was considered a faux pas, because everything was already known. It was known to “science.”

But these days? Meh. These days, science seems to be taking a nap. The experts don’t seem to know ANYTHING. Everything baffles them! Like, why are all these young people dying suddenly and unexpectedly from SADS lately? The experts are befuddled, bemused, and confounded. They’ve become suddenly and unexpectedly myopic, a virtual village of Mr. Magoos, wandering around grasping and guessing in a vain search for a theory.

Maybe SADS comes from long covid? Or maybe it’s from climate change or something? Who knows? Not experts. They. Don’t. Know. They don’t even have a good guess.

I think we need to stop hiding from reality and deal with the truth. One of the hard truths about the long-term side effects from covid infection is that our experts have gotten STUPIDER. I’m sorry. But it’s obviously and painfully true. We need to stop coddling them just to spare their feelings. They need to know, to be told, over and over till it sinks in, so that they can do something about it.

Maybe they can take vitamins, or do a heavy-metals cleanse, or at least shut up for ten minutes.

The article includes some other interesting bits, but it ultimately just goes around in a confused circle. It WANTS to say kids who were subjected to ultra-hygiene in their critical developmental period will suffer SOMETHING bad. That seems like common sense. But the experts can’t say. They have no idea. Maybe it will even be good for kids? The Atlantic reported, “A few scientists are even pondering whether the pandemic’s ripple effects may have buoyed the microbiomes of the COVID kids.”

Uh huh.

Yeah, they’re “pondering” all right. In fact, the experts need to do a lot more pondering and a lot less talking.

🔥 Missouri Attorney General and overall legal superstar Eric Schmitt released Fauci’s deposition transcript yesterday. The short version is most reviewers think Fauci’s depo is an exercise in vexation. If you enjoy feeling frustrated, reading this transcript is for you.

I have a different take. The transcript is great evidence that Fauci never should have been in that job, and it was high time he resigned. All his decisions should be called into question. According to the transcript, the little rodent squeaked “I don’t recall” ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FOUR TIMES, including when asked about important emails, key interviews, significant decisions, and other critical events during the pandemic.

Brain fog. Neurological decline. Cognitive impairment. Alzheimer’s. All possible.

I told you I love taking depositions. I have a special series of questions I like to ask after the third or fourth time the witness tells me they don’t remember a significant fact. I’ll ask, “Mr. Fauci, is there some reason that you can’t remember things very well today? Have you recently suffered from an injury that might have affected your memory? Like a blow to the head or something? Does your terrible memory often interfere with your job, or cause embarrassing mistakes in your personal life?”

Ill can continue with more questions, depending on how egregious the witness’ lack of memory is. If the memory problems are very egregious, like Fauci’s 174 failures to remember key facts, the questioner is entitled to give the witness a cognitive evaluation: “Mr. Fauci, I’m going to ask you a few questions now to test how profound your memory problems are, okay? Can you tell me what day it is? Very good. Can you tell me who the president is? The vice-president? What month is it? Who makes a Jeep Wrangler? Where were you born?” And so forth. It both makes a point and preserves a record.

In terms of anything particularly interesting, I’m still reviewing Fauci’s transcript. But one standout — something he COULD remember, and well — was that Fauci is SUPER impressed with how the Chinese dealt with covid. He couldn’t praise those commies highly enough. The communists, they really know how to get the job done, when you need to lockdown a society, I mean lockdown a virus, of course.

Birds of a feather!

I’ll keep you posted, but don’t expect too much. Veteran of maybe hundreds of Congressional hearings, Fauci’s superpower is serving word salad.

💉 Last week the Tyler Morning Telegraph ran a story headlined, “Republican governors ask for end to U.S. military COVID-19 vaccine mandate.” It reported that twenty (20) Republican governors sent a letter to Congressional leaders opposing the covid jab mandate for U.S. Armed Forces members, and asked the lawmakers to fight the Biden Administration’s mandate issued on August 24th, 2021.

The governors didn’t sugarcoat the problem: “The Biden vaccine mandate on our military creates a national security risk that severely impacts our defense capabilities abroad and our state readiness here at home,” the letter said.

Among the twenty governors were Governor DeSantis of Florida, Bill Lee of Tennessee, and Greg Abbott of Texas, who also promised to pass a new statewide ban on vaccine mandates.

Greg Abbott @GregAbbott_TX

I joined 20 Republican governors demanding that the federal government end COVID vaccine mandates for the U.S. Military. I expect legislation this session to ban ANY Covid vaccine mandate in Texas. tylerpaper.com/news/texas/rep… via @https://twitter.com/Tylerpaper

tylerpaper.comRepublican governors ask for end to U.S. military COVID-19 vaccine mandate(The Center Square) — Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee and 20 other Republican governors sent a letter to congressional leaders opposing a COVID…4:43 PM ∙ Dec 4, 20228,583Likes1,324Retweets

Abbott might be talking about the anti-mandate bill filed by Texas state representative Brian Harrison and Texas senator Mayes Middleton, HB81.

Brian Harrison @brianeharrison

🚨Breaking: Governor @GregAbbott_TX just demanded legislation to ban all #COVID vaccine mandates next session. The Texas COVID Vaccine Freedom Act is the boldest bill in America. Statement from Senator-Elect @mayes_middleton and me. #txlege #HB81


9:10 PM ∙ Dec 4, 20223,041Likes959Retweets

Come on, Texas! You can do it!

🔥 The New York Post ran a story last week headlined, “Hunter Biden’s Former Law Firm Received $10M in Forgiven COVID Loans While Donating $1M to Dems.”

I bet it never occurred to you that the troubled covid loan program could be used to wash money from taxpayers to democrat candidates. And you were probably surprised to hear that Hunter actually had a job as a real lawyer at a legit law firm. Well, sort of. The Post explained Hunter Biden became “of counsel” at Boies Schiller Flexner in 2010, earning $216,000 a year for a “no-show” job that required neither office hours, attending any meetings, or any billable hours.

Of all law firms in the U.S., Boies took the single-biggest loan from the Paycheck Protection Program: $10.14 million. The loan was officially forgiven in 2021. Despite needing all that taxpayer money to “stay afloat,” equity partners each earned $4.5M million that year (out of $480M billed to clients) and as the headline mentioned, the firm still gave a million bucks to democrats.

For some reason.

💉 Last week, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously upheld a national injunction protecting over 10,000 Air Force members from being punished or terminating for exercising their religious objections to the covid jabs.


We’re getting there.

🔥 Discredited, disbarred lawyer and former democrat presidential candidate Michael Avenatti got some bad news. He’s currently serving five years in federal prison for ripping off his former client: sex worker, Trump accuser, and welsher Stormy Daniels. Well, yesterday Avenatti got sentenced to ANOTHER 14 years, this time for tax evasion and a raft of smaller offenses down to stealing $12. He’ll serve his new time concurrent with his other sentence.

In other words, his sentence basically just got tripled.

Famously, or infamously, before his crimes caught up to him, Avenatti was widely feted as a corporate media darling for his opinions on how President Trump could be convicted of various alleged transgressions and locked up in federal prison.

It’s kind of ironic, when you think about it.

For your amusement, here is a neat little montage of corporate media shills fawning over the disgraced, dishonored, and degenerate lawyer before his long, ugly fall from lefty grace:

Liz Harrington @realLizUSA

“I am just dying to hear what you think” Friendly reminder of who made Michael Avenatti and took him seriously


6:41 PM ∙ May 22, 201912,258Likes5,234Retweets

They sure can pick ‘em, can’t they?

Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for more.

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