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☕️ C&C NEWS ☙ Saturday, November 5, 2022 ☙ LEADING 

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, and welcome to the weekend edition! I caught a bit of a head cold that Michelle and one of the boys had early this week. Right after I thought I was in the clear, bam, here came that sinus pressure feeling and an itch in my ears. Taking vitamins and citrus and going back to sleep soon.

Your Saturday roundup includes: Trump rally and potential presidential run announcement; CBS pops in for a surprise visit at a Ukrainian biolab that didn’t exist until about ten minutes ago; U.N. denies Russia’s request for biolab investigation; Pelosi attack story continues spiraling out of control as NBC gets censored; Russia and Iran get cozy as do Ukraine and Israel; the Hill accurately reports something Senator Johnson said; and your exciting November 2022 Monkeypox report.


🔥 Nearly “everybody who’s anybody” in Florida politics will be in South Florida tomorrow, for a rally with President Trump — except one notable person, Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis.

In fairness, DeSantis has been pretty busy campaigning for his own re-election, and helping campaign for down-ticket races he supports.

Maybe he was invited to Trump’s rally and couldn’t make it. You never know.

Meanwhile, Trump has been hinting about an imminent “official” announcement of his 2024 presidential run. The rumor is next weekend, but do you think he might do it this weekend?

ABC7 Eyewitness News @ABC7

#BREAKING Donald Trump could announce 2024 run for president as soon as Nov. 14, sources say abc7.laDonald Trump could announce 2024 run for president as soon as Nov. 14: SourcesSources tell ABC News the conversations about the timing, location and format of an announcement are extremely fluid….3:41 PM ∙ Nov 4, 2022345Likes48Retweets

🔥 It looks like the U.S. government feels it has to say SOMETHING about the Ukraine biolabs, perhaps because the strategy of ignoring the argument isn’t working anymore. On thursday, CBS ‘sent’ a reporter to Kiev to personally visit one of the biolabs, in an exclusive CBS Morning piece called “Inside Ukraine’s Biolabs.”

To my knowledge, this is the first time corporate media has even acknowledged there WERE biolabs in Ukraine. All its done so far is call people names who mention biolabs:

Tellingly, CBS did not explain how they managed to find a secured Ukrainian biolab to visit in the first place, or how they even arranged the trip, given it’s in the middle of a war zone. Instead, the story begins announcing “the Kremlin claims without evidence that the U.S. has helped Ukraine develop biological weapons in secret laboratories.”

.. @Xx17965797N

1/2 🤡The biolabs they said didn’t exist, but now they do


5:32 PM ∙ Nov 4, 20222,899Likes1,857Retweets

Watch the video and pay attention to how the interviewer questions the lab tech. You don’t see this type of interview style very often. You should notice that almost all the questions that he asks are really answers, not questions. They’re answers that CBS’ reporter spoon feeds to the lady in the video. He’s just asking her to agree with what he is saying.

We have a legal term for that type of question. We call them “leading questions.” Look at these examples from the clip:

REPORTER: So you use [the anthrax] to identify the pathogen in other people, correct?

Instead of, “What did you use the anthrax for?”

TECH: Yes … garbled (no subtitles).

REPORTER: Since the war, you’ve destroyed all of the strains?

Instead of, “What happened to all the strains?”

TECH: Yes … garbled (no subtitles).

REPORTER: If this building was attacked, that could have been dangerous if those strains had gotten loose?

Instead of, “Why did you destroy the strains?”

TECH: Yes … garbled (no subtitles).

REPORTER: So you put the pathogens in here … and it destroys them? It makes them so they can’t hurt anybody?

Instead of, “How did you destroy the strains?”

TECH: yes, yes.

See how the REPORTER is doing the testifying? And how he’s just getting the interviewee to agree with him?

Lawyers use leading questions when we don’t trust the witness to give the right answer. Because a leading question is essentially just the lawyer testifying instead of the witness, you aren’t allowed to lead your own witnesses in a trial. That’s what “objection, leading” means.

It’s not just the language barrier. CBS showed that it could easily have subtitled the tech’s answers, becayse it did subtitle one answer. But that was presumably the only answer CBS liked, or that it trusted her to answer right.

Anyway, despite its obvious intent to water down the Ukraine biolab narrative, the story actually winds up confirming two core facts:

1) The lab WAS culturing deadly pathogens like anthrax and cholera.

2) The Ukraine government DID order the lab to destroy all the bugs as soon as the war started.

The rest of the interview is pure opinion, intended to explain WHY those two facts were for our own good. Nor does CBS ever explain why we should trust this masked person’s opinions about what the cultured pathogens would be used for. It doesn’t explain how she would know what the Ukraine government’s intent was.

And even though it begins the piece throwing shade on Russia’s claim of U.S. involvement, the reporter never once asks the tech about the United States. We just have to take their word for it, I guess.

Given the bizarre use of leading questions, the whole thing looks totally scripted. The reporter had “lines,” and he said his lines. I don’t know about you, but this puff-piece looked more like psyops or propaganda than hard-hitting investigative journalism.

🔥 On Wednesday, the United Nations Security Council voted to deny Russia’s recent request for an international investigation into the U.S.-linked “military-biological” labs in Ukraine.

Two countries voted in favor of an investigation, Russia and China, but the United Kingdom, the United States and France voted against. All ten rotating delegations abstained.

Russia had to see this coming. They’re working through the legal process. I don’t know where it’s going, but something must be next.

🔥 It’s almost like they WANT us to believe there’s a vast leftwing conspiracy to cover up what happened in the Pelosi’s home last weekend, given how far and fast the official version has ‘evolved’ ever since the progressive, gay, homeless, drug-addled, illegal alien evaded all the Speaker’s home security and slipped into the Pelosi home at 2:30am.

Yesterday, Joe Biden declared the attack on Pelosi was WORSE THAN THE JANUARY 6TH INSURRECTION because, well, Joe has Alzheimer’s and he thinks every day is January 6th or something. Then Biden tried to declare another national emergency but the White House Bunny took him by the arm and led him away again.

Dumping figurative oil drums of rhetorical napalm onto the raging conspiracy theory wildfire, yesterday NBC ran a short segment about the developing ‘facts’ in which it pointedly asked one of the most obvious questions about the then-current narrative, to wit: why’d Pelosi “walk[] several feet back toward the assailant [DePape] and away from police” instead of immediately running out of the house after he opened the door to the cops?

Getting the story a million times more attention than it would have otherwise, NBC then mysteriously scrubbed the Internet of all official copies of its story, explaining only that the piece had “failed to meet editorial standards.”

TheBlaze @theblaze

NBC on Paul Pelosi: “The front door was opened by Mr. Pelosi. He did not declare an emergency or try to leave his home, instead began walking several feet back towards the assailant and away from police.”


2:52 PM ∙ Nov 4, 20224,073Likes1,764Retweets

Then, yesterday afternoon, USA Today published a minute-by-minute explainer story headlined, “Details Emerge in Paul Pelosi Attack: A Break-In, Conversation, 911 Call, Then Violence.” The story answered NBC’s question by explaining that Pelosi grabbed the hammer when the cops knocked, then the two men somehow walked together over to the door while they both held onto the hammer (the story is silent on how this was accomplished), Pelosi opened the door to police, police asked the men to drop the hammer, then DePape suddenly and unexpectedly jerked the hammer out of Pelosi’s hand and attacked him in front of the cops.

Also yesterday, Capitol Police announced they DO have surveillance video showing the entire break-in, but they aren’t going to release anything, not even still pictures. At least, not yet. Because ongoing investigation and so forth.

As I’ve said before, the communications zone is so flooded with hot takes, inconsistent reports, and bad information, that it’s almost impossible to figure out what really happened. Deliberate obfuscation is a well-known psyop tactic; make things so confused that people just throw their hands up — “we’ll just never know!”

But one thing is certain: the media and BlueAnon conspiracy theorists have had a bad habit of immediately trying to blame Trump supporters for every violent incident that comes along; and then, almost every time, the perpetrator turns out not to be a MAGA person but a radical leftist.

Every. Single. Time.

Including this time. The initial media hot-take — as always —was that DePape was a MAGA radical; they even pushed quickly-debunked websites packed with fresh “evidence” of DePape’s so-called rightwing radicalism. Now that the story’s ‘evolved’, leftists are complaining about CONSERVATIVES cooking up theories about what really happened in the Pelosi home that night.

But you can’t fairly blame conservatives for defending themselves by picking the ridiculous, ever-changing story apart; it’s just self-defense.

🚀 Bloomberg ran a story Thursday headlined, “Iran’s Weapons Are Slowly Dragging Israel to Ukraine’s Defense.” And Russia doesn’t like it.

Israel says that the Iranian drones being sent to Ukraine are “weapons that we have to be prepared to confront — we are the only country in the world that knows how to do that,” said Yossi Kuperwasser, a former top Israeli military intelligence official. “Ukraine can be a testing ground for our counter-measures.”

According to Bloomberg, Ukrainian officials say over 40% of the country’s power system has been damaged by a massively effective Russian strategy over the last few weeks of using swarms of Iranian suicide drones to overwhelm Ukrainian air defenses.

According to “two people with knowledge of Russian policy,” Russia has told Israel it will retaliate if Israeli-made air-defense missiles or other interceptors get to Ukraine, whether directly or through cutouts.

Yesterday, CNN ran a related story headlined, “Exclusive: Iran Is Seeking Russia’s Help to Bolster Its Nuclear Program, US Intel Officials Believe.” The headline is more alarming than the story which, a couple paragraphs in, admits that “it is also not clear whether Russia has agreed to help – the Kremlin has long been outwardly opposed to Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

In other words, it’s just a rumor, But it’s a rumor founded on justified fears that, since Iran is helping Russia in Ukraine, Russia might eventually owe Iran a favor of some kind. Right now, Iran needs help with its nuclear program. So.

🔥 Vexing its left-leaning readership, the Hill uncharacteristically tweeted a video clip of Republican Senator Ron Johnson, which showed Johnson explaining, “The radical left infiltrated every institution of this country. They brought this nation to a moment of truth. They’re not telling the truth. They’re telling enough of the lies.”

The Hill @thehill

.@SenRonJohnson: “The radical left infiltrated every institution of this country. They brought this nation to a moment of truth. They’re not telling the truth. They’re telling enough of the lies.”


1:31 PM ∙ Nov 4, 202229Likes8Retweets

I had to read the tweet a couple times before I was sure it wasn’t sarcastic or meant to be alarming or got hacked or something. But the Hill just ran what Johnson said, as is, straight, which is what really bothered its leftwing readers.

I wonder what’s up over at the Hill.

📉 Since corporate media won’t cover it, here’s your monkeypox report, as of November 2nd: We never had more than about 500 cases at one time and now it’s almost completely gone.

Monkeypox cases are now down in the low double-digits. Remember how the media tried to make us all hysterical about Brokeback Virus? And how Joe Biden declared a terrifying state of emergency and forked over billions of dollars for smallpox vaccines?

Well never mind. Thanks experts!

Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll see you back here on Monday — election eve — for another great roundup.

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