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☕️ C&C NEWS ☙ Friday, November 18, 2022 ☙ VITAL STATISTICS 

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By Jeff Childers


And … it’s Friday, C&Cers! Tons of great news that will make your day brighter, your coffee creamier, and your outlook rosier. Stand by for today’s roundup: Lauren Boebert is back; the House Republicans start investigating things, like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, the DOJ, and January 6th; Hawley roasts Wray; Kari Lake does not concede; Pennsylvania Republicans yank a Soros DA; the missile fragments weren’t even Russian; alarming vital statistics from Australia; government forms an FTX committee to get to the bottom of things; and the Mar-a-Lago raid story is, sadly, dying.


🔥 Fiery Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has declared victory in what will probably be described as a dramatic come-from-behind story, although it is more likely true it’s a story about more corporate media malfeasance. Her narrow margin of victory requires a recount under Colorado law, but Ms. Boebert says the margin is still big enough to ensure a win, based on historical recount figures.

🔥 The House Republicans are hitting the ground running, going at around 90 mph. Their committees have already begun new investigations. Yesterday, House Oversight Chair James Comer announced his committee will begin investigating Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.

Benny Johnson @bennyjohnson

NEW HOUSE OVERSIGHT CHAIR JAMES COMER: “I want to be clear. This is an investigation of Joe biden”


3:28 PM ∙ Nov 17, 202257,103Likes13,218Retweets

Comer’s committee has already sent letters to the White House demanding documents.

Disclose.tv @disclosetv

NOW – Republicans announce an investigation into Joe Biden.


3:00 PM ∙ Nov 17, 202272,421Likes16,614Retweets

🔥 Yesterday, the New York Times ran a skeptical article headlined, “Republicans Barely Won the House. Now Can They Run It?” Overall, the article got a B-, but I loved this short paragraph of news:

In a closed-door meeting of Republicans on Monday, right-wing lawmakers including Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia extracted a promise that their leaders would investigate Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Justice Department for their treatment of defendants jailed in connection with the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

Ronald Brownstein @RonBrownstein

“In a closed-door meeting of Rs on Monday, right wing lawmakers extracted a promise that their leaders would investigate Pelosi and the Justice Department for their treatment of defendants jailed in connection with the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.” nytimes.comRepublicans Barely Won the House. Now Can They Run It?A thin margin, ideological differences and competing pressures could make managing the “people’s House” virtually impossible. But the G…9:53 AM ∙ Nov 17, 2022373Likes188Retweets

Despite having been marginalized both by democrats as well as many in her own party, Marjorie Taylor Greene has been surprisingly effective.

The gist of the story is that the Times is hoping the new Republican Congress will be ineffective. While the New York Times seems terrified by the “loss” of what it calls “pragmatic” Republican lawmakers, this seems like good news to me:

In the past, more government-minded Republicans such as Mr. Upton could be relied upon to step up and supply the votes needed to resolve a crisis. But the ranks of pragmatists have been severely depleted, replaced by lawmakers who would like nothing more than a game of fiscal chicken, no matter the risks to an already shaky economy.

What can I say? One man’s “pragmatist” is another man’s RINO. Here are three examples of what the Times means by pragmatists and non-pragmatists:

When the Senate convenes in January, the G.O.P. ranks will not include Senators Rob Portman of Ohio, Roy Blunt of Missouri or Richard M. Burr of North Carolina — veteran mainstream Republicans upon whom Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the minority leader, could rely to cast difficult votes on must-pass bills. They will be replaced with Senators-elect J.D. Vance of Ohio, Eric Schmitt of Missouri and Ted Budd of North Carolina, each of whom received the enthusiastic endorsement of former President Donald J. Trump.
The Senate newcomers will be joined by, among others, Senator-elect Markwayne Mullin of Oklahoma, a congressman who belongs to the ultraconservative House Freedom Caucus, and potentially Herschel Walker of Georgia, another Trump acolyte, should he prevail in the Dec. 6 runoff.

I’ll take the non-pragmatists, no problem.

🔥 Outside the House, yesterday’s highlights included this testy exchange, where Senator Josh Hawley roasted FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO

Watch FBI Director Chris Wray admit to me he skipped out on a Senate oversight hearing in order to take a personal vacation in the Adirondacks. On a government jet, no less https://t.co/HH7T32lJDn

RNC Research @RNCResearch

Senator @HawleyMO roasts FBI Director Christopher Wray for leaving a statutorily-required committee hearing to go on vacation. Hawley: “So you were going on vacation?” Wray: “I was, yes” https://t.co/RZLlvdoKwN5:48 PM ∙ Nov 17, 20228,413Likes2,673Retweets

🔥 Kari Lake is not conceding, and she’s assembling a legal team to contest the election, what she called “the best and brightest legal team.” I know that she has some smart people helping her, who’ve been working on election integrity since the 2020 elections.

Kari Lake @KariLake

Arizona, we are still in the fight.


2:37 PM ∙ Nov 17, 202269,010Likes15,342Retweets

Prayers for Kari.

🔥 American Greatness ran a story yesterday headlined, “Pennsylvania State House Votes to Impeach Soros-Funded Philadelphia D.A.” On Wednesday, Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives voted to impeach Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner — who’d been primarily backed by Bond-villain billionaire George Soros.

Is it just me, or do all the marxists wear those round-rimmed glasses? Is that really a thing, or am I just imagining it? Also, Krasner — a Soros-funded “equitable justice” liberal — picked (or photoshopped) a very strange background for his twitter bio. Was he trying to say, “I stand up to MAGA?” or something?

Anyway, according to American Greatness, Pennsylvania’s State House (under Republican majority), passed 7 articles of impeachment against Krasner during its final legislative session before Republicans will lose the majority. The marxist district attorney will now face trial in the State Senate — which is also controlled by Republicans.

I suspect Krasner will prosecute his own defense somewhat more enthusiastically than he’s prosecuted criminals in Philadelphia.

Predictably, Krasner’s insane marxist “social justice” philosophies produced neither justice nor a “society.” A committee that investigated Krasner’s deplorable performance reported in October that the rate of homicides in Philadelphia had nearly doubled since Krasner took office; there were 992 homicides during Krasner’s 22 months, compared to the same period before Krasner’s election, which only saw 551 homicides.

I dunno, maybe letting violent criminals back out on the street increases violent crime RATES. Who can say?

State Representative Martina White (R-Penn.) introduced the articles of impeachment, and after the vote said that Krasner’s “dereliction of duty and despicable behavior is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. No public official is above accountability.”

PA House Republicans 🇺🇸 @PAHouseGOP

Rep. Martina White (R-Philadelphia) on the Krasner impeachment vote: “Criminals will again know that their crimes will be prosecuted and we can return law and order to the people of Philadelphia and to this Commonwealth.”


9:34 PM ∙ Nov 16, 202219Likes5Retweets

For his part, Krasner didn’t dispute that crime had skyrocketed, but whined that the impeachment articles were passed “without presenting a single shred of evidence connecting our policies to any uptick in crime.” And then — without any evidence of his own — the lily-white DA called his impeachment an act of … racism!

And so another Soros DA bites the dust. Remember: local, local local!

🚀 The developing news on the “Russian Missile Attack on Poland” story is that the alleged missile fragments were never even Russian-made to begin with. They were Ukrainian. So it looks like nobody should have ever accused Russia in the first place.

This Zelensky fellow is a mendacious madman who is going to get us all into World War III unless somebody stops him. If our government has any remaining functional brain cells, if the five final neurons are firing at all, they will pull the plug on the proxy war money counter.

Kim Dotcom @KimDotcom

Remember all the global leaders who had Zelensky address their parliaments, giving him standing ovations, and chanting Slava Ukraini? This is the guy they were chanting for. A serial liar who keeps trying to start WW3 by pulling NATO into the US proxy war.


10:38 AM ∙ Nov 17, 202220,173Likes7,102Retweets

🦘 Shocking the experts, who promised people the jabs had no affect on fertility whatsoever — they were perfectly safe and effective — but not surprising many others who predicted this would happen, Australian fertility has fallen off a cliff.

Since 2011, monthly birth figures down under have consistently ranged between 23,000 and 28,000 live births every month, like clockwork. But something started happening in October of 2021. In that month, Ozzie births fell below the recent historical low point, scraping the bottom at around 23,000. That was a drop of almost 10%, a bit troubling.

But then in November the bottom fell out. Births in November 2021 posted at only 18,186 — an amount far below the historic range during 2011-2021. It represented a drop of another 21% under the previous recent record low set in October.

We’re talking about thousands and thousands of Australians that should have been, but will never be born. November was very bad, very alarming.

But then, the numbers got even worse.

The December 2021 figures — just released — clocked in at a minuscule 6,659, which at first seemed like it must have been a mistake. I thought, there’s no way that could be right. The December report was literally one quarter (25%) of the average monthly births during the last ten years — a low figure that is far below anything on record. In other words, a 75% drop in births.

It’s difficult to describe just how profound of a decrease this is. As the chart above shows, Australians are usually very consistent in their um, procreative patterns. To figure out if it was true or not, I dug a little more, and things got even weirder.

The first thing I found was Australian media trumpeting an INCREASE in births.

Again I thought there must be a mistake; I must be missing something. This is just another non-story. But then I found the official Australian records going back to 1975.

Glenn the Census Expert and his corporate media cronies are demonic liars pushing a crooked government narrative. Glenn twisted the truth to conceal what might be the greatest tragedy Australia has ever known.

Here’s how he did it. It turns out that he’s right in that 2021 had a little baby boom in the first quarter, maybe following a period of Ozzie lockdowns. So when you add up all the births for 2021, it comes to slightly (5%) more than the 10-year average. But Glenn sadistically ignored what happened during the last three months of 2021:

I wonder if Glenn was paid to write that article and if so, by whom.

Here’s the thing. December 2021 posted the lowest births for any month since tracking began in 1975. And it’s not even close. The next lowest month after December 2021 that I could find was 17,742 births in November 1978. In the last 68 years, there’s NEVER been a month under 10,000. Never. Even when there were fewer Australians than today.

Just eyeballing previous recent years, December 2021 should have posted around 25,000 births. Instead there were only 6,659, or just 26% of the expected amount.

Something about that number seemed familiar.

Australia also reports that 72% of all citizens (all ages) have received at least three doses of the mRNA jabs. That is a very, very close match with the loss of 74% of births.

In other words, I wonder how many of the 6,659 live births in Australia in 2021 were born to unjabbed mothers. The currently unanswered question is: will this trend continue? Or did births recover in 2022? Australia’s survival as a nation may depend on the answer to that question.

Have a look at the official Australian government numbers for yourself, and tell me if you think I missed something.

🔥 There’s too much FTX news for today’s roundup, so I’ll do that tomorrow. But the government is ON TOP of things. They’ve created a committee to figure out what happened, and you know they mean business, because the new committee will be chaired by intellectual lightweight Maxine Waters.

🔥 Finally, it appears the Mar-a-Lago raid story is dying a sad, lonely death. The Washington Post ran a narrative-resetting story earlier this week headlined, “Investigators See Ego, Not Money, as Trump’s Motive on Classified Papers.” The sub-headline explained, “A review by agents and prosecutors found no discernible business interest in the Mar-a-Lago documents, people familiar with the matter said.”


The story reported that FBI investigators have not found any of the U.S.’s nuclear secrets among the classified documents seized from Trump’s home in South Florida, or anything else that shows criminal intent. Nor have the witnesses interviewed by the FBI turned up anything useful:

FBI interviews with witnesses so far, they said, also do not point to any nefarious effort by Trump to leverage, sell or use the government secrets. Instead, the former president seemed motivated by a more basic desire not to give up what he believed was his property, these people said.

It’s weird how this story is starting to go away, now that we’re past the elections, isn’t it? Probably just a coincidence!

Have a fabulous Friday, and I’ll see you back here in the morning for what is shaping up to be a jam-packed weekend edition.

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