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☕️ C&C NEWS ☙ Thursday, December 1, 2022 ☙ PANDORA’S VIRUS 

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By Jeff Childers


Happy Thursday, C&C! Welcome to December. Your roundup today includes: more millions to the imminently-victorious Ukraine because of how much winning it’s doing; 100% of Ukraine’s large power plants now damaged by Russian missiles; Roker’s blood clots came back; NPR hiring freeze; reanimated viruses, what’s next?; corporate media triggered over science-denying show on Netflix; IRS cracks down on small e-payments in the name of rescuing Americans; and a well-respected Japanese scientist is not happy about the jabs.


🔥 This morning, ZeroHedge ran a story headlined, “Biden Admin Pledges $53 Million To Help Restore Ukraine’s Damaged Power Grid.” Apparently, even though Ukraine is about the win the proxy war any second now, as the Russians keep blowing up Ukraine’s power grid, we plan to keep buying them new ones, for the Russians to blow up again.

I guess it’s kind of a race to see who can run out of money first, us or the Russians. Oh wait, I forgot, the Ukrainians are about to win the proxy war any second, so it’ll probably be all over soon.

The State Department explained, “This supply package will include distribution transformers, circuit breakers, surge arresters, disconnectors, vehicles, and other key equipment.” Back in September, the Biden administration pledged to send Ukraine two billion cubic meters of natural gas from the U.S. during the next five months of winter.

I mean, it’s not like we needed any of that stuff.

I have a question, don’t cancel me. Why is the United States taxpayer, in particular, the one responsible for buying stuff for the Ukrainians? In April, Forbes said president Zelenskyy was worth around $30 million, although I have to imagine his portfolio is doing much better after all those previous bags of cash, I mean rounds of aid. But the point is, how much is Zelenskyy kicking in?

Or the U.N.? How about them?

And how about all those folks with Ukraine flags as their Facebook bio pictures? Why don’t THEY pay for it?

Just asking.

🚀 Meanwhile, the pro-Ukraine Meduza news site ran a story two days ago headlined “All of Ukraine’s larger thermal power plants and HPPs show damage from Russian missile strikes.”

ALL of them.

Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, the head of Ukraine’s high-voltage transmission operator Ukrenergo, said “in the course of seven missile strikes starting on October 10, all of Ukraine’s larger thermal and hydroelectric power stations have been damaged. I cannot go into the details of each concrete strike and its consequences.”

💉 Less than two weeks ago, Al Roker, 68, was hospitalized for blood clots in his legs AND lungs — exactly 59 days after he got his booster shot. But he was discharged on Thanksgiving, celebrated with great fanfare on the Today show, where they rightly recognized the beloved anchorman’s promising recovery.

But yesterday MSN ran a story headlined, “Al Roker Rushed Back To Hospital 24 Hours After Release Amidst Blood Clots & Health Issues.” It turns out that his discharge was premature. The clots are still growing or still causing problems in his legs and lungs or something.

The story’s got a LOT of coverage, as you can imagine. We even heard minute details about how Roker’s wife, Debra, locked her purse and phone in her Tesla in a panic and tried to break the window so she could get to the hospital with her husband. But there’s one missing piece of data from ALL the stories about Roker, and you can probably guess what it is.

A diagnosis.

Greg Kelly @gregkellyusa

AL ROKER!!! We gotta make sure he pulls through this health situation.  GREAT GUY, ARTIST, BUSINESSMAN, BROADCASTER (altho I detest that crummy fake news network he’s on) –he’s Always FAIR AND SQUARE. GET WELL SOON. AL!!!!!


3:52 AM ∙ Dec 1, 2022928Likes72Retweets

In January 2021, in a video series for Today, Roker was so excited to get vaccinated that he was clicking the enter button over and over to get his appointment. Roker did the best he could to ask reasonable questions about the efficacy and safety of the jabs. He asked Dr. Daniel Baker, a Medical Director at Lennox Hill Hospital in New York, whose office delivered the shot.

Roker: “Is it safe?” Dr. Baker: “Absolutely.”

Absolutely safe.

🔥 Bloomberg ran a schadenfreude-inducing story yesterday, featuring the headline “NPR Hiring Freeze, CNN Cuts Are Latest Signs of Media Crunch.”

Get woke, go … how does it go again?

The Bloomberg article is really about NPR, and it explained the “public radio” giant said it planned to “severely restrict” hiring, following a “sharp decline” in sponsorship revenues. Not the fund-drive sponsorships where you get an NPR cloth grocery bag if you pitch in. They mean CORPORATE sponsorships.

Big businesses.

A spokesperson for NPR clarified that a major portion of its revenue comes from corporate sponsorships, which unfortunately fall off during a bad economy, right when you need them the most. So NPR expects a $20 million shortfall in corporate sponsorships for this year — at least. NPR’s CEO John Lansing said in a memo to staff that the broadcaster needed to immediately freeze all hiring to avoid layoffs.

Over the last few years, NPR has blazed new trails in partisanship with its one-sided coverage of Russiagate, its MIA coverage of Hunter’s laptop, and being all-in for government covid propaganda and fear mongering during the pandemic, to the point where it essentially became just a big pharma marketing subsidiary.

Sad. Boo hoo!

And here’s a nice simulation of what NPR is like every single day:

Tyler Fischer @TyTheFisch

every liberal news show


7:31 PM ∙ Jul 3, 20224,644Likes1,264Retweets

🔥 The UK Daily Mail ran an alarming story this week headlined, “Will the Next Pandemic Come From the Arctic? Ancient Virus That Has Lain Frozen in Siberian Permafrost for 48,500 YEARS Is Revived.” Let me explain a little before I start ranting about this.

The article is based on a newly-published study titled “An update on eukaryotic viruses revived from ancient permafrost.” The gist is, a team of scientists have been mining Siberian permafrost, finding ancient frozen organic matter, filtering the recovered matter to discover old viruses, and then trying to bring the viruses back to life.

Because science.

You with me so far? The research team is super excited, because they actually managed to revive seven different types of never-before-seen viruses, including one they estimate is 48,500 years old.

Now check this out. The old one — the 48,500-year-old reanimated virus — is described by the Daily Mail as part of a family of viruses called pandoraviruses. They’re egg shaped with a hole in one end.

Can you guess what “pandoraviruses” are named after? They’re named after PANDORA’S BOX. You know, the story where the stupid girl broke the rules and opened the box that she wasn’t supposed to, and let all the evil things inside fly out and infect the entire world. THAT’S what this reanimated virus is named after.


You legit cannot make this stuff up. If I wrote and submitted a novel to a publisher about Siberian scientists reanimating 50,000-year-old viruses, and called the viruses in my story “pandoraviruses,” the editors would be like, “come on, Jeff, that’s too obvious. Name the viruses something else.”

And guess how the rest of the story would OBVIOUSLY play out.

Only a couple months ago, I reported on a study by Boston University researchers who precisely described how to make covid more lethal in the lab, right down to the models of the equipment. In other words, they were doing gain-of-function research, right in Boston, and then excitedly giving every lunatic in the world a step-by-step recipe for how to do the same thing.

As it turns out, the study was quickly pulled after I (and others) reported on it, pointing out the painfully obvious problems.

I’m only spitballing here, but, um, shouldn’t scientists who reanimate ancient viruses and make coronaviruses more lethal DO JAIL TIME? Shouldn’t we lock them up “for safety?” For “the common good?” If the scientists are in a jurisdiction where we can’t arrest them, should we send a SEAL team after them, to “protect the community?”

Or do we just have to lie here, pretending nothing weird is going on, and just take it?

Me, I’m for jail time. At least.

🔥 A popular new Netflix series is called “Ancient Apocalypse.” It features a journalist who’s been researching what is maybe best called “alternative history.” For example, he tours archeological sites who existence challenges the conventional narratives, such as complex ancient structures that pre-date the normally agreed-upon period for the invention of agriculture.

The host also discusses historical evidence for a worldwide flood, giants, and other non-mainstream things like that. The show has high production values, takes its subject matter seriously, is interesting and well made, probably didn’t cost a lot to make, and has been getting great user reviews on Netflix.

I probably would never have noticed the show, except that it’s becoming painfully obvious that corporate media can’t STAND the series and is totally triggered by it. In a recent article, The Guardian UK included the alarming headline, “Ancient Apocalypse Is the Most Dangerous Show On Netflix.” The subhead even asks “Why has this been allowed?” Allowed? By whom? Who does the Guardian think allows or disallows Netflix shows? Biden? The Disinformation Board?

Remember, this is the same Guardian that not too long ago published a glowing review of the pedophilic movie “Cuties.” So it takes a LOT for the Guardian to find a show is “dangerous.” In other words, the Guardian can find something to like and defend even in a movie bursting with pedophilic imagery, but a series about archeological digs is just too much.

I also find it weird that corporate media never complains about all the UFO shows on the History Channel.

I can only guess at what about Ancient Apocalypse triggers corporate media. But for certain, it’s some kind of “don’t question the science!” moment. Maybe this has always been happening, and we’ve only just started noticing because of the pandemic.

🔥 Marketwatch ran an insightful story this week headlined, “IRS Warns Americans Over $600 Threshold to Report Venmo, PayPal Payments.” Before this year, the threshold for filing income tax Form 1099-K was at least two hundred e-pay transactions totaling at least $20,000.

Now it’s down to only $600 bucks and one transaction.

Don’t blame the IRS. When Congress passed Joe Biden’s ironically-titled American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, it reduced the reporting threshold to a single transaction over $600. Democrats said the change was needed to help pay for a $3.5 trillion social spending bill, focused largely on climate programs, child care and education.

In other words, grants to liberal non-profits and activist groups.

You may also recall that Biden and the democrat Party have always promised, hands on Bibles, that Americans earning under $400,000 annually would not have to pay a cent more in taxes.

Sorry, suckers!

💉 Dr. Masanori Fukushima, a well-credentialed and well-respected Japanese scientist, apparently unloaded on Japan’s Ministry of Health this week. While I can’t follow the Japanese, Dr. Fukushima does seem downright furious.

The doctor explained that Japanese citizens, who experienced low rates of covid early in the pandemic, enjoyed existing antibodies from a different (but related) virus. But, according to Dr. Fukushima, the jabs destroyed that existing immunity, and now Japanese people are catching covid at high rates.

Thanks, experts!

New World Odor™ @hugh_mankind

🔥 Dr Masanori Fukushima, Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University, warns about vax harms to the 🇯🇵 Ministry of Health: “You are ignoring science! It’s a disaster. You spend billions on the vaccine & force people to inject it…due to the vax, natural immunity has been suppressed”


6:48 PM ∙ Nov 29, 202239,847Likes19,736Retweets

I don’t have any more details than that, and to be honest I can’t even vouch that the translation of what Dr. Fukushima is saying is accurate. It sure is fun to watch though.

Have a terrific Thursday and I’ll see you back here tomorrow! Bring your large-sized mug.

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