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☕️ C&C NEWS ☙ Monday, November 14, 2022 ☙ FOXES, HENHOUSES, AND LAUNDERERS

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, and happy New Week, C&C! We’re in the countdown to Christmas now, even though Thanksgiving is still about two weeks out. I’m sure you’ve noticed the decorations are out and Christmas music is back.

Your roundup today includes: a warning for people considering moving to Florida; election news; a not-so-subtle kids “attraction” in Venice; more genders than ever; China substantially amends its covid-zero policy; the foxes begin a study of the myocarditis henhouse; an updated FTX roundup; and more.


🦎 Fox Weather ran a story last week featuring the alarming headline, “Shocking video: 5-foot alligator found inside Burmese Python in Florida.”

In other words, we have pythons down here in Florida that are big enough to swallow human-sized alligators whole. And if the pythons can even get an ALLIGATOR, what chances do WE have?

Domenico @AvatarDomy

Disgusting moment 5ft alligator is pulled out of 18ft Burmese python’s STOMACH in Florida! …Incredible!!!!😳

11:45 PM ∙ Nov 9, 2022


Fortunately Florida is a Second Amendment state. I recommend keeping an assault rifle in the trunk for slithery encounters. People planning to move to Florida should carefully consider the various reptilian variables.

🔥 Republican David Schweikert won his re-election to the U.S. House in Arizona District 1.

🔥 LibsOfTikTok exposed this Saturday’s “family friendly” drag show promoted by the City of Venice, Florida, at the so-called 3rd Annual Venice Pride Festival.

Of course, the family-friendly festival featured scantily-clad drag performers in the Orwellian “Kids Corner,” as well as a ‘fun’ ring-toss event using realistic black, pink, and rainbow-colored adult marital aids. Aids that start with a “d,” rhyme with “big toe,” and sometimes run on batteries.

According to Libs, the table featuring the exotic kids’ carnival game was hosted by “CAN Community Health,” whose executive board includes celebrated educators like Sarasota County’s “Principal of the Year”, Dr. Stephen Covert of Pine View School. Local C&C readers might touch base with Dr. Covert for a statement.

Um, I know it’s impolite to ask, but how EXACTLY is this “kids corner” any different from a “grooming corner”?

• Libs also posted a short clip of a young lady who “identifies” as no fewer than “three genders:” male, female, and non-binary, all at the same time. In the clip, she explains how she feels like a man, a woman, and neither, all at once.

Libs of TikTok @libsoftiktok

This person identifies as trigender because she has 3 genders like a triangle

7:25 PM ∙ Nov 13, 2022


I hope you’re keeping up with all this gender stuff, there WILL be a quiz later. If you fail the quiz, you have to binge-watch a Netflix documentary series on the history of roofing nails.

🔥 Finally. UnHerd ran a story this morning headlined, “China Abandons ‘One Size Fits All’ Covid Policy.” Finally. The sub-headline explained, “There are echoes of the Great Barrington Declaration in Beijing’s latest plans.”

Late last week, the tongue-tyingly-named Standing Committee of the Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party, or SCPCCP, approved 20 amendments to the “Zero Covid” policy that has dominated life in China for the last two years.

The new amendments don’t exactly gut the zero-covid policy, but appear designed instead to move the policy in the direction of more “focused protection” of vulnerable populations rather than wholesale lockdowns and bulk approaches of large civilian groups. Unsurprisingly, the new amendments rely on the Communist Party’s default method of control: the threat. From the new Amendment 16:

It is strictly forbidden to close schools and classes, stop work and production, restrict traffic without approval, introduce unapproved lockdowns or remain in lockdowns for overly long periods. Other kinds of exaggerated behaviours such as random suspension of diagnosis and medical treatments will result in increased notification and public exposure, leading to severe punishment for those local authorities that cause serious consequences.

Fortunately for local officials, it appears China is also backing down from mass testing, so the hapless bureaucrats won’t be crushed in the pincer of failing to stop covid versus stopping covid too hard.

The new amendments will be a great disappointment to American fans of lockdowns and masks. China was the holdout, the last redoubt, the ultimate proof that hard lockdowns, masks, and draconian mitigations actually do “work.” Pro-maskers had been holding out hope that China could “beat” covid, through its costly, self-sacrificial lockdown strategy, and then American liberals would be able to say ha!, they were right the whole time.

The timing of the new amendments is curious. Why now? Maybe recently re-elected ‘dictator for life’ President Xi wanted to get past his own elections before changing the covid policy?

💉 NBC ran a tantalizing story this weekend headlined, “Myocarditis After Covid Vaccination: Research on Possible Long-Term Risks Underway.” You might be thinking, we’ve been talking about myocarditis for months now, maybe longer. No, this is research on the long-term risks to people AFTER a vaccine-induced myocarditis diagnosis.

The article starts with the journalistically requisite example, Jason Miller, 22, who collapsed at home in his bathroom after getting his first jab last October. Rushed to the hospital, he was diagnosed with myocarditis and pericarditis and told not to take any more shots. They told him how SUPER RARE it was to have heart problems after injection. “I was like, that’s crazy,” Miller said.


Doctors have no idea whether Mr. Miller will recover or if he’ll be retiring from the vaccine lottery by keeling over (thanks for playing though). The not-knowing must be vexing. But there’s good news for Mr. Miller! (If he lives that long.) Pfizer and Moderna are looking into it. In slow motion.

NBC explained, “the first research in the U.S. is underway, tracking adverse health effects — if any — that may appear in the years following a diagnosis of vaccine-associated heart problems.” Pursuant to FDA’s approval of the Pfizer and Moderna jabs, both firms are now — AFTER the spike protein is out of the barn and all the way across the meadow — now they are required to complete five-year studies of vaccine-injured heart patients.

Obviously, the studies aren’t meant to prevent the shots from being approved. The shot are already approved. The studies are just to find out what we’ve done to people. And, in its infinite wisdom, the FDA thought putting companies who could be liable for vaccine injuries in charge of finding out whether there were any.

It’s like asking the foxes to study the henhouse.

Currently, nobody knows how many people who recover from “mild” cases of vaccine-induced myocarditis will have long term health problems. “It could be 2%. It could be 0%. It could be 20%,” Mayo Clinic’s cardiology chair told NBC. “We don’t know the answer.”

NBC’s article wraps up by checking back in with its myocarditis poster boy, Mr. Miller. The reporter said that, a year after his original diagnosis, Miller’s been in and out of the hospital, and is still having problems including chronic chest pain. But the reporter explained that fortunately, Mr. Miller has been taking “comfort” in reflecting on how rare his condition is.

The article actually said that. Comfort. That’s so weird. In fact, it’s SO weird that I’m calling “BS” on the whole story. If Mr. Miller DID reflect on how “rare” his vaccine-induced heart injury is, it seems a LOT more likely that would make him feel UNLUCKY — not comforted.

I think the reporter made that comfort thing up, or an editor plastered it in at the last minute. Liars!

Well, the good news is, if he makes it that long, Mr. Miller will eventually find out if he’s in real trouble or not. He’ll find out in about five years or so, when they finish the study, or however long after five years it takes the pharma companies to publish their whitewashed reports.

If I sound skeptical, it’s because I AM skeptical. Thanks, FDA!

🔥 The FTX story is not a distraction from the election news. It IS election news. I’ll be covering it going forward until we fully understand the giant Democrat-Ukrainian-Cryptocurrency money washing machine that it sure looks like.

And boy, am I glad I covered the FTX.COM meltdown basics in Sunday’s bonus post yesterday, because it’s going to be FTX updates for a while, and you’ll need the primer to keep up. So if you aren’t up to speed, go read Sunday’s summary and then come back.

First, here’s Sam in his swanky Bahamian penthouse apartment, where he lived with his ten roommates.

Nice! Maybe one day you can also have a Bahamian penthouse apartment if you help launder money for democrats.

• For what is probably a very good reason, the World Economic Forum has deleted its web page promoting FTX. Buh bye!

There’s no apology there, though. Just an error page.

• Next, remember young Caroline Ellison? She’s a Harry Potter fan, Sam Bankman-Fried’s 28-year-old girlfriend, who chatters in interviews about how she’s bad at math (so WHAT qualifies her to run the multi-billion-dollar firm), and whose dad used to supervise Biden’s current SEC director.

Anyway, ‘somehow’ the investment analysts missed plenty of clear warning signs from Ms. Ellison, like this remarkable tweet from May, 2021:

I’m not sure I completely agree with Ms. Ellison. Regular amphetamine use might enhance your smug feelings of élite superiority, but apparently it doesn’t help you succeed in managing other people’s money. Not much, anyways.

Ellison also mused about topics on her public blog that support the rumors of bizarre “uconventional” romantic relationships among the ten roommates in Bankman-Fried’s Bahamian apartment, such as in her blog post below, which I’m including only to make the point there was plenty of material for investment analysts to work with, if they’d been doing any due diligence at all.

Well, problems are bound to pop up when you marry a nonjudgmental socialist sharing ethic with boundless hedonism.

How did the analysts miss the signs? Were they told not to look? We’re talking about some of the most sophisticated analysts in the world, including for Blackrock. Yet, for some reason, they seemed to miss truckloads of red flags. Red flags like drug use, which was apparently part of the day-to-day work lifestyle at FTX, for performance enhancement (stimulants) and limiting down time (sleeping aids).

You’ll notice in the little picture Sam’s Twitter avatar’s t-shirt logo, which I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

It is important to note that Ms. Ellison and Mr. Bankman-Fried, who infamously said books are for losers, are the generational products of our current crop of self-designated élites.

• Next, FTX is leaking like a rusty sieve, and news — both corroborated and uncorroborated — is streaming out. A financial newsletter with 170K Twitter followers just estimated the amount Bankman-Fried may have scampered off with at closer to $1.7B.

The Kobeissi Letter @KobeissiLetter

JUST IN: SBF, the CEO of FTX, secretly transferred $10 billion+ to his trading firm, Alameda. Now, $1.7 billion of those funds have disappeared. It’s simply incredible how every time you think this can’t get worse, it gets worse. This is the biggest fraud in recent history.5:54 AM ∙ Nov 13, 20223,194Likes729Retweets

Remember, Sam’s “trading firm, Alameda” is the same subsidiary that was until very recently managed by his Harry-Potter loving girlfriend, Ms. Ellison.

• Next, FTX and 134 of its subsidiaries and related companies filed emergency chapter 11 bankruptcy cases on Friday. Oddly, the filing paperwork was incomplete, which is typical for smaller companies filing rushed cases, but is completely NOT typical for large, complex, billion-dollar companies who always have their ducks in a row before filing a chapter 11 case.

The kinds of law firms that represent multi-billion-dollar financial companies like FTX don’t normally file incomplete paperwork. I would have expected, not just completed paperwork, but also a motion to consolidate all the cases for joint administration plus a completed proposed chapter 11 plan. All on day one.

So it’s either incompetence, a VERY last-minute poorly-thought-through decision to legally stop customers from pulling all their funds out, or an intentional bad-faith strategy to drag the case out as long as possible. I’m leaning toward the latter.

In other words, why weren’t they talking about bankruptcy weeks or months ago? Only fraudsters ride it out to the ultimate collapse, because filing bankruptcy stops them from siphoning money out. And, by filing bankruptcy themselves, instead of waiting for someone else to do it for them, they remain (for now) in control of things, including information.

If the large investors are legitimate victims, instead of political pawns, their next move will be to file an emergency motion to appoint a trustee to take control of and supervise the companies’ assets. If they don’t, I will be extremely skeptical.

• Finally, corporate media has not been super helpful keeping up with this story. Maybe it’s moving too fast for them. One question I can’t resolve is, WHERE IS SAM BANKMAN-FRIED? Clearly, he’s out of the country.

On Saturday, MSN ran a story headlined, “Sam Bankman-Fried Claims To Be In Bahamas As Flight Tracker Shows His Private Jet Flying To Argentina.”

Nobody seems to know where Bankman-Fried and Ellison are. There are lots of rumors: still in the Bahamas, Hong Kong (Ellison), Dubai, South America. But so far, no reporter has been able to confirm his location.

To my knowledge, Bankman-Fried has not yet been charged with anything. He’s free to go wherever he wants. Presumably law enforcement is keeping up with him. I mean, I would hope they are. Like, the FBI and stuff.

You trust the FBI to keep track of Sam, don’t you?

Have a marvelous Monday! I’ll see you back here tomorrow for more.

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