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☕️ C&C NEWS ☙ Saturday, December 10, 2022 ☙ IMPLICATED 

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning C&C, welcome to Saturday’s weekend edition! This is a big one. Today’s roundup includes: the biggest scandal in human history is emerging from the Twitter files, and nobody’s connected the dots yet; a Florida Grand jury proposes dropping the hammer on people who help traffic illegal immigrants and kids; masks are back in NYC; Ontario hospitals mull re-hiring unjabbed nurses; Florida’s data analyst appears to be tackling excess deaths; sports journalist SADSly kicks the bucket; and a vaxx injured lady tears pharma a new one.


🔥 Matt Taibbi published part III of the Twitter Files yesterday, in which he disclosed Twitter’s tender, intimate relationship with U.S. law enforcement and its intelligence agencies (as well how Twitter’s internal moderation rules and standards rapidly morphed into a “Lord of the Flies” situation in the leadup to the 2020 election, but that’s for another post).

Twitter: “Oh FBI, how I love thee!”

FBI: “Turn over and assume the position again.”

Twitter: “Anything for you, FBI!”

Twitter executives and the FBI met so frequently during Trump’s presidency that Twitter’s executives sometimes cracked jokes about it, and about concealing or obscuring those meetings, as did Yoel Roth, Twitter’s Director of Trust and Safety, in this embarrassing series of posts on Twitter’s internal chat software:

In the law, evidence of an attempt to conceal something is evidence of a consciousness of guilt. (That’s a useful rule of thumb in all situations.)

In this next example showing how banal and mundane these intelligence meetings had become, Yoel Roth gets another employee to cover so that he can ditch two separate meetings on the same day, one with the FBI and one with DHS, so he can go to Aspen instead.

Taibbi didn’t report any details from those meetings. I suspect it’s because he doesn’t have them. We’ll never see them, because they either don’t exist or were scrubbed before Musk took over. But Taibbi did give us some examples of FBI agents reporting “misleading” tweets.

Here’s a Constitutional principle for you: the government of the United States isn’t allowed to censor citizens’ speech. Not for politics, not for religion, and not for misinformation. Every time an FBI, DHS or CIA agent in their official capacity “reported” a citizen’s tweet for misinformation, that was an actionable civil rights violation, regardless of whether Twitter did anything with the report, or not.

But the routine meetings between Twitter and the agencies were much more ominous than the individual “misinformation” complaints, in terms of civil rights violations. For one thing, the meetings strongly suggest that the government actors were helping Twitter define its content moderation rules, standards, and policies. In the second example above, for instance, Roth mentioned that “Site Policy” was included in the meeting.

The Constitution forbids the government from helping private companies define their speech policies. That’s an actionable civil rights violation. But it gets worse. Much worse.

🔥 Taibbi can be forgiven for overlooking the biggest implication of this story, since he’s drinking Twitter Files through a firehose, cobbling reports together in real time, and he hasn’t had space to connect with the other part yet, never mind think about it all.

The biggest developing story isn’t about how the Deep State bent, tore, and spindled the Constitution, committing what may be the larges and most widespread civil rights violation in American history. No.

It’s way, way uglier than that.

Among other courageous folks, Twitter recruited independent child safety advocate Andrea Stroppa to help its content team eliminate child sexual exploitation (CSE) material from the platform. They gave her access to the Twitter Files, and yesterday Stroppa delivered her first report about what she found was going on before Musk took over.

Andrea Stroppa 🐺 Claudius Nero’s Legion 🐺 @andst7

🧵I. How the old Twitter failed the fight against children’s sexual exploitation content (sigh) and more11:59 PM ∙ Dec 9, 20223,880Likes1,799Retweets

Stroppa described old Twitter’s approach to moderating CSE as “hell” and “insane,” which turned out to be an understatement. It’s like describing the Baatan Death March as a difficult hike in the woods.

Andrea Stroppa 🐺 Claudius Nero’s Legion 🐺 @andst7

VI. The more we work on child sexual abuse material on Twitter, the more we find the HELL left by the old Twitter management. What I’m going to tell you now is INSANE.12:13 AM ∙ Dec 10, 20221,223Likes333Retweets

Ms. Stroppa easily located accounts with stomach-turning, blatant pedophile CSE that were active for YEARS — some opened back in 2017 — accounts that had never been banned, but instead had over TEN MILLION VIEWS. Ten million! They’ve all been banned now, of course, but Stroppa discovered that, under Twitter’s old management, whenever the content moderation team got a complaint about CSE, they just deleted a tweet or two, but then allowed the degenerate accounts to keep operating normally and churning out despicable child abuse material.

All the tools Twitter had developed to shadow-ban, de-accelerate, un-search, and flag tweets with ridiculous content warnings, those tools were never deployed against the people who were industriously and illegally traumatizing kids. In other words, people who were committing REAL ACTUAL illegal conduct. Twitter didn’t crack down on that. Nope.

Instead Twitter cracked down HARD on law-abiding conservatives complaining about stolen votes and vaccine injuries.

Eliza @elizableu

Twitter prioritized the censorship of non-illegal speech over the removal of child sexual abuse material at scale. Let that sink in.3:03 AM ∙ Dec 9, 202269,857Likes11,557Retweets

Yoel Roth, Twitter’s content moderation director, is a moral monster, a living demon, a reprehensible criminal who should be shunned by all right-thinking people, if not prosecuted and entombed in solitary confinement for the rest of his life. It’s fair to hold Roth personally responsible for years of exploited children, since he was in a position to prevent it, but didn’t.

There’s no valid excuse. It wasn’t an accident. Roth’s failure to moderate CSE can only be the result of an intentional choice.

Roth spent all his time shutting down tweets and tweeters. That was his JOB. He had a vast staff with which to do it. He worked hard at it. But he DIDN’T do his job when it came to pedophiles and CSE. For some reason. I’m not saying it’s determinative, but for context, Roth is gay. Super gay.

Don’t worry too much about him though; he’ll be okay. Roth will probably burrow his way into a high-paying tenured professorship and infest some marxist college somewhere. He’ll get away with it. But don’t get hung up on that.

Believe it or not, Roth is small potatoes.

Think instead about all those content-moderation meetings with the FBI, DHS, and the CIA. Consider all the reports U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agents submitted about law-abiding citizens. Ponder all the time spent coordinating between Twitter’s content moderation team and the teams of well-paid civil servants employed full-time ostensibly to protect the defenseless children of this great nation.

But they DIDN’T protect the children of this country, though, did they?

Obviously, the FBI and DHS never spent one single minute on child sexual exploitation. That wasn’t on the agenda of any of those meetings and reports and calls and zooms. They didn’t have time for KIDS. They were too busy playing politics. They KNEW about the CSE on Twitter. They just didn’t CARE about the CSE on Twitter.

Or worse.

THAT is the biggest story crawling out of the smoldering remains of the Twitter Files’ dumpster fire. The intentional, unforgivable, inexplicable dereliction of duty of the United States’ law enforcement and intelligence agencies, who totally abdicated their proper duties in a vain pursuit of self-preservation, because they were worried President Trump would get to the bottom of their own dissolute, depraved, and debauched interests.

The FBI is 1,000 times more morally culpable for systemic child abuse than is Yoel Roth, which is really saying something. The Twitter Files already prove it. There’s no legitimate excuse for the FBI’s total failure to investigate and prosecute child porn purveyors and kiddie traffickers, when the agency had so much intimate access to Twitter, if not outright control of the platform.

There’s no legitimate excuse for why the FBI prioritized cracking down on lawful tweets about covid vaccines and election suspicions over rampant illegal child pornography and criminally explicit abuse. None.

The only rational conclusion can be that the FBI is no longer a law-enforcement agency. It’s a political secret police force that covers for pedophiles.

This explosive story is only getting started.

🔥 CBS News Miami ran an encouraging story yesterday headlined, “Florida Grand Jury Calls for Immigration Law Changes.”

This week a statewide grand jury impaneled by Governor DeSantis in June issued a report, calling for Florida’s Legislature to expand laws punishing people who smuggle undocumented immigrants into the state. Especially children.

The report, posted on the Florida Supreme Court’s website, explained:

[We] have concluded that the smuggling of illegal aliens not only endangers Floridians, but also generates huge sums of money for TCOs (transnational criminal organizations) which are used to further a host of criminal activities, notably drug trafficking and human trafficking. Additionally, the illegal aliens being smuggled into and within the state are put into a vulnerable position and are often exploited by criminals. This is particularly troubling when dealing with unaccompanied alien minors.

The grand jury described its recommendations a “first” presentment, suggesting more is coming. The grand jury heard testimony from Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey, and Bill Gladson, the state attorney in the 5th Judicial Circuit.

The report proposes to expand existing Florida law in several ways, like creating a third-degree felony for any person who “conceals, harbors, or shields” illegal immigrants. It also proposes a new second-degree felony for concealing, harboring, or shielding undocumented immigrants if they are under age 18.

There’s no reason why federal officials would be immune to prosecution under the proposed law, unless they act under the color of OFFICIAL federal policy.

The left isn’t happy about this story. For example, ABC Action News ran an alarmed story Wednesday headlined, “Why Advocates Fear DeSantis’ Statewide Grand Jury on Immigration.” The gist is that people and sketchy nonprofits who help traffic undocumented kids and immigrants in Florida are worried about the potential new laws. And they should be.

WPLG Local 10 News @WPLGLocal10

Florida grand jury calls for new laws on illegal immigration local10.com/news/politics/…


8:25 PM ∙ Dec 9, 2022


😷 They’re baaaaack! Yesterday, New York City’s Health Department recommended masks for everyone over 2 years old, jabbed or not. Useless covid white-coat pretending experts were excited about the prospect that masks might be making a comeback.

Eric Feigl-Ding @DrEricDing

⚠️MASK WEARING ADVISORY— New York City health department issues rec to #WearAMask “at all times when in an indoor public settings” including stores, schools, childcare facilities, elevators, public transit, public shared spaces, & even *crowded outdoor settings*! #BringBackMasks


6:43 PM ∙ Dec 9, 20227,582Likes3,423Retweets

Mask-o-philes were enraged that the recommendation wasn’t a mandate. You should see all the crazy stuff in the comments to Doctor Ding-a-Ling’s post. Oh heck, here are a few, just for your amusement.

Bad, bad gurl🇺🇦💛💙🇺🇦💛💙 @Imback2222

@MacLiv @DrEricDing Bingo Went to an indoor dinner yesterday. I ate Taco Bell in my car, went in for the festivities and remained masked the entire time. I did slip a straw under my mask for sips of iced tea…Hahahahaha Worked out great7:02 PM ∙ Dec 9, 202253Likes1Retweet

pro-choice clwntwn 🇺🇦🇺🇲 @clwntwn1

@DrEricDing I’ve also never stopped masking. Unfortunately, I am sick with COVID right now due to catching it from my spouse who picked it up during an adult league ice hockey game. You do not want this. Day 4 for me. Nobody wants this.7:14 PM ∙ Dec 9, 2022131Likes20Retweets

HollyR @Bestlife_4vr

@DrEricDing So many people I know have just got COVID. They all have mild cold symptoms or felt crappy for a couple of days. Vaccines and boosters seem to be working.9:50 PM ∙ Dec 9, 2022

💉 Canadian TV (CTV) News ran an ironic story yesterday headlined, “Ontario Hospital Considers Hiring Unvaccinated Nurses, Health-Care Workers to Combat Staffing Shortage.”

Imagine that.

The article described “a tense community meeting, in Chesley, Ontario, on Oct. 18 when more than 400 residents packed into the town hall, claiming they fear for their health and safety, after their local ER was shut down for two months because of a severe shortage of nurses.”

Two months.

And, it’s so weird that NURSES don’t want the jabs, isn’t it? You’d think they know all about The Science and how safe and effective the jabs are.

At the town hall meeting, laid-off registered nurse Anne Laxton stood up and announced she was ready and willing to work, but her job application had been denied by the local hospital system because of her jab status.

Outrage against the local hospital chain ensued.

Ontario officially ended vaccine mandates — including for hospitals — back in March. But the Ontario Hospital Association still recommends mandatory vaccination policies for the province’s 140 hospitals. CTV reported some experts are questioning why the mandate is still being enforced. “I don’t see a logic to it,” said Rafael Gomez, director of the Centre for industrial relations and Human Resources at the University of Toronto. “Why not allow these people back?”

Other Canadian provinces have begun allowing unvaccinated healthcare workers back to work. Slow progress.

💉 Yesterday, the State of Florida’s data analyst, Kyle Lamb, posted a chart showing excess deaths in the United States by month and by age bracket. It clearly shows that younger folks are suffering worst, with up to +40% non-covid excess mortality compared to 2019 levels.

SOMETHING is tearing young people a new one. Experts are baffled, like they always are, except for when they’re cashing in a pharmaceutical grant or something. That’s when Science can’t be argued with.

Kyle Lamb @kylamb8

This is important, and frankly concerning. This chart shows excess mortality (using 2019 as the baseline) by month and 10-year age group (15-24 through 85+) with COVID-19 underlying cause of death removed. In other words, deaths above 2019 after COVID-19 removed.


6:31 PM ∙ Dec 9, 2022828Likes430Retweets

Props to Kyle and Florida. It’s really too bad that the U.S. doesn’t have any giant, well-funded health agencies that could look into a phenomenon like this. I guess we aren’t paying enough taxes to expect services like that. I sometimes dream of a corporate media that actually had an interest in issues affecting the lives and deaths of all Americans.

I can dream, can’t I?

Stop saying it’s the jabs. Never question The Science. To badly paraphrase Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best movie: “Listen, and understand. SCIENCE is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.”

Anyway, it’s encouraging that Kyle Lamb is investing time and energy into the excess deaths situation. Hopefully it means that the State of Florida is beginning to look into this horrible phenomenon. It’s the deep state’s achilles’ heel.

💉 The AP ran a SADS story yesterday headlined, “US Soccer Journalist Grant Wahl Dies at World Cup.”

The AP reported that Wahl’s sudden and unexpected death in the journalists’ section of the Qatar World Cup “left fellow reporters covering the games stunned.” The prominent soccer journalist, 48, who’d complained about feeling unwell earlier this week, including experiencing chest pressure, suddenly fell back in his seat yesterday, and, after being treated on the scene for half an hour, was rushed to Doha’s Hamad General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead as a doornail.

The hospital did not state a cause of death. It’s so SADS.

🔥 People who defend big pharma have tragically misplaced loyalties. Big pharma will ghost you in a myocarditic heartbeat the second you have a bad experience with their products.

React19 @React19org

Must watch: React19 co-founder Brianne Dressen, who was injured during the AstraZeneca trial, tells the secrets that the government is hiding before a panel of politicians, medical experts, and doctors who met in Washington D.C. to discuss COVID-19 vaccines.


12:02 AM ∙ Dec 9, 202212,555Likes6,929Retweets

Have a terrific weekend! I’ll see you back here on Monday.

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