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☕️ C&C NEWS ☙ Saturday, October 22, 2022 ☙ LAZY SUSAN

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning C&C, welcome to the weekend edition! I’m writing to you today from the Brownwood Hotel in the Villages, Florida, where I’ll be speaking later this morning along with some of them most influential and courageous doctors of our generation. To make you feel better for missing it, there’s terrific, game-changing news in today’s slightly-abbreviated roundup includes: massive good news as court orders Fauci to sit for deposition; dems go all out for lumpy; polls collapse for dems; Fetterman / Oz race brings out the big guns; NYT poll shows a wild 30-point shift among independent woman over a few weeks; and president Xi is binging and purging.


🪖 For those of you who wanted but were unable to attend the Covid Summit in the Villages today, here is the livestream link: [Florida Summit on Covid II: The Future of Medicine in Post-COVID America](https://rumble.com/v1p5lmn-florida-summit-on-covid-ii-the-future-of-medicine-in-post-covid-america.html)


🔥 More than a year ago, I told Dr. Jay Bhattacharya that I thought there was enough evidence already in public record to sue that rat weasel Fauci for civil rights violations under the First Amendment, for the campaign that Fauci and the despicable Collins undertook in 2020 to destroy Jay and the other authors of the Great Barrington Declaration by branding them as “fringe scientists.”


In the best news of 2022, and I’m not exaggerating, yesterday a federal court in Louisiana overruled the federal government’s objections, ordered Dr. Fauci and other government officials to sit for depositions under oath, and said “The Court sees the importance of having Dr. Fauci make statements under oath as it relates to the issues of this matter.”

Finally! That little weasel is going to have to answer some hard questions!

The lawsuit, filed by the State of Missouri, alleges that Fauci and other government officials engaged in a corrupt scheme to deploy the full might of the U.S. government to illegally suppress Americans’ free speech during the pandemic. Examples cited in the Court’s order include:

1) the Hunter Biden laptop story prior to the 2020 Presidential election; 2) speech about the lab leak theory of COVID-19’s origin; 3) speech about the efficiency of masks and COVID-19 lockdowns; 4) speech about election integrity and the security of voting by mail; 5) censorship and suppression of speech by Plaintiffs Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya and Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, co-authors of the Great Barrington Declaration; 6) censorship and suppression of Jim Hoft, owner of The Gateway Pundit, on social-media platforms; and 7) censorship and suppression of Jill Hines, co-director of Health Freedom Louisiana and Reopen Louisiana on social-media platforms.

In support of its pending motion for a preliminary injunction, Missouri wants to take the expedited depositions of Tony Fauci (NIH), Rob Flaherty (White House), Andy Slavitt (White House), Jen Psaki (White House), Elvis Chan (FBI), Jen Easterly (CISA), Lauren Protenis (CISA), Vivek Murthy (Surgeon General), Carol Crawford (CDC), and Daniel Kimmage (State Dept.).

Missouri’s deposition requests were asking the Court for a lot. First of all, there’s a doctrine protecting public officials from being deposed except under exceptional circumstances. They can’t be sitting in depositions all the time, they’d never get any work done. And second, another doctrine protects public officials from having to sit for deposition quickly (or, ‘expedited’). Their schedules are challenging, because they are constantly involved in very important government business and have meetings with super important people and stuff like that.

But the court found sufficient ‘extraordinary cause’ to overrule BOTH doctrines. So not only will Missouri get to depose Fauci and the others, but Missouri will be allowed to set the depositions at the speed of science.

It’s only fair.

Tellingly, the Court has already found that Dr. Fauci WAS involved in censorship efforts, just from the publicly-available emails:

…the Court is aware of a number of substantive reasons why Dr. Fauci’s deposition should be taken. The first is the publicly available emails that prove that Dr. Fauci was communicating and acting as an intermediary for others in order to censor information from being shared across multiple social-media outlets…. [and] the Court has no doubt that Dr. Fauci was engaging in communications with high-ranking social-media officials, which is extremely relevant in the matter at hand.

Note the Court’s use of the word, “prove,” above. The judge wasn’t just saying Missouri’d “alleged” Fauci was involved in censorship. Instead, the Court said the publicly-available emails “prove” it. That’s a galaxy of difference.

The Court then went through each of the other nine witnesses, one by one, and catalogued the factual reasons why “exceptional circumstances exist” for each government witness, and explained why they must sit for an expedited deposition.

It’s such a wonderful order! We’ve been waiting so long for something like this. I feel frustrated because I wish I had more time this morning to summarize the rest of the order for you, it’s a whopper. (But duty calls.)

So, here’s the link to the order. I recommend you read it, and I don’t often say that about legal filings. You’re going to love it.

🔥 An alert reader sent me this unsolicited text message that she got on Monday. Somebody with a lot of money is getting desperate for votes in Pennsylvania… and I’m not SAYING its anyone with a terrifying lump on their neck … but it’s probably someone with a terrifying lump on their neck.

And that person probably wears a hoody all the time. Just saying.

The text:

If you click the ‘NewBlueAction’ link, you’ll see a little form you can fill out for a chance to earn a quick $900 smackers, for trying to ‘influence’ your friends and neighbors into voting for Lumpy.

The form wants all your personal info and social media handles. Here’s what the top of the form’s page looks like:

A ‘community ambassador!’ Wow, you’ll be an ambassador. I wonder if the job comes with a limo and invitations to swanky cocktail parties in D.C. and orgies and stuff. I mean ‘festivals,’ sorry!

I tried to find out who’s behind this expenditure of campaign funds. But visiting www.newblueaction.org was just more frustration, since the link goes nowhere. Nor can you find any link on the site disclosing its ownership or anything.

So the whole thing MUST be totally legit.

$900 bucks seems like a lot, especially on a per-person basis. If they only hire a thousand community ambassadors, it adds up to $900,000 dollars. Maybe it’s being funded by one of those new covid millionaires, or Nancy Pelosi’s guesthouse ice cream fund.

Since it must be a lot of hard, boring work slogging through all the applications, I think they’d enjoy receiving some well-crafted humor in their applications this morning.

I signed up as Joseph Bythen. So.

My intake call is scheduled for next week with Max T., and if I did my internet sleuthing properly, the interviewer for this sketchy influence-buying operation is the nice young man below, who is working on his bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Political Science at Yale University:

In other words, feast your eyes on our best and brightest! He’ll probably wind up running the nuclear arsenal or something.

Oddly, Yale is in Connecticut, NOT Pennsylvania. But who cares!

📉 As the week wound down, the polls favoring democrats tripped and fell down the political stairs. Maybe ‘suddenly and unexpectedly collapsed’ would be a better way to describe it. After weeks and months of cheerful polls that either favored democrats or showed democrats closing with Republicans, all of a sudden, two weeks before the election, the pollsters’ predictions are mysteriously switching sides.

As are the betting markets:

This particular market lets people bet on the outcome elections. Historically it has been very accurate. As you can see from the chart above, dems were highly favored to keep the senate as recently as the last week of September. Then, the numbers narrowed, and around October 17th the Republican figures started running away, racing nearly straight up.

Democrat figures raced nearly straight down.

And now, betting site PredictIt favors a Republican House AND a Republican Senate, over a Republican House and a Dem Senate, by $.66 to $.31. In other words, the betters think it’s more than twice as likely to happen.

📉 Here’s another random example, which illustrates the point: the Ohio State House 9 race, is now — suddenly — strongly favoring Republicans, by 70% to 30%.

In June, Republicans were +3. Then end the end of July, the polls mysteriously narrowed till they showed dems taking the lead until this week, when it flipped back to show Republicans +3. Again. Right where they started.


It’s almost like the media jiggered the polls for a few months trying to manufacture a blue wave or something. Otherwise it’s hard to explain all this voter flip-flopping. But corporate media would never do that.

Would they?

📈 And here’s the betting on the Fetterman / Oz race in Pennsylvania:

This one’s less difficult to explain, since fully-vaccinated Fetterman can’t complete a full sentence anymore, and worse, Joe Biden was just in PA campaigning for Fetterman, who must have agreed to the visit thinking, “at this point I have nothing to lose.” Haha, Fetterman forgot the Obama Rule: never underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.

He Bidened it.

So, they’ve brought in the big gun.

The Hill @thehill

Obama cuts ads for Fetterman in Pennsylvania Senate race trib.al/PnaoJ4O


10:46 AM ∙ Oct 22, 2022


📉 Even Kathy Hochul seems to be feeling the heat:

Zack Fink @ZackFinkNews

🚨New ad from ⁦@KathyHochul⁩ focusing exclusively on public safety and crime. This represents a sharp shift in messaging as polls indicate the crime issue is tops among voters, which has given ⁦@leezeldin⁩ oxygen with just over two weeks to go. m.youtube.com/watch?v=qTowZl…

m.youtube.comSafe | Kathy Hochul for Governor3:44 PM ∙ Oct 21, 2022115Likes48Retweets

🔥 Just before things started turning back in the red direction, on October 17th the Week ran a story headlined “Poll: Economic Concerns Give Republicans a Slight Edge Ahead of Midterms.” It references a New York Times poll giving Republicans a “slight” +4 lead in the House.

The October poll shows that sentiments about Republican candidates have improved since the previous poll. Forty-nine percent of likely voters plan to vote for Republican congressional candidates compared to 45 percent who plan to vote for Democrats, the Times reports. This is a shift from September’s results, in which Democrats had a 1-point lead.

The New York Times had Democrats +1 in September, but a couple weeks later, they’re now -4, a 5 point shift in Republicans’ favor. Polled voters reported being most concerned about skyrocketing inflation and the terrible, awful stock market, which the Times has somehow successfully avoided reporting on in any meaningful way.

It’s the ECONOMY. Not abortion, January 6th, or President Trump, which were the issues the democrats staked their elections on.


While abortion, January 6th, and President Trump are still better issued than the deranged “defund the police,” it’s still like their strategists have strapped the democrat candidates onto a giant lazy susan at a Berlin ‘festival’ or something.

Think monkeypox.

Now, remind me. Which president said, “it’s the economy, stupid!” Wasn’t it a democrat president? I can’t remember.

Finally and especially interestingly, the Week reported the biggest shift was found in women registered as independents, who in September were D+14. Now — a few short weeks later — they’re R+18, a 32-point jump into the red.

🚀 You might recall a mysterious story I reported last month about tons of flights being cancelled around Beijing, along with independent video showing military assets headed INTO the capital. Yesterday, former Chinese leader Hu Jintao was mysteriously and publicly escorted out of the Great Hall of the People ahead of an expected speech by President Xi at the end of the annual Communist Party Congress.

方舟子 @fangshimin



6:26 AM ∙ Oct 22, 20226,086Likes1,385Retweets

Hu Jintao looked somewhat … unenthusiastic about going along with those two nicely-dressed gentlemen, who probably worked as interviewers for shady influence-buying operations when they were in college.

What I know about communism suggests we won’t be seeing Mr. Hu again. Not anytime soon. Maybe not ever. Can you say, “purge?”

What a great news day! Be optimistic, grateful, and diligent. I’ll see you guys back here on Monday, to kick off the new week.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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