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☕️ C&C NEWS ☙ Thursday, November 3, 2022 ☙ MOVEON DOT JAB

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Thursday. Remember to make plans to vote on Monday (if you haven’t already voted)! In today’s roundup we look at how Professor Oster’s appalling amnesty op-ed may in fact be a narrative-shifting signal; how the CDC is jiggering the numbers in a failing effort to hide exploding excess deaths; what happens when they can’t hide it anymore; Brazil election update; Israel election update; and today’s video cartoon to make you smile.


🪖 Suzette has received a metric ton of enthusiastic submissions to help with drafting a software specification for our pandemic evidence library application. She’s getting them together for my review. Stand by for updates.

🪖 The Epoch Times quoted me in a story about gross, obscene materials in school libraries.

Activists Fight to Keep Pornographic Books in Student Libraries.


💉 Let’s start with today’s SADS update. Colorado Republican and state House Minority Leader Hugh McKean, 55, was suddenly and unexpectedly struck by the gavel of fate Sunday, when his heart attacked him and then exploded.

His autopsy reported “acute myocardial infarction,” and was stamped “died of natural causes.” McKean had no history of heart trouble that we know of.


💉 Fully-boosted Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona tested positive for covid yesterday. That means it’s working!

The Hill @thehill

Education secretary tests positive for COVID-19 trib.al/9PYvT2W


5:49 PM ∙ Nov 1, 2022


🔥 My goodness. Coffee & Covid was LIT yesterday, with 990 comments as of this morning — an all-time high. (Surely we can get ten more comments in there to push it over the top, hint, hint…)

The comments blowout was fueled by my summary of Professor Oster’s “totally misguided” Atlantic op-ed calling for pandemic amnesty. I did my best to treat her argument fairly and weigh both sides.

Now that I’ve given Emily Oster the benefit of the doubt, and handled the MERITS of her argument, we can look at an even more interesting facet of the story: what it says about the shifting narrative.

📈 It’s been over a month since I first sniffed a shifting jab safety narrative. A couple examples include that the Biden Administration sent up a narrative trial balloon saying that the government would “soon” stop paying for ‘free’ covid jabs, and the CDC then twisted its guidance dial onto the jab-status-neutral setting.

The CDC has the best, most accurate, most timely vaccine safety data in the world, it KNOWS when there’s a problem, and it knows fast, even if it won’t say so. Right now, the CDC is reporting lower-than-usual cardiac, stroke, and cancer deaths, and denying any significant excess deaths, although covid deaths are trending high, especially “unvaccinated” ones. We’ll talk about those rotten numbers shortly.

Other developed countries — countries lacking our CDC — are reporting critical levels of excess death. I’m not exaggerating. From the Telegraph UK yesterday:

If, as appears likely, the CDC is lying about the real numbers to conceal jab injuries, it could be because the agency has been captured by big pharma, or it might be to give political cover to officials who, in hindsight, maybe went a little overboard on the whole mandate thing.

Hey CDC! Remember that old chestnut, “the coverup was worse than the crime?” You should think about that. A lot.

Anyway, the point is, if the CDC has been whispering “Houston, we have a problem” to government officials for a few months now, and if we are headed toward a point where it will be impossible to deny, then it is fair to assume the political types realize they are going to have to come at least a tiny bit clean about the jab problems. But of course, ONLY AFTER THE ELECTIONS.

🔥 Which brings us back to Professor Oster’s call for amnesty, which I’m now going to reframe as a narrative shift, the first major call “to move on.” That seems to be how they’re going to try to finesse things: “The unfortunate events of the pandemic have created a lot of conflict and strife; It is time to move on.”

I sure hope the backlash to Oster’s article showed them how much work they’re going to have to do to sell that narrative. I have some evidence to support this theory. First, check out this tweet:

Randi Weingarten 🇺🇦🇺🇸💪🏿👩‍🎓 @rweingarten

I agree with @ProfEmilyOster on this

ProfEmilyOster @ProfEmilyOster

My latest in @TheAtlantic https://t.co/w6GIOEMhZv8:32 PM ∙ Oct 31, 202276Likes72Retweets

My, my my. The poisonous president of the largest American teachers’ union, who relentlessly advocated for child covid punishment and even helped draft the CDC’s most odious school closure guidelines during the pandemic, suddenly agrees with Professor Oster that politicians and experts should get “amnesty” for their decisions during the pandemic.

Haha, Randi locked up her tweet’s comment section. For some reason.

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial team published a counter-op-ed yesterday headlined, “Now They Want a Pandemic ‘Amnesty’.” It mainly focuses on Weingarten’s hopeful tweet, but the editors neatly coined the term “Team Shutdown,” which has a catchy ring. The WSJ’s editors don’t seem to favor amnesty, either.

Also this week, several media outlets ran “breaking stories” that the government has literally been running social media, having been given access to special online portals where they can flag specific social media accounts and individual posts for censorship:

Lee Fang @lhfang

Facebook and Twitter created special portals for the government to rapidly request takedowns of content. The portals, along with NGO partners used to censor a wide range of content, including obvious parody accounts and content disagreeing w gov pandemic policy.


3:30 PM ∙ Oct 31, 202224,836Likes12,099Retweets

Which social media accounts and posts? Well, the ones Professor Oster said luckily got the “right” conclusions about the pandemic “for the wrong reasons.” If only they’d been allowed a free and fair debate about it! Maybe now we wouldn’t be talking about anybody needing amnesty.

The sudden disclosure — right after Elon Musk acquired Twitter and was going figure out what really happened any minute — looks a lot like what the internet generation calls a “limited hangout.”

Wikipedia defines the term this way:

[A] limited hangout is spy jargon for a favorite and frequently used gimmick of the clandestine professionals. When their veil of secrecy is shredded and they can no longer rely on a phony cover story to misinform the public, they resort to admitting, sometimes even volunteering, some of the truth while still managing to withhold the key and damaging facts in the case. The public, however, is usually so intrigued by the new information that it never thinks to pursue the matter further. While used by the CIA and other intelligence organizations, the tactic has become popularized in the corporate and political spheres.

Finally, along the same lines, last week the Senate subcommittee investigating the Wuhan lab published its “interim report” concluding the pandemic was “more likely than not” caused by a Chinese lab-leak. Another limited hangout?

That’s a whole lot of momentum building toward some kind of disclosure and blame shifting.

Now let’s talk about the astounding work that The Ethical Skeptic has been doing lately.

📈 I’ve previously described The Ethical Skeptic (“TES”) as one of Team Reality’s heroes of the pandemic. He’s a data analyst and a fraud investigator, among other credentials, and early in the pandemic began doing independent analysis of the covid data, and later the vaccine data.

Last week, TES published a substack calling out the CDC for systematically burying bad vaccine news under the outhouse, and he described exactly how the whitecoats are doing it. TES is wicked smart, and his stuff can often be dense and difficult for non-specialists to easily understand. It takes a little work, but it’s worth it.

Using data from the CDC’s own Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report (MMWR), TES made a very strong case that:

1) The CDC is hiding or deleting excess jab-related deaths, especially in certain flagged categories like cancer, cardiac deaths, and strokes.

2) The CDC is faking covid death figures to make it look like the unvaccinated are dying in larger numbers than the jabbed, to make it appear that the shots are actually doing something useful and not just killing everybody.

A couple months ago, the CDC “paused” its MMWR for two months for a “system upgrade.” TES presented evidence supporting a plausible theory that during the “upgrade,” the CDC re-characterized a bunch of death data, moving large numbers of American deaths out of jab-related categories into either covid deaths or a “holding” bucket, artificially making it look like deaths from cancer, heart attacks, and strokes were a lot lower than they actually are.

For example, TES walked through the data and showed exactly how:

1) The CDC re-coded excess cancer deaths, shifting them from “Cancer Multiple Causes of Death” into “Covid-19 Underlying Cause of Death,” which lowered reported cancer deaths and increased covid deaths. And now, they’ve gamed the algorithm to automatically shift a large number of new cancer deaths straight into covid.

2) The CDC also dumped a bunch of “Sudden Adult Deaths” into a temporary holding bucket that the CDC uses for undetermined deaths, lowering reported deaths from pericarditis-myocarditis-conductive heart disease. And the agency is surreptitiously continuing the shift, while the figures in the holding bucket grow and grow.

3) Finally, he discovered that the CDC is just making up altogether new “unvaccinated” covid deaths, to the extent that the CDC’s own subtotals won’t tie and are now wildly out of balance.

🔥 Without getting into the weeds, the bottom line is that TES thinks there is now way the CDC can keep this data trickery up for much longer, because the data is starting to get wonky, and the different categories are coming off the data rails. For example, with regard to cancer, TES explained:

Since the [] System Upgrade, a full 25% of all Covid-19 mortality each week has just happened to be people also dying of cancer. Such constitutes an impossibility in this important mortality account ledger, one which is analogous to the same species of mistake an embezzler might make.

Regarding heart-related deaths, TES described the “bucket” the CDC uses to ‘temporarily’ store uncategorized deaths:

[T]his bucket of deaths [has] grown by 70% since the introduction of mRNA vaccines into the US population, but as well, the CDC has decided to cease resolving these deaths to their final ICD-10 disposition. This has resulted in an estimated 35,600 abnormal clinical and lab finding pericarditis, myocarditis, and conductive disorder deaths which are not being accounted for in US Cardiac Mortality – thereby artificially depressing those ICD-10 mortality trend curves[.]

If only 18% of the deaths now parked in the temporary bucket are properly coded back into heart-related deaths, TES estimates that it will show a 22-sigma increase in cardiac mortality. That’s the statistical equivalent of twenty-two once-in-a-lifetime disasters all striking within the same calendar year.

TES estimates – using the CDC’s own data — that there are now 385,000 excess deaths potentially causally related to jabs. And that number is growing, fast.

The point is, the CDC can’t keep hiding these deaths forever and it knows it. It’s panicking. Something has to give.

Walensky’s conveniently-timed covid and Paxlovid relapse has protected her from having to answer any hard questions for the whole month before the elections.

More importantly, the politicians are well aware of this problem too. They already tried to shift the narrative once, last month, and it failed.

🔥 In early October, it looks like they tried to shift the blame for excess deaths onto the amorphous horrors of “Long Covid.” Here’s a nice representative headline, from Fortune, dated October 8th:

I could show you where all the government-approved experts also started tweeting about how SADS is caused by long covid, but it would be redundant. Most of you have seen or heard this faux narrative already. You have to admit, it was an attractive option, because there’s no test for long covid and that chimeric disease can be defined as anything you want.

After all, long covid has 200 symptoms, and counting. (And short cucumbers.)

But the death-by-long-covid narrative quickly blew up on the launch pad. Because it’s moronic.

There are a lot of reasons why this silly narrative won’t work, not least because of the skyrocketing numbers of excess deaths — only among jabbed people — but there’s a very simple defeater for their new unexplained and inexplicable theory.

It is: Why aren’t the JABS protecting people from dying by long covid?

Initially the jabs were supposed to keep us from getting covid. We covered that yesterday. Now the jabs are only supposed to keep us from dying from covid.

Not dying from ‘short covid’ or ‘long covid,’ just COVID.

They must have thought about trying to claim the jabs were only ever supposed to keep you from dying of “short covid.” But even a second-grader can break that tinfoil-thin logic. So the long-covid hypothesis became a mere stopgap, to buy time to get past the elections.

After Monday, I think they’re going to start trying to deal with the excess deaths problem, but without blaming the jabs, of course. But how?

🔥 As you well know, the CDC recently jammed the jabs onto the school vaccine schedule, thereby securing for the pharma companies the best, most comprehensive liability protection that money can buy.

But what didn’t happen next was quite interesting; the blue states did not rush en masse to add the jabs to their state school jab requirements. But why not?

What if the CDC’s frantic effort to schedule covid jabs was really just battlespace preparation for the next phase, when they would have to admit to at least SOME jab injuries?

At this point, with the long-covid narrative failing, we don’t have any hint of what kind of new narrative could possibly work. I’m starting to think they don’t know, either, which is why the default, bottom-of-the-barrel narrative of “we need to move on” is being rolled out, by captive pandemic professors and teachers’ union presidents.

It looks like it’s going to be MoveOn.Org, all over again. This is going to be a wild ride.

💉 And here is a terrific example of what I just described last Friday, where heterodox politicians can use pandemic injuries for a political platform. Controversial representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who refused to wear a mask in Congress, has introduced HR 7308, the “Justice for Vaccine Victims Act of 2022,” a bill to investigate vaccine injuries.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene🇺🇸 @RepMTG

We must pass my bill, Justice for Vaccine Victims Act to investigate the VAERS reports of the Covid vaccine injuries and deaths. How many people have #DiedSuddenly? @CDCgov https://t.co/draHdCKtVH


2:39 PM ∙ Oct 29, 2022909Likes406Retweets

Here’s what the bill’s description says it would do:

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) must terminate the COVID-19 emergency within three months of the bill’s enactment. The bill also removes, within three months of that termination, liability protections that apply to the administration or use of certain medical countermeasures (e.g., vaccines) during the public health emergency.

Removal of liability protections! Exactly! Hurrah!

Good work getting it out there, Marjorie. There’s a long way to go, but this is the right way to start. Regardless of what happens to this bill, other politicians must be encouraged to run on this platform.

💉 And the independent, citizen-led investigation into jab harms continues. Yesterday, Judicial Watch announced it has sued the Department of Health and Human Services for records on vaccine safety studies. Which no one has ever seen.

Judicial Watch ⚖️ @JudicialWatch

BREAKING: Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit against the HHS for records on COVID-19 vaccine safety studies (1/3). jwatch.usJudicial Watch Sues for Records on COVID Vaccine Safety Studies – Judicial Watch(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of H…5:49 PM ∙ Nov 1, 2022429Likes146Retweets

Judicial Watch was forced to sue HHS because the agency refused to turn over the vaccine safety records voluntarily. Weird. Judicial Watch has already obtained a mountain of other jab-related data from various government agencies. These are the kind of data and documents we need to get into a centralized, searchable database.

🔥 People are really enjoying Twitter under its new management, which continues to fact-check Joe Biden, and it’s wonderfully terrific:

Haha, it’s not so much fun when you’re on the receiving end of fact-checking, is it?

🔥 It appears that conservative Benjamin Netanyahu has won the Israeli elections and will return as its next prime minister.

Fox News @FoxNews

Netanyahu looks set to return to power in Israel after fifth election fxn.wsNetanyahu looks set to return to power in Israel after fifth electionIsrael’s fifth election in four years looks set to return long-serving prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to power. His Likud party is e…8:45 PM ∙ Nov 2, 2022693Likes97Retweets

🔥 You aren’t going to believe this, but the CIA has been accused of interfering with the recent Brazilian elections:

أبو عمّار @MaajidNawaz

Another twist in the Global Palace Coup: the CIA stands accused of interfering against Bolsonaro in Brazil’s election results before the elections even took place Featuring @MatthewTyrmand with @TuckerCarlson: https://t.co/7e87tAcAeU


أبو عمّار @MaajidNawaz

UK Political Chaos: Explaining the Global Palace Coup Against the UK & Other Nation States – Special Members Only Podcast via Resistance Radio https://t.co/vrPZVBcgTY10:15 AM ∙ Nov 3, 2022350Likes166Retweets

How could this happen?

Brazil’s conservative president Jair Bolsonaro, who supposedly “lost” the election this week to insane leftist Lula Da Silva, is refusing to concede the loss, amidst nationwide protests over a rigged election.

It’s a developing story, stand by.

🔥 Finally, for your delight and amusement (adult language warning):

Common Sense Radical @comnsensradical

@rweingarten @ProfEmilyOster Maam, you and every other “expert” in science/medicine, public policy, or education etc. owe us an apology and you should work on making it right. Simple. Emily is not right.


2:35 PM ∙ Nov 1, 20221,805Likes260Retweets

Have a terrific Thursday! I’ll see you back here tomorrow with lots and lots of developing news.

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