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☕️ C&C NEWS ☙ Friday, October 28, 2022 ☙ THE WHOLE PLAN

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By Jeff Childers


First, a short good news roundup — the tide continues turning. Then, I’m officially releasing my blueprint for a final exit from the pandemic, including how we’ll get to criminal prosecutions. I’ll lay out a practical, step-by-step plan for you.

We can do this!


🔥 Yesterday — a day earlier than pundits guessed — billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk closed the Twitter deal and now officially owns the entire social media company. Which explains the sink yesterday. His first official acts were to fire Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, CFO Ned Segal, general counsel Sean Edgett, and the odious Vijaya Gadde, head of “trust and safety,” who permanently suspended President Trump, censored the Hunter Biden laptop story, and banned political ads from the platform.

Buh- bye.

Disgruntled lefty outlets are hoping Twitter will implode. The Atlantic ran a story yesterday fantasizing about a long list of ways the formerly-beloved social media platform could be wiped out:

Reports say Musk has asked his Tesla engineers to review the Twitter code base. I wonder why.

A couple points. First, Musk’s Twitter acquisition has already succeeded by preventing the platform from being weaponized against Republicans in the midterm elections. Second, even if Twitter doesn’t change one bit, it has probably been neutralized as a future way for leftists to influence elections.

Third, the Twitter fear-psyops are over. Finally.

🔥 Fox ran a story earlier this week headlined, “RNC Has Launched 73 Election Lawsuits in 20 States: ‘Most Litigious’ Election Cycle.” That’s an average of two and a half lawsuits per state in the contested states.

That’s a lot of lawsuits. All filed around the same time. All filed strategically.

This should be encouraging to folks who felt like the GOP wasn’t “doing anything” to fight election fraud. I told folks, over and over, that the best strategy would be to wait till right before the elections. If you change the rules too soon, then cheaters will find ways around the new rules.

So, this is very encouraging. I haven’t yet seen the list of lawsuits but I hope to review them soon.

I can also share with you that I’ve been assisting a team researching a well-organized ballot-harvesting network within low-income Florida communities. The team presented the developed information to Florida’s Election Integrity task force this week, and they’ve green-lighted it for criminal investigation. The case appears to be much more meaningful than arresting felons one-by-one for violating the terms of their reinstated voting rights.

So. It’s working.

🔥 Finally, a couple dogs that didn’t bark. First, whatever happened to monkeypox, for which we snapped up billions of dollars of smallpox vaccines? Second, how come the world didn’t end when Roe v. Wade was overturned? Seems like we’re still here.



More and more, there’s one single question preoccupying the minds of a large number of our fellow Americans, not to mention our Canadian friends, and probably the entire world.

When will we see justice?

Over the last year, I’ve taken dozens of calls from folks with vast credentials; doctors, lawyers, former military intelligence, you name it, and they all wanted the same answer: HOW do we hold people responsible for the excesses of the pandemic?

People routinely ask me for contacts to sheriffs, district attorneys, and even governors. They think that SURELY, if these law enforcement folks just knew the truth, just understood what really happened, they’d immediately start convening grand juries and would get busy issuing indictments.

Sadly, there aren’t any such sheriffs, district attorneys, or governors, not right now.

But I have the answer. It’s not as easy as some folks hope, but life’s not easy OR fair. But the plan is simple. It’s straightforward. It’s practical. We only have to overcome the most highly-motivated, highly-resourced, and truly evil folks that have ever infested the human race since God drowned the last bunch.

We already have one gigantic advantage. Our adversaries have made a terrible error. They think we’ll just forget and move on to ‘the next thing’ once the pandemic is over. They think we can be distracted by a corrupt proxy war in Eastern Europe and dark suggestions of nuclear war.

They are wrong. We. Will. Never. Forget.

Always remember: David killed Goliath with one well-placed pebble.

🔥 Human beings fundamentally crave justice. It’s part of our DNA. As a Christian, I believe it’s because God is a great and terrible god of perfect justice and we humans are made in God’s image.

Beyond divine justice, we humans also crave justice on this Earth, in this life. And we have set up human institutions to try to ensure the best simulacrum of justice we can come up with. And it works, a remarkable amount of the time, better than you might think, as we saw in yesterday’s post about subhuman, racist Waukesha killer Darrell Brooks.

But Justice often takes time. Justice often takes effort. Justice often takes a vast and expensive effort. But sometimes — like this time — justice is INEVITABLE. Sometimes — like this time — justice can’t be stopped. Sometimes — like this time — justice WON’T be stopped. Sometimes — like this time — justice will, no matter what, at some point, have its day.

So instead of crying out “how can we achieve justice?”, we should be carefully asking, “how can we achieve justice FASTER?”

Walk with me.

🕐 Phase One.

We’re just starting to emerge from Phase One, which is a completely defensive phase.

Phase One is like a home invasion.

Imagine you and your wife or husband are peacefully snoozing in your bed in the middle of the night. It’s pitch black dark. All is quiet. All is well.

Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, all the windows in your house explode inwards in a massive spray of glass chunks. Hooded thugs wearing all black swing in on ropes, attack you, and start tearing up your house.

Welcome to Phase One.

You instinctively fight back with everything you’ve got, eventually expel the intruders, and start blocking up the windows using whatever furniture’s at hand. You don’t have time to figure out WHO is attacking you. You aren’t worried about WHERE they came from, not yet.

All you care about is securing the house.

Phase one is pure DEFENSE. No offense, not until the house is secure. Only then can you start thinking about the next phase. And that’s about where we are now. We were taken by surprise. We didn’t know what’d hit us. It took time to fight back and secure our kids and our jobs and our states. And now we’re blocking up the last few broken windows, like the court that ordered New York City to rehire its unvaccinated staff this week.

Once we have secured our “house,” we can look at Phase Two.

🕐 Phase Two. Investigation.

Phase Two is when the investigation starts. This is like where you find out the police aren’t going to be helping much. When the cops come out to the scene, they seem curiously disinterested. “How do we know you didn’t bust your own house up?”, they ask, yawning. Shocked, you realize that the cops have somehow been compromised.

So you start your own investigation of the home invasion. You start talking to your neighbors. You start collecting everyone’s camera footage. You start taking careful pictures of the house, the yard, and the road. You find out where the intruders’ truck was parked, measure the wheelbase from the tire tracks, and start talking to local gas station workers.

You get the idea. It’s up to you to collect the evidence, since the cops aren’t doing it yet.

We found out the FBI is strangely uninterested in the gain of function research, the engineered virus, the illegal labs, the FDA’s criminal rubber stamp, the remdesivir bonuses, or the politically-captured CDC. For now, we must collect the evidence of the pandemic crimes ourselves. We must gather the affidavits and the documents from all the people whose loved ones were lost to Hospital Murder or to the Jabs. We need to claw out the public records about the development and deployment of the virus and the vaccines from state and federal agencies. We need to scrape together the records of government payments for covid treatment.

And we’ll have to keep track of all the unprosecuted criminals like Birx, Fauci, Baric, Psaki, Collins, and so forth. At some point they’ll run for the hinterlands, just like the German concentration camp commanders changed their names and fled after World War II. And just like how the Jews tracked the Nazis to South America after the war, we’ll need to use our own worldwide networks to keep track of our modern nazis, so we’ll know where to find them once the time is ripe.

I envision a searchable online database, where a crowdsourced investigation can be organized, where data can be immediately available for the very first cop or district attorney willing to start an investigation. There are a lot of lawyers and scientists and doctors and regular folks who all have their own parts of the evidence. In Phase Three, we have to collect that all data together into a central hub.

We’ll need someone to step up and build the database. Preferably someone with previous experience organizing this kind of information, preferably someone is familiar with all the tech.

You get the idea. Now let’s talk about Phase Three.

🕒 Phase Three. Assimilation.

Phases Two and Three aren’t necessarily sequential. They can run in parallel. In Phase Three, we need to take (or re-take) local and state institutions that provide access to internal information and shore up political support.

As I’ve told you before, the greatest advantage we have over our enemies is numbers. We will use that strength. Our opponents can’t be everywhere at once, so we’ll overwhelm them. And they are also counting on us forgetting and moving on — which we won’t.

Our folks need to move (back) into the institutions. For example, imagine a hospital with a publicly-elected board. I guarantee the current board members have never had to run in a contested election, and as ‘elites,’ they probably don’t want to be in the public eye, either.

Either way, we can run a slate of replacement board candidates and, sooner or later, take a majority position on the hospital board.

Once our candidates are installed on the board, they can immediately commence internal investigations and public disclosures of what really happened at that hospital during the pandemic. How much did the federal government pay the hospital for each dead covid patient? What incentives did the government offer hospitals to order jab mandates? What exactly happened in each and every case where a covid patient died, especially patients that didn’t fit the covid mortality profile of having three or more co-morbidities?

This information will feed right back into Phase Two’s database for prosecution.

As another example, we can get our people (back) into the universities. This could be a great role for some retired folks. Come out of retirement! You were bored anyway. Get into management in university departments where you can poke around and find out what the universities and the federal government were up to during the pandemic.

And we can get our people inside local health departments, and into state health agencies (especially in blue states).

Even more inevitable will be the slow, steady changing of the political guard. Whether we run our own candidates or not, natural political turnover will constantly bring new blood into local, state and federal offices. New people who’ve never held office before.

Critically, they’ll be new people who weren’t in office during the pandemic.

All these new politicians will have no covid baggage. They aren’t afraid of investigations, because they weren’t in office to go along with the lockdowns and mandates. They can use the covid-crimes issue as a political weapon against incumbent opponents. “Vote for me, because my opponent never said a word while the White House was wrecking the economy and closing schools during the pandemic.”


The great thing is it works for school board, county commissioner, city commissioner, mayor, tax collector, governor, et cetera. Rinse and repeat. It’s low-hanging fruit. Believe me, the new politicians will be using this issue as a club. It always works this way.

Even if they don’t pursue covid issues, the newly-elected politicians without covid baggage have no incentive to protect the covid criminals. And eventually, a critical mass of untainted politicians will hold office. I don’t know if the right number is 10%, 20%, or 30%, but at some point, there will be enough new folks who were never involved to tip the whole thing over.

Right over into Phase IV.

🕓 Phase IV. Prosecutions.

The inevitable tipping point will be a great help, but we don’t need to wait for a tipping point. We don’t need to wait for Superman. We can take over district attorney and county sheriff offices ourselves.

I’m about to blow your mind. You’re going to wonder why nobody ever thought of this before. The answer is because it’s been too soon. It might still be a LITTLE too soon, but we’re practically there. Here it is:

We’ll run candidates for sheriff, district attorney, and state attorney general, all over this country, in 3,700 counties, EXPLICITLY on the platform of investigating and prosecuting covid cases.

That’ll be their entire platform. “Elect me, and I will convene a grand jury to investigate hospital murder and pharma murder cases,” or “Elect me, and I will arrest people who got folks killed during the pandemic.”

(By the way, this is a great notion for our law enforcement and military brothers and sisters who lost their jobs because of jabs. Run for sheriff. That’ll teach ‘em.)

Who can our newly elected sheriffs and DA’s prosecute? We don’t need to start at the top. Start at the bottom, like they do with organized crime prosecutions. You don’t go straight for Al Capone. First you arrest the neighborhood thug, and then turn him against the next level up.

Think about all the local “experts” who pushed false information about jab safety and efficacy, who people relied on to take the jabs. I can think of five “experts” right here in Alachua County, who all work for the University of Florida, who’d all be ripe for prosecution. Or these so-called “doctors” who merrily pushed jabs on kids without providing complete informed consent, and somebody died.

Investigators can suss out what the “local influencers” knew, and when they knew it. They’ll figure out who started the Big Lie.

Did the “local influencers” aid and abet reckless or negligent homicide, or manslaughter? Were they co-conspirators? Just how much were these “experts” paid to “influence” people to take the drugs that killed or injured them?

And here’s where all the evidence we compiled in Phases II and III will come in handy. The searchable database could let local investigators plug a name in, and instantly see every email, letter, paper, tweet, or Youtube video connected to that person. The website should have a terrific interface and an awesome search algorithm. It could, for instance, let investigators search, select, and quickly download selected documents — with exhibit stickers already on them.

This strategy doesn’t require us to wait until the next election cycle. I couldn’t tell you how often folks asked me, “Jeff, how can we get DA’s to investigate these cases?” Well, one way to get them to act would be to credibly threaten to run someone against them who WILL investigate these cases, if they won’t.

Now that I think about it, maybe *I* should run for DA, or even Florida Attorney General, next time. I love Ashley, please vote for her this year, but what EXACTLY is she doing about pandemic crimes?

See how it works?

🕛 Conclusion.

I’ve only described part of my vision for how we get from here — standing in our wrecked living rooms, bandaging each other — to the point of seeing the criminals behind the pandemic starting their jail terms. This post is just a taste of the plan. It’s just enough to convince you that, it’s not only possible and practical, but it’s eminently do-able.

Don’t take the black pill. We CAN do this. Nobody said it would be easy, but it can be straightforward. All we have to do is NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP.

To recap, here is C&C’s prescription for fixing EVERYTHING:

1) Pass state laws replacing electronic voting machines and scanners with watermarked, serialized paper ballots.

2) Pass a short, plain federal law revoking vaccine manufacturer liability shields, so they have the same liability as all other drug makers.

3) Follow C&C’s Four-Phase prosecution pathway to hold the criminals to account.

That’s it! It’s simple. It’s straightforward. It’s easy to explain. It’s easy to advocate for. It’s easy to run on.

Only support candidates who agree to work toward those three goals.

Whew. There you go. I hope that was helpful, encouraging, and thought-provoking. Have a fabulous Friday! I’ll see you tomorrow for the weekend edition roundup.

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The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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