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☕️ C&C NEWS ☙ Friday, October 7, 2022 ☙ NEW NARRATIVES

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, from the frozen wasteland of Florida. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a LITTLE. But it’s chilly for us natives down here, in the morning anyway. I hope you all had a terrific week as we roll into the weekend with a thought-provoking roundup. Peter McCullough gets deplatformed, again; HHS terrifies the nation with tweets about radiation sickness and the goofy leader of the free world mentions armageddon; a bizarre link between the new nuclear narrative and the jabs; and Pfizer gets caught with its hand in the cookie jar, again.


🪖 I’ll be speaking at the Florida Summit on Covid II on October 22, in The Villages, Florida, at the fabulous Brownwood Hotel, along with a great lineup of others — almost too many to list. More information and registration information is available at Florida Summit On Covid II The Future of Medicine in Post-Covid America.


🔥 Super-credentialed, widely-published and well-respected doctor Dr. Peter McCullough has been permanently banned from Twitter, apparently for his vaccine skepticism, despite — or maybe because of — having a half-million followers.

The Musk-Twitter acquisition is developing, with most recent news suggesting Musk no longer opposes the acquisition and will move forward. Behind that story is another, bigger one, with the Supreme Court having accepted a case dealing with Section 230, the law allowing social media companies like Twitter to censor political speech and not be considered “editors” under defamation law.

I intend to write more about both issues soon.

🚀 It’s funny how sometimes I’ll see a headline and think a story is going to be about one thing, but after I dig into the details I often wind up finding an entirely different point of view. This story is a great example. I thought I found one new narrative but it might be something completely different.

My first thought was, we might have a fresh new narrative to play with.

TownHall published a story yesterday headlined, “Why Did the Biden Admin Just Buy $290M Worth of Anti-Radiation Drugs for Nuclear Emergencies?” HHS issued a press release about buying the drugs through its disaster preparedness agency, BARDA, on TWITTER:


Today, we purchased a supply of @Amgen’s Nplate, a drug to combat the effects of acute radiation sickness after radiological or nuclear emergencies. For more about how we leverage existing technology & inventory management practices to ensure preparedness: bit.ly/3EedtyT


9:45 PM ∙ Oct 4, 2022


Speculation ran wild. What did HHS know? How likely IS war, if they’re stockpiling drugs to treat radiation burns? How worried should we be? Are they trying to panic everybody?

To make sure we got the point, BARDA followed up with more tweets about nuclear preparedness:


BARDA is partnering with ASELL to develop biodosimetry diagnostics to rapidly identify individuals exposed to radiation after a nuclear or radiological incident: Alentic’s Prospector CBC analyzer, CellRADx Software & CellRADx Instrument. Learn more: bit.ly/3RTSAfT


7:10 PM ∙ Oct 6, 2022

Also yesterday, as if the government were a synchronized swim team, Biden also began yammering about the threat of nuclear war.

The New York Post ran a story yesterday headlined, “Putin’s ‘Not Joking’: Biden Says Nuclear ‘Armageddon’ Risk Highest Since ‘62 Crisis.” Biden was speaking at a swanky democrat senatorial fundraiser in New York and announced Russian President Vladimir Putin was “not joking when he talks about the use of tactical nuclear weapons or biological or chemical weapons.”

Not joking!

Biden told top democrats that Putin “isn’t joking.” I wonder how many of them thought Putin has been joking about nuclear war. Did YOU think Putin was joking? Not once in my entire life can I recall Putin telling a joke. He doesn’t really seem like the jokey type.

I’m getting tired of typing this sentence, but: what on EARTH is Joe Biden talking about? Was it just a bad choice of words, “Putin’s not joking?” Of COURSE he’s not joking, he’s as serious as vaccine-induced myocarditis. Nuclear war is the the least funny subject in the history of mankind. What a dumb thing to say.

Wait! Maybe Joe actually believed Putin’s been joking all this time, and he’s JUST NOW realized that Putin ISN’T joking? I think that could be it.

Joseph Robinette Biden might not be the leader we want, but he is the leader we have. The Bible says he’s the leader we deserve. But it’s not ALL bad. While he might be shoving us to the brink of global nuclear war, labeling Republicans a fascist threat, libeling unvaccinated people, arresting pro-life activists, and lying about his oil cancer, at least he’s not calling Hilary Clinton names in mean tweets.

PLEASE don’t lecture me in the comments that the nuclear risk isn’t really Joe’s fault, it’s really Putin’s fault. Look, I ALREADY feel like we’ve spent enough money on Ukraine’s war. How do you think I feel about sacrificing even more, by going through a nuclear war for them? No thanks. I’ll volunteer every one of my spare bedrooms and couches for Ukrainian refugees but I don’t want my kids to glow in the dark, if you don’t mind.

I’m sure that many Ukrainians are justifiably angry enough that they would love it if the U.S. and Russia traded nukes. But, if Joe’s right, then the only sane option is for the US to withdraw its military support for the Ukrainians RIGHT NOW. Stop this madness.

But I don’t think that’s the point of this new narrative. I think this clumsy new nuclear war narrative is supposed to convince followers that Russia is a direct threat against the United States. Why? I wondered, are they planning to declare war with somebody? The new nuclear narrative does make it feel like they’re preparing for another big military escalation. Or something.

Then I thought about how Putin doesn’t seem to be taking the bait.

🔥 What do I mean? In two recent developments, if Putin were HALF the man corporate media claims he is, the president-for-life would have ALREADY escalated the war.

Fox News ran a story yesterday headlined, “Swedish Investigative Team Finds ‘Detonations’ Damaged Nord Stream Pipeline.” Surprising exactly no one, Reuters reported the Swedish security police said, “There have been detonations near Nord Stream 1 and 2, within the Swedish economic zone, resulting in extensive damage to the gas pipelines.”

Detonations. Not accidents.

The Fox story reported that NATO already accuses the Russians of sabotaging their own pipelines, which are said to probably be irreparable, a total loss. The Russians hotly deny it, of course, and insist they won’t accept the results of any investigation that they don’t get to participate in, which is going to be tough, since the sabotage occurred in NATO-controlled seas.

Fox reported that Russia is accusing the United States of using underwater drones to blow up the pipelines. The Biden Administration denies it.

If Putin really WERE a reckless warmonger who can barely control his temper, and be believes the U.S. was behind the attacks, wouldn’t he have retaliated SOMEHOW after his country’s two largest gas pipelines were destroyed by state-sponsored terrorists?

And what about young Darya Dugina? Wouldn’t the hotheaded Russian president have swiftly retaliated after state-sponsored terrorists blew up the 29-year-old daughter of one of Putin’s closest friends and advisors? Or what about after the deep state gave him a little extra push, by leaking an article this week through the New York Times making it super clear the Ukrainians had planted the car bomb?

But the Russian president has not been provoked, after significant cause, contrary to everything corporate media has told us about the man. Rather than a reckless, irresponsible hothead, from what we can see, Putin seems more like a careful, cautious planner who suspects he might be being played. It’s probably driving the State Department crazy.

I thought, maybe that’s why they’re rolling out the new narrative. But then I found a wrinkle that changed everything.

💉 What would you say if I told you I was going to connect the nuclear-narrative story to the jabs?

Remember how HHS just bought $300 million dollars of medicine that it noisily claims is for nuclear preparedness? Specifically, BARDA said it bought Amgen’s Nplate drug, which can be used to “combat the effects of acute radiation sickness.”

But guess what ELSE Nplate treats? I checked Amgen’s website. Oddly, I didn’t find anything on the Nplate page about treating radiation sickness. But I did find THIS:

How about that, Sally? Nplate’s primary approved use is to treat “immune thrombocytopenia.”

“Immune thrombocytopenia” sounded familiar.

On a hunch, I hopped over to PubMed and searched the journals for the keywords “vaccine immune thrombocytopenia.” Guess what? It returned NINE HUNDRED AND SIX hits:

Uh oh!

One of the 2021 studies explains:¹

Cases of apparent secondary immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) after SARS‐CoV‐2 vaccination with both the Pfizer and Moderna versions have been reported and reached public attention. Public alarm was heightened following the death of the first identified patient from an intracranial hemorrhage, which was reported on the Internet, then in USA Today and then in The New York Times. Described below, we have collected a series of cases of very low platelet counts occurring within 2 weeks of vaccination in order to enhance our understanding of the possible relationship[.]

It’s not going away, either. Just six days ago, the journal Vaccines published a brand new study titled, “A Systematic Review of Reported Cases of Immune Thrombocytopenia after COVID-19 Vaccination.” In its conclusion, the authors noted:

Although vaccine-related ITP is rarely a cause of death, it significantly hampers patients’ quality of life owing to the fatigue and adverse effects of therapeutic interventions, making it a critical pathology to understand in the context of accelerated global vaccination efforts.

Fatigue… Sounds a lot like “long covid,” doesn’t it?

I bet you’re wondering what causes ITP. According to the NIH’s website, it’s VACCINES:

While causes of ITP include do viral infections, in such cases the ITP occurs DURING the infection, and the treatment for those cases is to treat the underlying infection. So it’s not covid.

I know this sounds like a mad conspiracy theory, but try to follow me here. HHS just bought an historic amount of drugs approved to treat a vaccine-induced blood disorder, a vaccine-induced disorder linked to the most widely-used vaccine in history, a vaccine-induced disorder easily diagnosed by a standard blood test.

If ITP is widespread, it will be impossible to hide, once doctors start looking for it.

HHS said the Nplate is for treating radiation burns. That might be true, but radiation injuries are nowhere on the list of approved uses — on the drug’s own website. HHS made its drug-buying announcement right at the exact same time Joe Biden announced that “Putin is serious” about nuclear war.

They wouldn’t provoke a nuclear war just to cover up a vaccine-induced disaster, would they? That would be crazy, right? Even for Joe? They aren’t stockpiling ITP drugs to treat a massive wave of long covid, I mean ITP, are they?

Anyway. Who knows. But I have to conclude that the new narrative might NOT be about escalating the Ukraine conflict, after all. Maybe the new narrative is to cover up what’s giving all these people “long covid.” Or maybe I’m seeing things that aren’t there.

You have to admit, it’s a bizarre connection. What do YOU think?

🔥 Yesterday, I came across an interesting media-embargoed story about Pfizer from August. As far as I can tell, it was only reported in a handful of obscure financial media. On August 7th, the SEC issued a press release titled, “SEC Charges Pfizer with FCPA Violations.” Corpwatch reported on the story the very next day with the headline, “Pfizer Admits Bribery in Eight Countries.”

Pfizer settled charges of bribing doctors with cash payments and other gifts going back to 2001. The pharma giant will have to pay about $65 million in fines, a mere trifle, a slap on the wrist, and nobody’s being charged criminally. Corpwatch noted that “the practice of settling fraud cases with companies while not charging any employees might be giving executives an incentive to push the limits of the law.”

You don’t say.

In August, during a congressional hearing, U.S. senator from Rhode Island Jack Reed asked, “A lot of people on the street, they’re wondering how a company can commit serious violations of securities laws and yet no individuals seem to be involved and no individual responsibility was assessed.”

It’s a terrific question that I’ve been asking for a while. Especially after reviewing so many criminal subpoenas served on individual doctors just for prescribing Ivermectin.

I guess Pfizer has a better lobbyist, or something.

Have a fabulous Friday! I’ll see you back here tomorrow for the weekend edition.

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The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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