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☕️ BENEDICT A. ☙ Thursday, October 5, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Thursday! Your delightful roundup today includes: Ukraine freaks out that McCarthy was removed as Speaker; Establishment Media freaks out that McCarthy was removed as Speaker; Establishment Republicans freak out that McCarthy was removed as Speaker; rumors of a McCarthy-Pelosi deal gone sour; CDC ditches vaccination cards; Liberty Counsel wins huge fee award from DOD for beating military mandates; media mocks conservatives after FEMA alert fails to crash civilization and my thoughts about the End of the World; and an uplifting story about the quiet counterrevolution.


🪖 I’d like to ask you for a little feedback. I have received more than a couple sincere, private, well-intended emails from a few C&Cers who’ve asked me to desist from my practice of putting red X’s on the faces of people who died from a suspected vaccine injury. They feel it is offensive and disrespectful to the deceased.

In fact, I mean for it to be disrespectful and offensive. Just not to the deceased, who are the victims. I mean for the X to be offensive and disrespectful to the criminals who killed them. The X is a sign of my anger.

When I pick the photos for C&C’s SADS stories, if I can find good ones, I look for the shots showing people smiling, attractive, doing what they loved best. Not the unattractive ones from the hospital or the morgue. I want to show these were valuable human beings with a great life that was fraudulently ripped away from them. The X is meant to be a shocking contrast to the happy photo, showing how the victims’ productive, normal lives were suddenly snuffed out — X’d out — by highly-placed criminals. The X is meant to condemn the maniacs who orchestrated, facilitated, and acquiesced to the jab conspiracy.

The X is meant to rub their ratlike faces in what they’ve done.

But maybe the message isn’t coming across as I intended. So if you have thoughts, let me know in the comments today. I’m not asking for a vote, not so much whether you ‘like’ or dislike the X. Rather, do you think the X is distracting from the message or reinforcing it? I’ll do what I think is best, of course, but I value your opinion. Thanks!


🔥 Politico ran a story yesterday that should really tell us everything we need to know headlined, “Ukraine is ‘freaking out’ as McCarthy chaos threatens US aid.” Ukraine’s corrupt oligarchs are worrying that the money train has reached its final destination.


Politico summarized the problem in one short paragraph:

McCarthy’s historic ousting — no other U.S. House speaker has been deposed before — (came) after Congress voted through an emergency domestic funding package to avert a government shutdown. That deal, a stop-gap 45-day budget to keep the government running, featured no aid to Ukraine. 
Now that McCarthy is out, all future U.S. funding for Kyiv is in limbo.

Ukraine’s corrupt oligarchs in were badly triggered by McCarthy’s removal. “We are freaking out. For us it is a disaster,” said Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze, a senior Ukrainian MP who chairs the committee on the country’s integration with the European Union.

The article stopped short of coming out and saying explicitly McCarthy is sitting in Ukraine’s breast pocket. Instead it framed the story as uncertainty over who McCarthy’s replacement will be.  Ominously, Politico reported that “the Ukrainian government insists it has built constructive relationships with most potential replacements for the speaker’s post and is continuing to work with American lawmakers on the next package of aid.”

The bottom line is, the Ukrainians are upset that McCarthy is gone. Somebody start keeping track; that’s a “plus one” in the Gaetz column.

🔥 It’s not just Ukrainian oligarchs freaking out that McCarthy is no longer Speaker. The LA Times ran a hilarious story yesterday headlined, “‘Evil,’ ‘delusional,’ ‘Benedict Arnold’: In Kevin McCarthy’s Bakersfield, Matt Gaetz draws ire.” I think this may be the first time the LA Times has ever attacked a Republican for attacking a Republican.

Surprising even itself, the LA times discovered — for the first time since the Spanish Land Grant — a bunch of Republicans that it likes, hiding in plain sight. Discarding with ease its box of usual deplorable MAGA monikers, the Times found new, positive labels for conservatives, referring to its anti-Gaetz interviewees as “Republican voters,” “conservative citizens,” “residents,” and the saintly “Bakersfield Republican Women’s Club.”

Amazingly, out of all those groups, the LA Times couldn’t quote one single Republican who agreed with Matt Gaetz. Every single person they interviewed — over half a dozen — all agreed with McCarthy. Isn’t that something? I’d guess it was unanimous except by reading the C&C comments I can tell that there is a, um, let’s say “diversity of opinion” compared with the Bakersfield Republican Women’s Club.

It wasn’t just the LA Times. The Washington Post, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, all the woke Establishment Media outlets decried McCarthy’s removal. All the stories were very similar and all used the word “chaos.”

Make a note in your diaries. This is the first time Establishment Media universally has ever defended a prominent Republican instead of gleefully celebrating his problems.

So — whoever is being the secretary – go ahead and add another point in the Gaetz column since, like the Ukrainians, woke Establishment Media is also mad that McCarthy is gone. I’m not saying McCarthy was working for media’s real deep state bosses or anything. I’m just saying.

The media weren’t the only ones. Yesterday I also noticed a lot of chatter from Republican officials who should know better about Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Fl.) and the eight Republicans who voted to remove McCarthy as being “traitors” who, ironically, “sided” with democrats. What nonsense.

First of all, two days before Gaetz initiated his removal, McCarthy sided with democrats to pass a budget over Republican objections. The LA Times even made the same point, unironically beclowning itself:

The ultimate betrayal, Campbell said, was that Gaetz had criticized McCarthy for working with Democrats, then turned around and banded together with the opposing party to oust him.

So McCarthy did it first, creating the precedent. Now don’t come crying to me about “siding with democrats.” Lie down with dogs, get up with dog hair all over you.

Second, and more important, Matt Gaetz was only following the rules of a game that McCarthy created to get the Speaker’s job in the first place. The deal was, if McCarthy ever welshed on the deal, any one member could call for a floor vote to remove the Speaker. The Times article even admitted it:

Gaetz filed the motion to oust McCarthy late Monday night, taking advantage of chamber rules that the House majority approved in January — part of a deal that McCarthy cut to be elected speaker — that allow any lawmaker to force a quick vote on booting the speaker.

And when McCarthy welshed as soon as things started getting sticky, Matt Gaetz did what McCarthy’s rules allowed.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

In other words, why complain about Gaetz creating chaos when it was McCarthy who made the rules that allowed the chaos to happen in the first place? Why not blame Saint Kevin? One suspects it is just because they’re just trying to use the controversy to get rid of Gaetz for daring to do something like disrupt the deep state’s Proxy War.

🔥 There was more. Remember how the first thing McCarthy’s deputy Speaker did was evict Nancy Pelosi from the Speaker’s office, which she unaccountably continued to infest? The unconfirmed rumor is that McCarthy had made a deal with Pelosi. She was to keep the Speaker’s offices — where McCarthy should have been — and democrats would vote against any motion to remove McCarthy. So he thought he had insurance. But Pelosi welshed, so McCarthy-ally and deputy Speaker immediately evicted her from the office.

I don’t know if it’s true. But it would explain the odd Pelosi office eviction that happened immediately after McCarthy was evicted from the Speaker’s job. So it seems it’s up to Kevin McCarthy now, to deny the rumor, and explain why the very first order of business was evicting Nancy after all this time.

Other rumors this morning suggested that Kevin McCarthy is now moving into the Speaker’s offices. I hope that’s not true.

Meanwhile, add a third point in the Gaetz column, since it looks like McCarthy used government property — the Speaker’s office — to recruit Nancy Pelosi and the democrats for his own political benefit.

If my math is right, that’s Gaetz: three, McCarthy: zero.

💉 Fox News ran a “sign of the times” story yesterday, headlined “CDC stops printing COVID-19 vaccination cards: pandemic relic.”

image 2.png

A pandemic relic! Anyway, the gist was, since the federal government is no longer providing free vaccines, they won’t provide free paper cards anymore either. In the age of smart-everything, the CDC’s best solution was a disposable paper card. Oh well.

Medical fetishists will now have to make their own vaccine cards and they are just outraged, et cetera.

The most telling line in the article was: “The federal government doesn’t keep vaccination records.” No, they don’t, do they? They never even tried that hard. And right about now, federal vaccination records would be very useful for diagnosing vaccine injuries, wouldn’t they? Too bad we don’t have them.

💉 Outstanding Orlando-based freedom law firm Liberty Counsel issued a press release yesterday headlined, “DOD Pays Liberty Counsel $1.8 Million for COVID Litigation” According to a settlement agreement filed in the Middle District of Florida yesterday, the DOD must pay Liberty Counsel $1.8 million within 21 days to cover attorney’s fees and costs after two years of litigation over vaccine mandates.

After Liberty Counsel successfully obtained multiple restraining orders and injunctions, including a class-wide injunction, on January 10th, 2023, the DOD was finally forced to abandon its grotesque medical mandate and rescind its August 24, 2021 and November 30, 2021 memoranda.

It took a year and a half to beat the mandates, which seemed like forever but is not a long time in legal terms.

Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver said, “The military COVID shot mandate is dead. Our heroic service members [—some of the finest people who love God and love America—] can no longer be forced to take this experimental jab that conflicts with their religious convictions.”

Kudos to Liberty Counsel and the steely resolve of its founder, Mat Staver.

🔥 Yesterday, USA Today ran a story mocking many conservatives headlined, “‘I am not a zombie’: FEMA debunking conspiracy theories after emergency alert test.” The FEMA Emergency Alert went off without incident yesterday and Establishment Media is having a great time at many conservatives’ expense since nothing happened. Five-G rays didn’t instantly cull two-thirds of the population, a new deadlier pandemic did not start, and no zombies lurched out of their graves (Halloween isn’t for another three weeks yet) or whatever the rumor was.

Here’s one of the dark tweets that USA Today gleefully reprinted in its national newspaper:

image 3.png

So. People, please stop reading the doombloggers. And tell other people to stop reading the doombloggers. The most likely explanation for all this doomblogging is they are the true chaos agents —not Matt Gaetz— whose real job is to dispirit and discredit a lot of conservatives by making them crazy with anxiety, and making them look even crazier to democrats and independents with all these kooky conspiracy theories.

Stories about people freaking out about 5G zombies also conveniently obscures real issues like vaccine injuries — which are not conspiracy theories.

Look, I get it, and I honestly don’t blame anyone for falling for this stuff. Many folks’ worldviews were recently shattered when the government —supposedly organized to take care of us— instead stabbed everyone in the neck with a risky, experimental genetic therapy. Losing their worldview is a profound spiritual disaster, leaving the victims adrift in an ocean of meaninglessness.

So now, a lot of folks don’t know what to believe, and if you are in that group, it also means you are vulnerable to believing anything. Bad actors are taking advantage.

The only difference for the rest of us was we already believed the worst about government. So our worldview remained undisturbed; actually, the pandemic just reinforced our worldview. Nothing really changed.

If it helps, I’ll share two good reasons why I don’t think the world is ending. One reason is spiritual, and one is rational, so it should satisfy everyone.

In terms of faith, the Bible clearly says things will be “mostly peaceful” right up to the very end. In Jesus’ Olivet Discourse —his lecture about the end times— the Son of God (he calls himself the “Son of man”) predicted this about his Second Coming, the end of the world according to Christian doctrine:

But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

So relax. If people will be “eating and drinking” before the Second Coming, then they won’t be starving to death. And if they will be “marrying and giving in marriage,” they won’t all be dead or 5G zombies, and it also strongly suggests the family structure will be mostly intact. If it is the End, then great things are coming, like justice and a New Earth, and we should celebrate.

You might not be a Christian. And so that won’t reassure you very much. But if you’ve lost your worldview, why not consider joining up? If I can do it, anybody can. I came to the party late, in my 40’s, after a bona fide, sudden and unexpected religious experience, and it has been the most intellectually rewarding period of my life. Also unexpectedly. And, it keeps me from worrying about the state of the world at all.

But as a lawyer, I am an evidence-based professional. I like rational reasons too. And we are obviously facing a serious, real-world problem. It is clear that there is in fact a cabal of super-wealthy, delusional oligarchs who think that what the world needs most is fewer people. They’ve said so over and over; that’s not a fact in dispute. Even still, I don’t believe they would ever seriously consider any kind of mass depopulation event, like releasing an airborne Marburg variant or killing us all with 5G.

They’re much more likely to try to slowly boil the frog over a generation or two, by reducing fertility and increasing sickness. Not by collapsing civilization.

Why not? Because if you want to see chaos, try a mass depopulation event. It would be sudden death on a scale causing the complete breakdown of social cohesion and government integrity. Bodies everywhere. Cities burning. Military units going rogue, with no surviving chain of command. Some of those units might have access to nuclear weapons or other WMDs.

And in a chaotic situation like that, even an island-bound, bunkered billionaire could get hurt.

So no, I don’t see the End of the World coming, so long as people are still eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage. And evil billionaires almost certainly don’t want a mass depopulation event. That doesn’t mean we don’t have some real, serious problems to deal with, I’m just encouraging you to stop reading the doombloggers, so you can focus.

🔥 In more good spiritual news that you won’t see in Establishment Media, consider this next story about the counter-revolution.  Yesterday, Breitbart ran this encouraging headline: “Fashion Mogul Kat Von D Baptized into Christianity After Tossing Witchcraft Books.

image 4.png

Celebrity tattoo artist, fashion designer, and full-on occultist witch Katherine Von Drachenberg, who goes by the trade name Kat Von D, is the latest person saved by the pandemic. Kat used to be all-in on the occult. For example, her former beauty brand included a tarot-inspired collection and a black lipstick color named “Witches.” Her former footwear line included a coffin-shaped wallet. You get the idea.

But in December, 2020, after a year of life in pandemic-era California, like the ancient Israelites, Kat joined the exodus and relocated her family from California to Indiana. Here’s how she described her rationale at the time: Gavin Newsom.

(Kat Von D) was fed up with “all that’s been taking place in California, with terrible policies, tyrannical government overreach, ridiculous taxing, amongst so much more corruption.” She added, “we just felt the need to plant roots in a small town where my son can be free to play, and where we can eventually retire one day.”

Small-town life in Indiana seems to have been good for Kat. Last year in July, 2022, Kat announced she was “throwing out” all her occult and witchcraft books, because they no longer aligned with “who she is.” She also started covering up her tattoos.

Now she’s been baptized. You can watch the short video clip here. And in the video you can see several other tattooed, pierced people reading from hymnals and worshipping.

Get out of California! Or at least, out of the big California cities. Who knows how good it could be for you?


Have a tremendous Thursday! I’ll return tomorrow morning with another great roundup that includes even more optimistic news — there’s plenty of it, too.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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