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☕️ BOMBSHELLS ☙ Thursday, October 12, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C family, it’s Thursday! Tons of uplifting news in the roundup today along with the usual briefings. Your roundup includes: fired Canadian detective who was suspended for investigating jab deaths might be back to work soon; possible path to peace emerges in Israel war; Israel forms united government; Biden sends aircraft carriers to Israel for some reason; other war updates; former Hamas leader sets off social media hot takes after calling for jihad; Rand Paul reveals new evidence against Fauci; SADS mystery ‘allergy’ death of celebrity chef; SADS Springsteen painful peptic ulcers; Ethical Skeptic finally off the CDC’s chain; new version of Governor Newsom takes up the social wars banner — for conservatism;  voters lean into border walls; and an uplifting video for your Thursday viewing pleasure.


💉 The Ottawa Citizen ran a hopeful story this morning headlined, “Suspended detective accused of seeking links between child deaths and COVID-19 vaccines set to return to work, lawyer says; OPS says no timeline set.


There appears to be some disagreement between the lawyer and the police department, but the Ottawa police detective accused of seeking links between children’s deaths and covid jabs may have her suspension rescinded soon, her lawyer said Tuesday.

Back in February, the investigator became the investigated when Ottawa police detective Helen Grus was accused of “conducting an unauthorized investigation.” Helen, assigned to the SIDS unit, investigated infant sudden death cases. On a hunch in 2022, Helen started asking the bereaved mothers if they’d recently gotten the covid jab or a booster. She started finding a connection, and began looking into other investigators’ cases trying to find a common denominator in the jabs. When her department found out what Helen was up to, they charged her with “discreditable conduct” and commenced a human resources trial to get her fired or demoted (apparently that’s how it works in Canada public service).

Helen has been suspended since February.

The Ottawa Citizen reported in August that Helen was accused of investigating nine SIDS cases she wasn’t assigned to (she was trying to figure out the mother’s vaccination status). Her bosses were especially triggered that, in one case where the mother couldn’t be reached, Helen called the father asking for details. Imagine that.

In March one of the mothers — “Karen” — was notified by Helen’s department that Helen has accessed Karen’s baby’s death records, and that Helen was not the assigned investigating officer. So Karen told the Ottawa Citizen she felt her privacy had been violated and expressed outrage at all the terrific support Helen has received from people opposed to mandatory jabbing.

The details are a little murky, but from what I can tell, Helen’s trial is set to continue the first week of December, but she has an upcoming meeting with the department where her return to work will be “discussed,” including “potential restrictions and conditions” on her if she is allowed to return from suspension. A department spokesman confirmed that Helen remains suspended for now, and there’s been no decision yet about her coming back to work.

This story should have gotten more visibility earlier this year. Helen’s friends setup a GiveSendGo to help with her legal expenses, and it has not done as well as it should. I’m not calling for a multiplier, but I did chip in. Here’s the link if you also want to give detective Helen a little C&C love this morning. (Note it’s in Canadian dollars, and watch out for the automatic ’tip’.)

🚀 As air strikes continued in Gaza yesterday, a scrap of hope emerged from the acrid smoke of the new Israel war. To frame it, look all the way back to ancient history in Tuesday, when Reuters ran a story headlined, “Hamas official says group is open to discussions over truce with Israel.” At that time, everyone laughed like braying donkeys at the ridiculous notion that Israel would ever discuss a stand down, at least anytime soon.

Now consider CNBC’s report this morning, headlined, “Israel says Gaza siege won’t end until hostages released; Blinken arrives in Tel Aviv.”  Specifically, Israel’s Minister of Energy and Infrastructure Israel Katz said late yesterday that the siege “will not be lifted until the country’s hostages, taken by Hamas, are returned home.” It was stated in the negative, but in diplomatic-speak, that may be an offer to stop the siege if the hostages are promptly returned. We pray they haven’t been mistreated too badly.

So, today’s good news is that, between the two stories, there’s a possible path to a cease fire. If Hamas returns the hostages, then Israel might stand down. Any decent negotiator could combine the willingness of Hamas to discuss a truce and the “offer” from Israel to lift the siege. The problem is they don’t have any decent negotiator. They have Anthony Blinken, who is kind of the reverse opposite of a decent negotiator. Look how much he helped Ukraine.

Blinken is like a hostage-negotiating Typhoid Mary. Keep him far away from the discussions.

Any way you slice it, Hamas should immediately return the civilian hostages; it is a moral imperative. The vast majority of those taken seem to be women, young girls, and young boys. They must be returned promptly. If the hostages are returned, Israel may have a way to politically escape its own moral imperative to punish Hamas enough to restore deterrence. It would not resolve the conflict, not even close, but it could move the conflict out of the theatre to the negotiating table.

So there’s one thing to pray for today. It might be unlikely, but it’s a start.

🚀 Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu formed an emergency government yesterday. That is kind of like different political parties coming together and agreeing to all pull in the same direction. Together, the leaders from the different parties issued a blunt joint statement saying, “Every member of Hamas is a dead man. Hamas will cease to exist.”

🚀 Joe Biden ordered the Gerald R. Ford, an aircraft carrier located conveniently nearby, to sail to station off northern Israel (near Gaza), where it arrived yesterday. That way, if the Hamas militants launch their own aircraft carrier, or launch jet fighter squadrons, then we will be ready. Otherwise it is not yet perfectly clear what the Gerald R. Ford is going to do.

There are rumors Team Biden is considering sending a second aircraft carrier and an entire battle group, possibly anticipating that Hamas will somehow assemble a massive navy that it has been hiding in a storm drain somewhere. (More seriously, all the U.S. hardware is probably intended to deter other Middle Eastern countries like Iran from piling on.)

Israel has not started its ground offensive into Gaza yet. The IDF announced that 300,000 reservists have been called up and stationed outside Gaza. The IDF’s daily update suggested Israel is more interested in the vast network of terrorist tunnels dug underneath Gaza than in anything located above ground. According to its official statement, air strikes are meant to target either underground Hamas resources or buildings suspected of hiding Hamas leaders. Israel will not say when it plans to start the ground offensive. It will start when they’re ready.

Rumors of attacks by other enemies in Northern Israel have been unfounded. It appears that Israel’s enemies to the North are just creating mischief and perhaps testing its defenses, but not attacking. Unfortunate Israelis in the North are nervous as cats — and who can blame them? — and keep jumping into their bomb shelters.

🚀 CBS Austin ran a somewhat alarming story yesterday headlined “Former Hamas leader calls for ‘jihad’ against Israel: ‘This is a moment of truth’.

image 2.png

I’m not sure why this story got so much attention, but the hot takes exploded on social media yesterday. What happened was a former — not current — Hamas leader, Khaled Meshaal, issued a statement from his offices in Qatar encouraging citizens and governments in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt to join Hamas’s war against Israel.

This story was widely misconstrued on social media as some kind of worldwide Hamas call for jihad this weekend and everyone is slightly over-reacting. I say “slightly” because we should be on heightened alert, lest what just happened to Israel happen to us. Imagine 1,000 armed terrorists launching a nighttime surprise attack on a small rural town somewhere in the U.S. and think about how all that might play out.

There are probably hundreds of thousands of armed terrorists here in the U.S. who’ve arrived ever since President Robert L. Peters threw open the borders. At least we have them in one place.

Anyway, Meshaal’s call for regional jihad may not produce much fruit, since it takes weeks or months to plan a successful military action, and thoughtful, unprepared people aren’t eager to jump right into unplanned conflicts with no plans.  It would take a LOT of emotion to overcome normal rational restraint. We might get there, but it doesn’t feel to me like we are quite at that point. Not yet.

🔥 Newsweek ran a story yesterday headlined, “Rand Paul Promises ‘Bombshell Revelation’ That Will Take Down Fauci.

image 4.png

CLIP: Senator Rand Paul described ‘bombshell’ evidence that ‘will bring down Anthony Fauci’ (1:09).

On a Fox Business interview yesterday, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) first said that newly-obtained emails show Fauci immediately knew covid came from the Wuhan lab and then covered it up. “We now have emails that show  saying that he knows it was gain-of-function, that the virus looked manipulated, and that he was worried that this came from the Wuhan lab,” Paul explained.

Senator Paul also said new, difficult-to-get evidence proves Anthony Fauci personally shepherded the Wuhan gain-of-function research around a safety committee set up to prevent high-risk research. Paul said, “We also know that there was a safety committee that should have reviewed this and we know that Anthony Fauci went around the safety committee.”

Rand Paul said he thinks this evidence “will bring down Anthony Fauci.”

We can hope! Like cockroaches, which can survive a nuclear attack, Fauci — a human cockroach who would even terrify Franz Kafka— has proven hard to squash, as he scurries between various bureaucratic assignments and speaking engagements. I pray I live long enough to see Fauci in an orange jumpsuit.

💉 CBS News ran a story yesterday with the provocative headline, “Celebrity chef Michael Chiarello dead at age 61 after mystery allergic reaction.” Another baffling medical mystery!

image 5.png

Celebrity chef and Food Network host Michael Chiarello died this week. His doctors and the media described the cause of his death as an “acute allergic reaction that triggered anaphylactic shock.” But intriguingly, CBS calls it a “mystery.”

That’s accurate. It is a mystery, for two huge reasons.

First, Chef Michael had no known allergies. There is extensive video evidence of him eating just about everything you can think of. Nothing has ever troubled him so far — and as anyone knows, he didn’t eat anything unusual before he died.

The second and bigger problem is that Chef Michael was in the hospital for five days. That’s a pretty weird fact for a death from anaphylactic shock. Remember back in the day? We were all constantly lectured about the one kid who would immediately die if a single glob of peanut butter fell out of a sandwich onto the lunchroom table and a soft breeze blew a tiny microscopic peanut atom onto a book that was later touched by a kid sitting next to the kid with the peanut allergy.

We also all have friends with things like shellfish and bee-sting allergies. The danger is that their throat will swell up and they can’t breath. Apart from that, they might get hives or something but it’s not fatal. The trick is to keep them breathing. If it’s bad, you give them an Epi-pen to get them breathing. Otherwise get them some Benadryl or some other antihistamine and they’re fine.

The kind of immediate fatal anaphylaxis happens after you get a shot of something. That’s why they want you to stick around for 15 minutes after you get the covid jab.

But Chef Michael was in the hospital for five days. They aren’t saying anything about the progression of his illness, but it sounds nothing like anaphylaxis. What allergic reaction kills you slowly over a week — despite treatment? If they want us to believe that, they’re going to have to cough up a lot more info, which they seem determined not to do.

So. I’m betting Chef Michael did die from an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction to an experimental mRNA shot.

💉 The Boss is not back. And he may have been born to run, but he’s not running very fast these days.

image 14.png

Bruce Springsteen was a jab nazi in 2021 and 2022, having one of the strictest requirements for fans to attend his concerts:

image 15.png

Who knows how many people made their ultimate decision to get the shot so they could go to a Springsteen concert?

Anyway, earlier this year, Bruce was still singing up a storm. But yesterday, Fox News ran a story headlined, “Bruce Springsteen shares enormity of pain he’s in since postponing tour.” The sub headline added, “Springsteen’s remaining 2023 tour dates were postponed due to his peptic ulcer.”

Fox reported that last month, Springsteen began treatment for peptic ulcer disease. The Mayo Clinic defines peptic ulcers as “open sores that develop on the inside lining of your stomach and the upper portion of your small intestine.” It sounds painful. It also sounds like something that mRNA-transfected cells lining someone’s stomach might do.

Coincidentally, it seems to be going around. Headline from a December study:

image 16.png

Springsteen and his bandmates are not strangers to political controversy:

image 17.png

All that said, I’ll pray for Bruce’s complete recovery from his super-painful peptic ulcers and that he receives a humbling heart change in the process.

💉 The CDC unintentionally unleashed heterodox covid data analyst Ethical Skeptic when the health agency clamped down hard on its health data last week. Now, Ethical can’t get his mortality and morbidity data that he used to create all his eye-popping excess deaths charts. So he’s turning his giant brain toward other data points, and I think this could be the best thing that could possibly have happened.

His first post-CDC submission was Google searches for cancer topics. Guess which direction the graph goes?


I can’t wait to see what Ethical finds next.

🔥 And, Oh My Gosh! I just love this new, stealth-presidential-candidate version of Governor Newsom! Where have you Californians been hiding this guy? I’m not saying he’s a DeSantis or anything, but he sure is looking pretty terrific. California legislators keep coming up with brainless woke schemes and Newsom just keeps swatting them down.

Check out these encouraging headlines, all from this week.

Condoms for kids — vetoed:

image 7.png

Pot cafés — vetoed:

image 8.png

Homeless jurors — vetoed:

image 9.png

Legal ‘shroom sales — vetoed:

image 13.png

Cash for old illegal aliens — vetoed:

image 10.png

I’m barely getting started. This week Gavin Newsom vetoed ONE HUNDRED woke bills:

image 11.png

And out of everyone, CNN was hardest hit:

image 12.png

If, at this point, you still need some evidence that we are winning the culture war’s counter-revolution, enjoy these paragraphs from CNN’s disgruntled op-ed:

While a lot of these bills may not fly in the deep South, they’re unremarkable in progressive California, and were on Newsom’s desk in the first place because the state legislature put them there — ostensibly carrying out the will of California voters.
It’s hard to know what exactly Newsom is playing at. But one thing seems clear: He’s a man who puts his own political future ahead of the will of the people. And right now, he seems to think it’s politically beneficial to maintain the status quo, regardless of what many Californians actually want.
It’s tough to explain the veto spree, unless Newsom is thinking as much about voters outside of California as within it.

Newsom is thinking about what the majority of voters want, and he’s tacking toward that. Like the rest of us, Newsom knows that the culture war is shifting toward sanity, otherwise he would not have vetoed one hundred California bills. I suspect that might even be a historic record.

🔥 One good thing emerging from the Israel war is a newfound appreciation by US citizens for borders. Fox reported this week that support for building a border wall surged past 50% this month and isn’t looking back. It’s now reached 57% favorability with registered voters, an all-time high, and opposition to a border wall — by certifiably crazy people — is tied for lowest at only 40%.

image 3.png

Progress! Hard-earned, but we’ll take it.

🔥 Finally, enjoy this heartwarming video to remind you that despite all the doom and gloom, there are still lots of good regular folks doing nice, selfless things for perfect strangers:

image 6.png

CLIP: Young men help elderly stranger (1:04).

See? All is not lost. Be encouraged.

Have a terrific Thursday! I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow for another hot, fresh serving of Coffee & Covid.

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The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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