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☕️ C&C NEWS ☙ Monday, November 21, 2022 ☙ NEWS GRANTS

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, and Happy Monday! Sorry about the delay with today’s post. Today’s terrific roundup: Pelosi body cam footage tells a different story; science continues finding all the ways life can give you a heart attack; FTX’s implosion is exposing a lot of stuff they’d rather stayed hidden; news grants; who’s buying and who’s selling media influence; Sam Bankman-Fried bought a House committee; SBF took care of himself first; and Republicans start looking into the FTX scandal.


🪖 The Childers family is traveling this week for the Thanksgiving holiday. Post timing might be a little erratic (i.e., late). For your planning purposes, C&C will be closed on Thursday and Friday to reflect on gratitude.


🔥 The Bay Area’s NBC affiliate ran a story last week headlined, “Body Cam Video Shows Paul Pelosi Opened Door for Police, Despite DOJ Saying Otherwise: Source.”

The story is an exercise in delicacy, not even directly comparing the two stories. It looks like the editor may have taken that part of the story out, because I found the comparison on the reporter’s twitter feed.

After it muscled into the otherwise local case, the United States Department of Justice contradicted earlier reports from officers on the scene, and began insisting that the two San Fransisco police officers opened the door — not Pelosi. That contradicted the earlier version from the District Attorney’s office, which had reported “Mr. Pelosi opened the door with his left hand.”

MR. PELOSI opened the door. Not the cops.

But now, according to a source who’s seen the body cam footage, the District Attorney’s version has been proven correct, and the DOJ’s version is false. The video reportedly shows police knocking on the door, backing away, and then Paul Pelosi clearly opening the door from the inside.

The two versions are significantly different.

Here’s the DOJ’s version

Here’s the San Fransisco DA’s version:

Various sources say the body cam footage has already been released to news agencies, but I haven’t found any of it yet.

You may recall that back on November 4th, NBC suspended reporter Miguel Almaguer after his report on the Pelosi attack was hastily scrubbed from the internet. Almaguer’s report was consistent with what the body cam video shows.

Whoops. I’m thinking Almaguer might have grounds for a lawsuit.

At bottom, though, is the fact of whether Pelosi opened the door significant? Well, it’s obviously significant enough for highly-paid, elite federal law enforcement types to lie about it. Pelosi opening the door is an odd fact that doesn’t really square with the cover story, I mean the official version, that Pelosi was scared of DePape. After all, if Pelosi opened the door, he could’ve just stepped outside, and let the cops handle things from there.

But why go back in?

That’s the problem with coverups. Once you start covering things up, people assume there’s a reason, something embarrassing enough to justify the coverup’s risk.

🔥 In accountability news, yesterday longtime Team Reality member and data guru Ethical Skeptic confirmed that he has spoken to lawmakers about his vaccine injury research, and maybe more importantly, spoken with analysts working for the lawmakers, which at least shows that some lawmakers are taking pandemic accountability seriously and are trying to get their ducks in a row.

Ethical Skeptic said he can’t disclose who he’s spoken with — which makes sense. I take his post as great news. We might be closer than we think.

Once this story breaks — and it will — it’s going to be the most devastating political weapon in history.

🔥 Science alert! Read this headline and try not to laugh:

A brand-new study published in The Lancet purportedly links air pollution particles — 25 times smaller than the width of a human hair — to what the article says are “a host of diseases” including, wait for it, cardiac arrest, strokes, and autoimmune diseases.


The researchers compared the locations and dates of out-of-hospital cardiac events with known air pollution levels in Shanghai, applied some fancy math, and — ta-da! — claimed to find a correlation between pollution and heart attacks. (Of course, as we’ve been told literally one trillion times over the last two years, correlation does not equal causation.)

The researchers noted a number of “limitations” with their study, such as the fact that general air pollution levels don’t reflect a particular individual’s exposure levels, since the person might spend more time inside, or live in a high-rise, and so forth.

Still, it’s brilliant! The study is a two-fer. It helps obscure all the studies that might give people the wrong idea that SADS is related to the jabs somehow. Instead, people searching for cardiac event studies will find heart attacks might be caused by an invisible enemy — microparticulates. The study also provides a rationale for more masking, to keep those evil, SADS-causing particles out.

You have to hand it to Science. Scientists have heroically pushed back the frontier of knowledge about things that cause cardiac problems. Why, just in the last year, we’ve discovered dozens and dozens of new things that can make your heart stop.

🔥 Nancy Pelosi has retired. I’ll even give her the last word.

Nancy Pelosi @SpeakerPelosi

Thank you all — and may God continue to bless the United States of America.


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** 🤡 FTX Roundup 🤡 **

🔥 They’re going to wish we didn’t learn about “news grants.” But let’s start with how we found out. It was a decision made under pressure by The Intercept’s editor. He was looking at a lot of bad options.

Sometimes you have to get ahead of the bad news. Lefty news outlet The Intercept was forced to make an embarrassing admission this week — it had been accepting “grants” from one of FTX’s shady “philanthropic entities,” allegedly to support The Intercept’s mighty fine work on “biosafety and pandemic prevention.”

Meaning lockdowns, mandates, passports.

The Intercept admitted it was in line for a LOT of grants. They already got a half million a couple months ago, with another $3.5 million yet to come over the next two years.

Lefty news outlet ProPublica got even more than the Intercept. In an email to staff, ProPublica’s editor conveyed the tragic news that the unpaid portion of a $5M grant for reporting “on pandemic preparedness and biothreats,” was now probably kaputsky.

So far, it looks like FTX was lavishing multi-million-dollar grants on SCADS of leftist news magazines.

First of all, I’ll bet many of you were happily unaware that “news grants” were even a thing. Grants are completely different, and lots better, than bribes. OBVIOUSLY Sam Bankman-Fried couldn’t just write checks directly from FTX’s bank account to news companies.

That would be unseemly.

But apparently it’s NOT unseemly if you pay $150 to create a non-profit “foundation” to pay some bills for you. Even better, you can get a tax deduction for “donating” the money to your non-profit, before it turns right around and then “grants” the money to a news site from whom you’d like some friendly coverage.

Remember that puff piece the New York Times ran on SBF last week? What do you want to bet that we’re eventually going to find out the Times got a taste of some of that sweet investor money SBF was throwing around?

You might be thinking that SBF wasn’t so much doing grants as buying himself some favorable coverage for his fraudulent crypto business, and banking some “insurance” in case things got sticky, like they are now. What a ridiculous idea. Of COURSE editors can take multi-million dollar grants and still be completely objective. How dare you.

That we know of so far, none of the “completely objective” news companies who got FTX money ever disclosed that fact before now.

It might have shocked you to find out that not only is there a market for big companies to give large “grants” to news companies — without even buying advertising— but also the practice is apparently so widespread and so well-accepted that nobody’s blown the whistle on it so far.

Here’s what they want us to believe: Sam Bankman-Fried was an altruistic genius with a personal passion — like Bill Gates! — for pandemic preparedness and biosafety. So he quietly slipped a bunch of oversized financial grants to news agencies, “grants” that were so large they might have doubled the firms’ annual budgets. We don’t know if there were any strings attached, or requirements, or restrictions, or anything else.

Taking it just at face value, does it trouble you that there’s a market for directing what topics news companies focus on? In this case, it would be SBF directing a bunch of newspapers to report on pandemics and biosafety. Even if we interpret everything the most generous possible way, it still looks a whole lot like SBF was buying news coverage. The only question is whether his intentions were actually altruistic or were, at bottom, serving a different purpose.

🔥 This all kind of reminds me of how HHS bought the cooperation of corporate media outfits and news influencers by spending billions on vaccine ad placement last year.

We now live in a world of sponsored news. You can complain about it, but it won’t change anything. Corporate media exists to create a profit, first and foremost. Money and political influence (with which to obtain more money) drive news decision making. Not curiosity, public spirit, or ethical considerations.

The more overtly political a particular news outlet is — think MSNBC, Vox, ProPublica, and so forth — the clearer it is that these companies exist in order to satisfy a market. Not a market for news consumers. A market for news SHAPERS. If there are rich leftists lining up right and left — both in and out of government — then SOMEBODY has to satisfy that demand.

If corporate media adhered to ethics, they’d disclose their revenue sources. How much from each advertiser? How much from “news grants?” How much from the government? If we knew those things, we could make up our own minds about who and what to believe.

🔥 It’s not just buying news companies. Don’t forget politicians. Saturday, Breitbart ran a story headlined, “Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX Donated Over $300,000 to Lawmakers Investigating Him.”

The House Financial Services Committee, chaired by Representative Maxine Waters, announced earlier this week that the committee will handle investigating any wrongdoing by Bankman-Fried and FTX. In a happy coincidence, Sam donated $300,351 to nine democrat members of the House Financial Services Committee, or about $35K each, on average.

That’s not the only conflict of interest. Sam’s brother Gabe used to work for Representative Sean Casten (D-Il.), who’s a current member of the House Financial Services Committee. And here’s Maxine Waters blowing SBF a kiss back in December of last year:

chochaymon @ElliottFryback

Maxine Waters just blew @SBF_FTX a kiss. Safe to say that went well.😘

8:29 PM ∙ Dec 8, 2021


The good news is that Maxine Waters is about to lose her chairmanship to Republican Patrick McHenry. We are SO grateful that the Republicans won the House.

🔥 On Friday, the Wall Street Journal ran a story headlined, “FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried Cashed Out $300 Million During Funding Spree.” The gist was that while FTX was raising over $2B from institutional investors in 2021, SBF was selling large amounts of stock “back” to FTX — and he got a cool $300 million out of it.

Needless to say, that’s an unusual move, especially at a time when a company’s founder is asking other people to invest money. Selling large amounts of stock sort of suggests a lack of faith in the company’s long-term prospects. It should’ve been a red flag.

I mean, ANOTHER red flag.

The Journal mentions — but doesn’t dwell on — the fact that FTX never had a real board of directors. It was just Sam and two employees, and they didn’t hold meetings or vote on anything. In other words, investors like BlackRock poured millions into FTX even though Sam was accountable to no one, and was milking the company for hundreds of millions for himself.

🔥 We can begin to see the outlines of how FTX did it. It’s only a matter of scale. The trick is to quickly come up with enough money to capture three groups: politicians on oversight committees, the related regulatory agencies, and the corporate media. FTX *needed* to grow so big, so fast. Otherwise someone would have exposed him before he could launder all that money and fund the mid-term elections.

🔥 On Thursday, Senator Josh Hawley asked the DOJ, the SEC, and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) for all information and communications relating to FTX.

Over the last couple months, the FBI was somehow able to find time to raid a UFO blogger, and a pastor and his son for protesting an abortion clinic, but during the largest financial disaster in history, it’s just crickets from the FBI.

Hello? Is there anyone there?

I won’t hold my breath for any of SBF’s properties to be raided. But something’s going to shake out. The story is just too big to contain.

Have a marvelous Monday! I’ll see you back here tomorrow as we head toward sacrificial turkey day.

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