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☕️ CB&C NEWS ☙ Thursday, November 17, 2022 ☙ STRESS INDUCED

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Thursday! Your roundup today includes: McConnell re-elected to Senate leadership over Rick Scott, but McCarthy may have a real challenge being re-elected Speaker; OpenSecrets surprises with the FTX donee list; the Times is hosting a swanky dinner with political celebrities and you’ll never guess who all is coming; a bad narrative shift for Ukraine, now that the FTX honeypot is closed for business; the entire world has accused Zelensky of lying about killing those poor farmers; Biden wants MORE money for Russia; a jab-happy Dutch politician is falling apart after jabs; German court orders new elections in Berlin after voting problems; Senate votes to end state of emergency; digital currency trials begin; and Governor DeSantis calls for chilling out.


🪖 A Public Service Announcement. Children’s Health Defense is advocating for vaccine-injured folks to file worker’s compensation claims, if they took the shot under an employer mandate. It is a much shorter and easier path to getting financial help than trying to navigate the byzantine bureaucracy of the various government vaccine compensation programs.

Here’s a link where CHD explains the process and how to get help filing a claim. If you know somehow who might benefit, forward this link on to them. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/workers-compensation-covid-vaccine-injury-victims/


🔥 Republicans have officially regained control of the House — by a slender margin of THREE seats. Notably, Governor DeSantis shepherded a newly-drawn Congressional Map that saw FOUR seats flipped in Florida. So.

🔥 Fox ran a story yesterday headlined, “McConnell Emerges From Senate Leadership Vote With Broad GOP Backing: ‘Not Going Anywhere’.”

I’ve always been conflicted over McConnell. On the positive side of the ledger, he heroically approved a record number of judges, judges that have been critical in reversing the pandemic’s excesses. He also stopped Merrick Garland from being appointed to the Supreme Court — what a disaster THAT would have been — and paved the way for Trump to complete three Supreme Court appointments, which then led to Roe v. Wade being overturned.

On the other hand, a lot of folks can’t stand Mitch, for solid reasons.

Florida Senator Rick Scott challenged McConnell for the job, but ultimately lost 37-10 against. Some senators expressed hope that the ten votes against him would push McConnell toward the right. We’ll see.

Over on the other side of Congress, according to The Hill, there may actually be a legit competition for Speaker of the new Republican-controlled House:

The Hill @thehill

.@RepMattGaetz: “What I could tell you as I stand here right now is that Kevin McCarthy does not have 218 votes to become Speaker. I don’t think he has 200.”

7:01 PM ∙ Nov 15, 2022


I’ll just be happy to see Pelosi gone. I feel like that day, when it comes, hopefully soon, deserves some kind of celebration.

🔥 OpenSecrets.org has published the list of recipients of FTX.COM’s political donations. Here are the top ten:

There are many, many more; again, this is just the top ten. Seven of the top ten were democrat PACs or groups. Three were conservative — but at this point I would suggest a degree of healthy skepticism toward all ‘conservative’ organizations that FTX thought could use some money.

For example, the top “conservative” organization which got $15 million from FTX, American Dream Federal Action, has a super sketchy website that includes “pandemic preparedness” and “biosecurity solutions” as top goals. And it doesn’t seem be actually, well, DOING anything.

So it’s worrisome that the second two largest conservative recipients of FTX’s stolen money were the Republican Congressional Leadership Fund and the Republican Senate Leadership Fund, at $3 million and $2.75 million each. They clocked in at slots six and seven in the top ten.

So, first of all, don’t expect a rigorous investigation of FTX anytime soon. Corporate media is still describing meth-addicted hedonist Sam Bankman-Fried as a delicate, altruistic genius who was ground to hamburger in the devilishly-unregulated crypto market. Never mind about all those trusting folks who credulously handed Sam their money. After all, he MEANT well, which is all that matters.

In what may turn out to be the most hilariously ironic self-own of all time, FTX ran a series of commercials featuring Larry David ‘irrationally’ acting skeptical of FTX’s promises of safety and security.

yzy.eth @LilMoonLambo

Larry David predicted FTX’s demise in a commercial for FTX

12:52 AM ∙ Nov 9, 2022


He’s never wrong!

🔥 “One of these things is just like the others…” You can’t make this stuff up. The Gray Lady, the New York Times, the paper that reports “all the news fit to print,” planned a swanky $2,400-a-plate dinner with four political-celebrity speakers.

A new C&C contest is on! What do all four of these speakers have in common? Put your answers in the comments.

Given the conflicting messaging about FTX, the Times is paralyzed, unable to decide what to do about its lineup. Bankman-Fried remains, right up this morning, first in line on the VIP speaker’s list for the event.

Somebody at the CIA needs to give the Times its new marching orders, because this just looks ridiculous. Nobody even knows where Bankman-Fried is, and if you think he’s coming back to the U.S. to give a talk in two weeks, you’re crazy.

🚀 Uh-oh. More bad news for Ukraine. I smell a narrative shift in the wind. Check out this next headline, reproduced in the original, telegraphing some media psyop sleight-of-hand happening here. Keep your eye on the shell with the pea under it.

That headline came courtesy of the UK Telegraph, which itself was based on a Reuters article widely republished all over corporate media. According to the article, General Milley said, “The probability of a Ukrainian military victory – defined as kicking the Russians out of all of Ukraine to include what they claim as Crimea – the probability of that happening anytime soon is not high, militarily.”


Milley just told the world the Ukrainians aren’t going to win the war on the ground and may not even get their land back. Sure, he said not “anytime soon,” but what he meant was, “unless something big changes.” And Milley doesn’t know what that big thing could be, or he’d have mentioned it.

It’s a funny old world, isn’t it? Because corporate media (and hopeful Ukraine supporters) have been PROMISING for MONTHS AND MONTHS that Ukraine is poised on the very verge of victory, just about — any second now — to give the Russians the special Ukrainian treatment and teach them a lesson they won’t soon forget.

So, who’s lying? Corporate media? Zelensky? Ukraine’s Twitter bots? Or the U.S.’s top general? Or all of them?

Anyway. I’m wondering whether this well-timed narrative shift might have anything to do with the fact that the FTX Laundry Corporation has shut down all its Ukrainian washing machines? I’m just asking. Don’t cancel me.

🚀 Uh-oh! Even MORE bad news for Ukraine. And speaking of lying, here’s Ukraine’s infamously bellicose top military commander, Vladimir Zelensky (however you spell his name), all but pounding the table, and angrily insisting the two murdered Poles, Bogdan Ciupek, 60, and Bogusaw Wos, 62, were blown to bits by missiles launched by those sneaky, nefarious Russians. And definitely NOT blown to bits by Ukraine missiles. No way.

Tom Elliott @tomselliott

Zelenskyy yesterday: “Terror is not limited to our national borders. Russian missiles hit Poland … NATO territory. This is a Russian missile attack on collective security — a very significant escalation. We must act”

12:04 PM ∙ Nov 16, 2022


Russia immediately denied the missiles were theirs. Period.

After an investigation, NATO’s Jan Stoltenberg told reporters, “Our preliminary analysis suggests that the incident was likely caused by Ukrainian air defence missiles fired to defend Ukrainian territory against Russian cruise missile attacks.” Stoltenberg emphasized NATO had “no evidence it was launched by Russia.”

Furthermore, U.S. National Security Council spokeslady Adrienne Watson said, “We have seen nothing that contradicts [the] preliminary assessment that this explosion was most likely the result of a Ukrainian air defense missile that unfortunately landed in Poland.”


Reuters quoted an anonymous Kiev-based diplomat from a NATO country who expressly accused Zelensky of lying, saying, “This is getting ridiculous. The Ukrainians are destroying [our] confidence in them. Nobody is blaming Ukraine and they are openly lying. This is more destructive than the missile.”

Not that it means a whole lot but, according to the Jerusalem Post, even Joe Biden said the missiles were Ukrainian. Not Russian.

My goodness. We have a bit of a pickle here. Who should we believe? The freedom-fighting president of Ukraine? Or NATO, Russia, the National Security Council, and diplomats in Kiev? Oh, or that mumbly guy?

You know the answer. And if we had an honest media, they’d be asking why we should trust ANYTHING Zelensky says. He needs to own up to killing those Polish farmers and use some of that sweet, sweet aid money to compensate their families.

Editor’s note: I regret that my disgust at all the official deception surrounding the Ukrainian proxy war makes it look like I enjoy reporting bad news for Ukraine. That’s not true. If I thought there were any way to help the hapless Ukrainian people at this point, I’d be all for it. I won’t lie for them. And, excluding the nazis, of course, along with anyone who’s participated in grafting the taxpayers of the United States, or helped with the biolabs. I suspect there’s been a whole lot of all that going on, and now innocent Ukrainians are paying the bill.

🔥 On Tuesday, Biden asked Congress to approve ANOTHER $38 billion dollars for Ukraine, because Russia!

How I pray the new Republican House will deny this bloodstained, fraudulent appropriation. I’m prepared to be disappointed, but I am praying.

💉 Jab-championeering Dutch politician Nilufer Gündogan somehow caught Bells’ Palsy, which I’ve heard is really going around these days. She probably should have worn her mask harder, or maybe with more layers or something.

Ms. Gündogan blames “stress” for her sudden and unexpected disease.

In fairness, she has reason to be stressed. Gündogan is a politically liberal atheist with a high school degree, having not completed college. Her husband, Bas Vogels, killed himself in 2017 through the Netherlands’ voluntary euthanasia program after being diagnosed with colorectal cancer. At they time, they had a six-month-old baby.

But, recently her behavior has become increasingly erratic. Ms. Gündogan was suspended from her position as an MP earlier this year after THIRTEEN different people — men, women, and a 17-year-old girl — accused her of sexual harassment, including groping and explicit propositions for sex. In her defense, Ms. Gündogan alleged that she is a “touchy-feely person” and she sometimes drinks too much at parties: “so shoot me.”

I dunno. It sounds maybe more like her Bells’ Palsy features some awkward neurological symptoms. As an aggressive cheerleader for jabs, mandates, and passports, we can safely assume she’s fully jabbed up. And Bells’ is a known side effect of the jabs.

People, this is SO obvious. Do I really have to spell it out for you? What we are looking at here in Ms. Gündogan’s case is yet another tragic example of the horrors of CLIMATE CHANGE.

🔥 After widespread voting problems in 2021, including long lines at polling stations, polling stations that ran out of ballots, and delays causing voters to have to wait until after closing to vote, yesterday Germany’s State Constitutional Court ordered Berlin to hold brand new elections within 90 days.

Germany doesn’t use electronic machines for voting. In fact, Germany’s electoral rules are pretty tight:

— paper ballots only

— mail-in ballots allowed only on request

— photo-id (passport or ID card) required to vote

— ballots are hand-counted

— the results are known on election night


🔥 The Wall Street Journal ran a story yesterday headlined, “Senate Votes to End Covid-19 Emergency Declaration.”

Over a dozen Democrats joined with Republicans in the Senate yesterday in a majority vote to end the National Covid Emergency declaration first adopted in 2020. The vote was largely symbolic, since the White House has promised that Biden will veto the legislation.

Biden recently extended the state of emergency until next year, 2023.

Well, you have to start somewhere. If we had an honest media in this country, reporters would be constantly hammering away at the press secretary about why the state of emergency continues given that the “will of the people” want it to end. But, you know.

🔥 Crypto magazine ‘Watcher.Guru’ ran a story yesterday headlined, “Global Banks Partner With New York Fed for 12-Week Digital Dollar Pilot.”

Um, no thanks.

The New York Fed explained, “The project, which is called the regulated liability network, will be conducted in a test environment and use simulated data.” The goal is to see if the banks can use “a central bank digital dollar to speed up settlement time in currency markets.”

That’s the most fraudulent explanation I’ve ever heard. As a lawyer who has helped countless clients with wire fraud problems, the LAST thing we need is FASTER settlement times. It’s already TOO fast.

We all know why they want digital currency, and it has nothing to do with helping us with faster transactions.

🔥 Yesterday, a a reporter asked Governor DeSantis about whether he was now involved in a Republican “civil war.” DeSantis immediately squashed it. He said, “We just finished this election, ok? People just need to chill out a little bit on some of this stuff, I mean seriously […] We have this Georgia runoff coming, which is very important for Republicans to win.”

Florida’s Voice @FLVoiceNews

JUST IN: Gov. Ron DeSantis asked about a “GOP Civil War” “We just finished this election, ok? People just need to chill out a little bit on some of this stuff, I mean seriously […] We have this Georgia runoff coming, which is very important for Republicans to win.” https://t.co/Q9GF2uaDPd

3:59 PM ∙ Nov 16, 2022


That is excellent advice and politically savvy. The democrats would like nothing better than to spark a GOP civil war, and distract us from Georgia and Arizona. So conservatives should just chill out a little bit, and focus on what’s truly important.

Have a terrific Thursday! I’ll see you back here tomorrow morning, to cap off the work week.

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