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☕️ C&C NEWS ☙ Thursday, October6, 2022 ☙ ADMONISHMENTS

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning C&C, your long wait is over; I’m back! I have a terrific roundup for you today: anti-vaxxers, the new global menace, are back in the crosshairs; Pfizer starts phase 3 trials of its brand-new mRNA flu shot, and I bet you can’t wait; UK considers jailing people for “legal but harmful” social media posts; the FBI raids even more pro-life activists for standing around abortion clinics; a narrative-bending story makes the New York Times and exposes Ukrainian terrorism; and Governor DeSantis is crushing hurricane relief efforts in Florida.


🪖 I want to (again) thank our guest bloggers — who are also C&C army members — for being so generous with their time, and for tiding you all over with high-quality posts while I was out. My response to Tessa Lena’s terrific “Thankless Labors of the Global Elite” is that I’d be quite thankful for them to take a nice rest after all their unthanked labors. How about a PERMANENT rest? And Margaret Anna Alice blessed us with her well-researched and entertaining letter to Klaus Schwab yesterday.

Many thanks to both ladies.


💉 It’s over when they SAY it’s over. The Times UK ran an op-ed yesterday headlined, “Antivaxers Are a Global Menace Who Must Be Defeated.” Well. This generous and mildly-expressed sentiment is based on the terrifying fact that, as the author notes, 6.1% of British are “completely” unvaccinated. Not COMPLETELY vaccinated. Which means, not the first two jabs, which would makes you “partly” vaccinated.

They REALLY don’t like the fact that about 20% of folks in the U.S. aren’t “completely” vaccinated either.

The setup for the op-ed is that, as you know, the new-and-improved boosters are here. But they’re not exactly flying off the medical trays. They’re sort of doing the reverse opposite of that. They’re flying towards the incinerators after they expire, or whatever Pfizer makes pharmacies do with the unused evidence, sorry, I mean “product.”

Cue the fear mongering.

Forgive me for being skeptical about the author’s motives. According to his own bio, “Lord” Darzi is an Iranian-British surgeon, academic, and politician. Mr. Darzi (here in Florida we don’t call folks “lord,” just “sir” or “mister”) is an ‘academic’ surgeon who haunts the surgical department over at the Imperial College of London. That’s the same college where Niall Ferguson worked, the “expert” who falsely modeled an influential covid apocalypse while he was cheating on his wife and breaking his own lockdown rules.

The Imperial College has impeccable standards. How dare you.

Anyway, Mr. Darzi — born in Baghdad, but no relation to Baghdad Bob, not that we know of — Darzi said the high-flyers will meet in Qatar this week to draft a “report that will urge the UN to create a task force to respond to the growing threat” — specifically, the growing threat of the “anti-vaccine, anti-science movement” — which, according to Mr. Darzi, “has become a global menace.”

A global menace! Another one.

Mr. Darzi, whose superpower is finding global menaces at the drop of a prescription pad, seems most concerned about “the pernicious impact of organized disinformation.” Organized disinformation? I wonder who he could be referring to. Darzi fretted about the loss of trust in officials (like him) and concluded the solution requires “credible, trusted information, clearly communicated.”

Maybe that’s a clue as to what the report’s going to advise the UN?

Why does it always come down to shutting up the people who disagree with the experts? That sure makes your expert job easier, doesn’t it? I mean, the last thing you want is some un-lorded high-school graduate poking holes in your covid models.

But, how does this over-educated pufta conclude calling people “a menace” will make them trust him more?

Two thoughts. First, I would like to see a statement of disclosure of interests. Who’s paying this guy to write this op-ed? Even indirectly? With which large pharma companies does Baghdad Darzi have a relationship?

Finally, drunk with their recent covid powers, the experts are now trying to pull off some kind of coup. For all of human history, the role of “experts” was only to ADVISE. For example, my recent jury trial included two experts. The experts are included as witnesses to “advise” the jury about complicated issues. But the jury is fully allowed to completely ignore either expert or both of them. The issue is credibility. My job, as a lawyer, is to show the jury that the opposing expert is NOT credible.

Mr. Darzi, I do not find you credible. So. Buzz off.

💉 Monday, BusinessWire ran a story headlined, “Pfizer Initiates Phase 3 Study of mRNA-Based Influenza Vaccine.” The U.S. study includes 25,000 adult victims, sorry, I mean ‘volunteers,’ who received their experimental doses this week to “evaluate the efficacy, safety, tolerability and immunogenicity” of the company’s new mRNA flu shot.

You have to hand it to them. They aren’t quitters.

Sometimes you learn more about a topic by what is left out. The BusinessWire article says exactly nothing about how the mRNA shots work. I assume that, like the failed covid shots, the flu shots deliver an mRNA payload to trillions of cells, forcing them all to produce massive amounts of foreign flu virus protein, probably based on a strain prediction made by Pfizer employees. A flu virus strain that recipients might not have even encountered, absent the shot.

But flu virus doesn’t have spikes. Which part of the flu virus will the mRNA shots force the body to make? The article doesn’t say what part.

But don’t worry! I’ll bet you a real beefsteak dinner that the U.S. government will buy tons of Pfizer’s new flu shots, which, like the covid shots and other vaccines, enjoy broad legal liability protection.

My old economics professor used to say, if you see a distortion in the market, look for the withered hand of government. GOVERNMENT created this runaway market for vaccines with its laws eliminating manufacturer liability. By locking in liability protection, pharma companies can now sell drugs to HEALTHY PEOPLE — the largest market there is. And the government will use taxpayer dollars to help sell those products to the taxpayers.

Actually, government itself can now be the biggest consumer of those products even if taxpayers don’t want them. And, what a market.

A vaccine for flu! Get out of here! It’s the biggest market ever! Every single healthy person “needs” it EVERY SINGLE YEAR OF THEIR LIVES. And the best part is, if it hurts or even kills customers, they can’t sue you! It’s even better than a gold mine, because a gold mine eventually runs out of precious metal.

Before you start typing angry comments, I am not opposed to the development of new technologies to protect AT RISK people from the flu. I am opposed to total liability protection. I am opposed to drugging healthy people. And I am opposed to secrecy. Secrecy plus liability protection is a bad combination. At minimum, to get liability protection, pharma should have to disclose EVERYTHING. They should be subject to public records laws.

Or, we could just fully or partially end the vaccine liability protection gravy train. That would be a good start. Something to think about.

🔥 The UK will soon be considering a stinker of a potential new law tagged with the Orwellian name “the Online Safety Bill.”

Together @Togetherdec

The Online Safety Bill “should be scrapped. It’s a myth the internet is Wild West where anything goes… consistently people are removed & censored for engaging in important public debate” @InayaFolarin Historically, the censors aren’t the good guys @trussliz @michelledonelan


5:00 AM ∙ Oct 6, 2022471Likes173Retweets

The bill would criminalize — meaning they can lock you up — information that is not only “misinformation” but also information that may be “legal, but harmful.”Proponents cite a British incident where a teenager killed herself after finding out about effective methods of suicide on social media.

Anne Longfield @annelongfield

Molly’s death should break all our hearts and make us determined to prevent social media giants from continuing to put their profits above the safety of children. The online safety bill must not be delayed any longer. Young lives are at stake. bbc.co.ukMolly Russell inquest: Father makes social media pleaTech firms should “stop monetising misery”, the father of Molly Russell says as her inquest ends….11:38 AM ∙ Sep 30, 202253Likes32Retweets

Lawmakers are pretending they aren’t targeting “covid misinformation,” not really, but nobody’s buying that. British folks are currently engaged in a lively discussion about whether new prime minister Liz Truss will allow the bill onto the pending legislative agenda. We’ll learn a lot about Liz based on what happens.

The people have no idea what would happen if they unleash a law like this. They are so comfortable thinking that because they are in charge, they’ll decide who gets arrested and who doesn’t for “information that may be legal but harmful.” What happens when the other side gets in charge? Or when a totally unscrupulous person gets to be in charge?

Think, British people. At least try.

🔥 The Justice Department charged 11 more people with criminal violations of the “FACE Act” for peacefully blockading an abortion clinic last year in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

Mary Margaret Olohan @MaryMargOlohan

NEW: The Justice Department has charged 11 more pro-life activists with violations of the FACE Act for blocking the entrance of an abortion clinic in 2021. dailysignal.comJustice Department Targets Pro-Lifers AgainThe Justice Department has charged 11 pro-life activists with violations of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act….12:31 AM ∙ Oct 6, 2022533Likes360Retweets

The FBI, which raided several of the activists homes with guns drawn, found the case through a social media post with a video of the event. So the crack squad of highly-motivated FBI anti-terrorism investigators are keeping themselves busy by sitting around the office, searching people’s social media posts. Impressive.

This latest news follows outcry over the dramatic arrest of Mark Houck, a Catholic father and pro-life activist, who was arrested at home by armed FBI agents during a night raid, in front of his family, for allegedly shoving a pro-abortion activist who harassed his son.

Sounds like a great use of FBI resources. The federal government really needs to get to the bottom of that shoving match.

Meanwhile, zero FBI raids or arrests have been made of “Jane’s Revenge” group members who firebombed a dozen pro-life pregnancy centers this summer after the Supreme Court’s decision came out.

Sounds fair.

🔥 The New York Times ran a startling anti-narrative story yesterday headlined, “U.S. Believes Ukrainians Were Behind an Assassination in Russia.”

The story refers to Daria Dugina, 24, the daughter of one of Russian president Putin’s closest friends and advisers, Aleksander Dugin. In August, The young journalist was blown to bits by a car bomb in a terrorist attack at a farmers’ market in Russia.

The Times’ sub-headline explains, “American officials said they were not aware of the plan ahead of time for the attack that killed Daria Dugina and that they had admonished Ukraine over it.”


The story reports that Ukraine originally denied being involved in the attack, but last week U.S. intelligence agencies circulated a report concluding the Ukrainian government authorized the car bomb attack near Moscow in August. Unidentified U.S. officials told the Times our government “took no part in the attack, either by providing intelligence or other assistance,” and “they were not aware of the operation ahead of time and would have opposed the killing.”

Huh. If the Times doesn’t identify WHICH U.S. officials denied involvement in the attack, how do we know they aren’t just uninformed? In any event, Ukrainian officials contacted by the Times continued denying they had anything to do with the terrorist act. The Times does not mention Ukraine’s response to being “admonished” by the U.S.

Admonished? What does that even mean?

Anyway, the story raises some interesting questions. Why would intelligence agencies leak the report to the Times? Why now? Why would the Times run this article, essentially calling the Ukrainians liars, and exposing their culpability for terrorism?

We don’t know the answers to these fascinating questions, of course, how could we, but I’ll speculate anyway. The most obvious explanation is that the Ukrainians won’t do something that Washington wants them to do, so the State Department is punishing them by publishing this dangerous anti-narrative story.

Narrative blackmail.

If I’m right, what does Washington want the Ukrainians to do that they don’t want to do?

🔥 Governor DeSantis and the former vice-president have been publicly getting along and working together well this week, to get government resources to the folks affected by Hurricane Ian. But, watch Governor DeSantis’ body language in this clip, while Biden claimed yesterday that the recent hurricane “ended the debate” about climate change:

Tom Elliott @tomselliott

Biden: #HurricaneIan “ended” the debate on climate change


7:05 PM ∙ Oct 5, 2022597Likes141Retweets

If you can’t see it, watch it again, and this time compare DeSantis’ body language to the other three people standing behind Joe. So funny.

Meanwhile, DeSantis has possibly been leading better after a major disaster than any other governor ever has, ever.

Jimmy Patronis @JimmyPatronis

Incredible work by @GovRonDeSantis and @MyFDOT in rebuilding the Pine Island Bridge in RECORD TIME. Crews worked overnight to bring in over 130 truck loads of rock. This is going to go a long way in getting Pine Island residents back on their feet. #HurricanIan Watch Now 👇


5:33 PM ∙ Oct 5, 20222,019Likes497Retweets

Have a terrific Thursday and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

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