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☕️ BRIEF STRUGGLES ☙ Wednesday, August 23, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Wednesday! Today’s roundup is packed with encouragement and updates on fascination stories: BRICS meeting assembles dozens of countries mad enough at Joe Biden to destroy America; update on Obama chef and paddleboarder’s mysterious death; senseless Florida “malaria” scare story making the rounds; update – firestarting cyclist’s reign of terror coming to an end; rebellious Russian mercenary leader who supposedly tried to overthrow Putin a few minutes ago now back in command; court awards journalist $300K against defaulted Antifa attackers; and an encouraging video clip to fuel you for another week in post-pandemic America.


🚀 Would you like to know how well Biden’s Proxy War is going? This well: yesterday CNN reluctantly ran a story headlined, “A key Russia-friendly bloc may decide to expand. Who stands to benefit?

In spite of eighteen months of relentless economic, military, and social sanctions — with the full might of U.S. intelligence agencies and their mean pranks, psyops, and wetwork, not to mention the odd blown-up pipeline or two — Russia now is leading a growing group of countries who seek to destroy the Unites States by vaporizing the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

CNN had to admit that Establishment Media’s anti-Putin campaign just seems to be making the Russian leader more and more popular:

Countries’ wide interest in joining BRICS is also a boost for Putin – who remains welcome in the bloc despite being seen as a pariah and war criminal in the West. It also points to a widening gap between the priorities of those countries lining up for BRICS and the wealthy Western nations that have united against him in support of Ukraine, analysts say.

You’d think a real threat to replace the dollar would interest Americans, but the story has been embargoed by nearly all the major Establishment Media players. It’s almost like they’re terrified people will find out about this problem. It might hurt Joe’s sagging popularity, which has now scraped through the bottom of the barrel and is rapidly tunneling toward the Earth’s molten core.

But CNN, which must have drawn the short straw, started its story reporting that members of the BRICS economic group (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are meeting this week in South Africa at a summit that “could determine the future of the bloc” – and reporting how unhappy the group of countries is with a world order they see as “unfairly dominated by the West.”

While CNN characterized the meeting as just some boring discussions about adding new members — twenty-two countries want to join — the meeting is really about the creation of the group’s new gold-backed currency, which is intended to dethrone the dollar. American economists agree — which almost never happens — that it would be catastrophic for the United States if the BRICS currency succeeds.

CNN didn’t report what the leaders at the conference were saying, but regular citizens did:


Most pundits (and lots of Brazilians) believe the CIA backed the marxist Lula in Brazil’s recent elections, to overthrow Brazil’s pro-Trump incumbent. Now he’s calling for the dollar to be overthrown. Great job, CIA. Next, Biden’s awesome Proxy War strategy has created a massive worldwide interest in dumping the dollar, in favor of a brand-new untested currency created by “Vlad the Vampire” (as Biden’s ladyboy spokesmen describe the Russian president).

Honestly, given the mess he’s made of everything, I think Biden’s best strategy at this point would be to start praising Putin. I’m not even kidding.

But let’s focus. Why are countries assembling against the dollar? What do they have against our fiat currency anyway?

I’m a lawyer, not an economist, but check out this chart, obtained this morning from the St. Louis Fed’s website. It shows “M1,” an acronym representing the total number of dollars currently in circulation. Remember, the Fed can issue new dollars whenever it wants, and boy did it during the pandemic, tossing out cash faster than bunch of democrat congresswomen at a South Florida strip club:

image 2.png

For Portanders: the M1 graph shows the amount of dollars in circulation increased from a long-established, stable 4,000 billion in 2020 to over 20,000 billion in just 24 months. In other words, there is now FIVE TIMES AS MUCH CASH IN CIRCULATION as there was in January 2020.

And the buying power of the dollar is, at bottom, based on how many total dollars there are.  It’s just math. Whenever you expand M1 by printing more dollars, all the existing dollars are automatically worth less than before. Expanding the money supply is often called an “invisible tax.”

I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering if this M1 explosion is the reason why eggs now cost $10 a dozen. It is. But there’s an even bigger problem. This quintupling of dollars was a direct attack on Russia and China, who hold a tremendous amount of our currency, which was received in payment for shipping stuff to America. For example, China ships us TV’s and computers and washing machines, and we ship them little green pieces of paper. Russia sends us grain and fertilizer and natural gas and all they get are the little green sawbucks too.

Those dollars they are holding are only useful when they get around to buying something real with them.

So in other words, in one fell swoop, by devaluing the currency, we just gave ourselves a 75% discount on everything we’ve ever bought from Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, India, you name it. Everyone holding dollars watched their holdings be suddenly and unexpectedly miniaturized.

Honey, we shrunk the dollar!

Now — for some reason — Russia and China and a lot of other countries are like, hey, wait a minute. We need a stable world currency. A currency backed by gold, so that it can’t be shrunk whenever the issuing country doesn’t feel like paying its debts. And then, to add insult to injury, on top of shrinking the dollar, Biden also excreted a massively-complicated set of international sanctions rules, telling other countries what they can and can’t buy from each other, making their dollars even harder to use.

So … how is the Proxy War going? Terrible. Biden is about to sleepwalk his way into making America a financial third-world country, because if we ever have to start buying things from other countries using BRICS gold-backed currency, eggs are going to cost more than $10 a dozen. A LOT more.

Thanks Joe!

🔥 Another update: yesterday, the New York Times ran a totally-believable story headlined, “Drowning Death of Obama Family Chef Is Ruled an Accident.”

You’ll recall, I’m sure, that last month the Obama family chef, Tafari Campbell, 45, was paddleboarding around near the former president’s home when he suddenly and unexpectedly drowned. According to police reports, emergency services responded to an unidentified caller who reported a “male paddleboarder who had gone into the water, appeared to briefly struggle to stay on the surface and then submerged and did not resurface.”

He briefly struggled. Briefly.

According to the Times, the chief medical examiner’s office has now determined that Mr. Campbell’s untimely death on July 23rd was totally caused by an accidental drowning following “submersion in a body of water.” And that’s it. In other words, the chef, fitness junkie and father of two, who often posted workout and timed-swimming videos on his social media, just fell off his paddle board and drowned.

Tafari didn’t think to grab on to the paddle board. And, apparently, he forgot how to swim. He forgot how to doggy paddle. He even forgot how to float. All those timed swimming sessions and bench presses couldn’t save him.

Even briefly.

From the few news reports it appears that the medical examiner’s conclusion was based on the lack of any external injuries. There was no reference to any internal injuries, say, to Tafari’s heart.

Paddle boarding will be outlawed any day now. Climate change has made it unacceptably dangerous. Here are just a few similar stories that I found reported — just since the jab rollout. Before that, the most recent paddleboard drowning I could find was back in 2017.

There are probably more, but check these out:

image 7.png

(In this one, the dad drowned after struggling briefly, but his two young kids safely swam to shore.)

And, just two weeks ago:

image 6.png

So. Safety first, people. Helmets and life preservers when you’re paddleboarding in this climate. Unless you skipped the shots.

🔥 On the heels of last month’s leprosy “hot spot” scare, Politico ran another travel warning story  about the Sunshine State last week, headlined “Florida malaria cases baffle experts.”

image 12.png

Thanks again, experts. They knew everything there was to know about covid and what to do about it, but a handful of malaria cases baffle you? Politico literally used the word, baffled. This is Science™.

Still, it sounds bad. Mosquitos are invisible killers! But, just a little further down the article, the “mystery” turned out to be the exact opposite of what the terrifying headline suggested. Here’s how Establishment Media’s political magazine described the horrifying new health problem:

Why, after a 20 year absence, did locally transmitted malaria suddenly reappear? The short answer: It’s a mystery. “We don’t really know why we went a gap of 20 years,” Parise said, adding that there’s no reason why there haven’t been similar cases in the past 20 years.

Haha, they got you! The mystery isn’t that there are some new malaria cases. The mystery is that we didn’t have malaria for a while. They have no idea why, either.

And health officials aren’t even saying they’re concerned! “We don’t think this is going to go into a big nationwide outbreak,” said Dr. Monica Parise, director of the CDC’s Division of Parasitic Diseases and Malaria. ”It’s fairly localized and in general, when we’ve had these outbreaks before, they have tended to be quite localized.”

Okay. So … never mind! Thanks a lot, Establishment Media.

🔥 Another followup story for you. The Raleigh News & Observer ran an article yesterday headlined, “Man seen on video lighting ‘Trump Won’ yard sign on fire will be charged, Wake DA says.”

image 8.png

You’ll recall yesterday’s post about the wealthy, pyromaniacal, spandex-sporting cyclist, James Dennis White, Jr., who was captured on a NEST video first kicking uselessly at a Trump yard sign, but with subsequent videos showing him angrily torching the original sign and later another replacement sign. He just couldn’t get enough.

Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman announced Monday that White will be charged with two counts of misdemeanor destruction of property. The wheels of justice are turning faster than an eight thousand dollar bike’s wheels racing downhill toward a fresh Trump yard sign.

The homeowner isn’t taking it lightly. In a statement to the News & Observer, he explained, “This is not OK in America. I don’t care who you support politically, none of us can accept a country where someone can be so triggered by someone’s support of a majority party political candidate, that they come and commit premeditated arson on their home — really in an attempt to kill them.”

Attempted murder! Yes!

But that wasn’t all. The News & Observer also reported that the homeowner has now filed a civil lawsuit against Mr. White. The complaint asks for a jury trial and includes five counts: trespass to land, trespass to chattels, conversion, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and invasion of privacy. The complaint also seeks punitive damages.

If the homeowner does this right, and so far it looks like he will, then Mr. White should experience something even more uncomfortable than a case of long monkeypox.

If you’re following this story with great interest, here’s a link to the filed complaint, which is quite entertaining to read, and includes lots of previously-unseen pictures and information.


🚀 Another update! CNN reluctantly ran a story Monday headlined, “Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin claims to be making Africa ‘freer’ in unverified video.”

image 9.png

Haha! “Claims.” They just can’t stand it. The truth is Russia tricked the CIA out of almost $4 billion dollars, and fooled the Establishment Media too, who momentarily found a great love for the freedom-fighting mercenary chief.

The Russian Wagner Group mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin, who experienced being a media darling for two days while he pretended to rebel against Russian President Putin — until, that is, the CIA’s wire transfer came through — now reports he is in Africa “making Russia even greater on all continents, and Africa even freer.”

The video, circulating on Russian mil-blogging channels Monday, did not include any of the angry rhetoric featured in the many clips Prigozhin posted during the fake coup. Instead, he seems to be fully back on board the Russian express, and back in charge, now busily expanding Russia’s influence in key African areas. In the video, Prigozhin explained the Wagner forces are fighting ISIS and other terrorist groups, to help the locals.

This seems like a good place to remind you that Prigozhin started out as Putin’s chef. Russia’s top chefs lead mercenary teams around the world. America’s leaders’ chefs stumble off paddleboards and drown after a brief effort to stay afloat. Just saying.

Despite casting doubt on the video by calling it “unverified,” CNN also reported that Prigozhin was spotted last month at the Russia-Africa summit in St. Petersburg, where he was meeting with African dignitaries. So they’ve known for a while that the Wagner leader was not, after all, exiled to Belarus after a peace deal.

Russia is running rings around us.

🔥 Newsweek ran a highly encouraging story yesterday headlined, “Conservative Journalist Gets $300,000 After ‘Antifa’ Assault at Protest.

image 11.png

Andy Ngo, the terrific editor-at-large of The Post-Millenial, filed a civil lawsuit in 2020 after he was assaulted by three members of “Antifa.”  The attack happened while Andy was covering a protest in downtown Portland, Oregon, in late May 2019, purportedly organized by a group called “Rose City Antifa.”

The lawsuit alleged that three Antifa members—Katherine Belyea, Madison Allen, and Joseph Evans—attacked Andy during the protest. Evans, who is totally not suffering from undiagnosed mental illness, has since legally changed his name to ‘Sammich Overkill Schott-Deputy.’ I did not make that up. If you can believe it, Schott-Deputy started the fracas by sucker-punching Andy. Ms. Allen then piled on by hitting Andy with a sign, and Ms. Belyea threw a milkshake at him.

The three hooligans failed to appear for a virtual court hearing yesterday, so Multnomah County Circuit Judge Chanpone Sinlapasai found the three youths civilly liable for assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress, ordering them to pay Andy a total of $300,000 in damages. Schott-Deputy’s lawyer, who did attend, tried to argue that his client was unable to appear due to being homeless, and at the time the lawsuit was originally served, Schott-Deputy was doing time for an unrelated prison sentence (so he couldn’t have been properly served).

But the judge overruled the lame excuses, citing the length of the trial and that the suit was initially filed back in 2020.

Progress! Keep the lawsuits coming.

🔥 Finally, you will be delighted by this clip of a well-mannered young lady completely humiliating her woke school board, after they complained about parents speaking too harshly to them during a previous board meeting.

image 10.png

I hope you noticed all the laughs from the attending adults. This has got to be how it’s done. Mock them senseless! Politely.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! I’ll catch you guys back here tomorrow for another inspiring roundup.

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The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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