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☕️ BEAUTIFUL ☙ Tuesday, July 11, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


It’s Tuesday, and good morning C&C! Today roundup includes: working out is racist; it might be a good time to go to Walt Disney World, as long as you don’t mind a little perverted grooming here and there; DoJ speed-indicts Biden Bribery whistleblower on ultra-ironic process crime; CDC data evidences remdesivir claims; Peru’s new Guillain-Barré outbreak; breaking news on the January 6th fedsurrection; Netherlands nominates top beauty queen, I mean king, I mean queen, or whatever; top journalist piles on UFO story; and an amusing de-de-bunking clip to get your day headed in the right direction.


🔥 Narrative update! FYI, working out is racist now:

This isn’t just some new woke conspiracy theory. Working out has ALWAYS been racist, dummies. I screen-shotted the next paragraph from the article so that you wouldn’t think I was making it up:

In the fever swamps of the woke mainstream media, working out literally equals Hitler. So just relax.

Hyper-leftist Jane Fonda was the most surprised about the new narrative development.



🐭 Uh-oh! Disney’s last stronghold, its profitable theme parks, are beginning to show signs of flaccid weakness. From yesterday’s Wall Street Journal:

Imagine that. No waiting! The article rambles around in search of a theme, getting nowhere, but quoted Fourth of July weekend holiday-goers who reported walking on to empty Disney rides and making last minute reservations at top park restaurants, which if you’ve ever been there, good luck. Usually.

I wonder what it could be? Maybe the reason for low park attendance is that parents don’t want to take their kids to Groomer Mountain, the Haunted Basement, or on the Pedo Plume Ride. I’m just saying. Don’t cancel me.

🔥 The Biden Administration seems to be getting desperate, at least when it comes to stopping a new bribery whistleblower from testifying before Congress. The story began last week, when an Israeli professor with a murky covert intelligence background, Gal Luft, uploaded a viral 12-minute video claiming he was being “hunted” because he was prepared to testify before Congress that Joe Biden is a dirty, rotten traitor and bribe taker who has sold the U.S. out to the Chinese.

Now he’s on the most-wanted list. For a process crime, of course.

Yesterday the DoJ suddenly and unexpectedly indicted professor Luft, in absentia. Nobody even knew he was under investigation. It was the fastest indictment in DoJ history.

What Luft was charged with is particularly ironic. The government has charged Luft with a so-called “FARA violation,” under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. It’s a process crime. You can lobby for foreign governments all you want, but you have to send in the paperwork first.

The DoJ has often been accused of prosecuting FARA, shall we say, “unevenly.” Back in April, many observers believed that the drawn-out five-year Hunter Biden investigation, which only produced a paper-thin plea deal, would have produced instead a serious FARA charge, since Hunter has obviously been roaming the world hoovering up cash (and other things) from foreign governments and corporations, and they weren’t paying him for his keen insight and wit, either.

Some estimates place the total Biden family score at over a billion dollars.

Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley was one of many to write about the expected Hunter FARA charges — back in April of LAST YEAR:

Silly Jonathan! You’d think any con law professor worth his salt would know how things really work in Washington.

After an exhaustive five-year DoJ investigation into Hunter’s affairs, where every stone was left undisturbed, he got a mild, non-criminal plea deal over a small amount of unpaid taxes that he won’t even have to pay. Now he’s Even-Steven. Or Even-Hunter. Or something.

Anyway, until Trump, FARA was known as a joke of an ancient law, originally passed after World War I. Nowadays, everybody violated it, and nobody was ever prosecuted. It was just business as usual. But then Special Counsel Robert Mueller dusted the 1938 law off and weaponized it against the entire Trump political organization.

According to Professor Turley:

Here is notorious DoJ criminal Gal Luft, and his original 14-minute video clip, which seems to have gotten him investigated and indicted under Biden’s version of Operation Warp Speed (“prosecuting at the speed of darkness”). I found the YouTube version for all you Twitter-Zero folks:

Luft explained in his video that a couple months ago he met with no fewer than six DoJ and FBI officials to tell what he knew about the Biden family crime spree. They didn’t arrest Dr. Luft then. The investigation must have started after that.

On the other hand, Hunter’s FARA investigation took five+ years and resulting in nothing, even though the DoJ had a laptop full of his emails and texts with Chinese and Ukrainian crooks. On the other hand, Luft’s FARA investigation only took five minutes. With no laptops.

I suppose the good news, if there is any, is that the DoJ can move quickly when it wants to. But then again, we already knew that, didn’t we, from how fast it tracked down thousands of dirty-rotten Capitol Hill trespassers using only partial face shots on social media video clips.

Anyway. The Biden Administration and the deep state are obviously now involved in a high-stakes game of Speed Chess with the House Oversight Committee. If all the Republican House can manage to accomplish is this Biden Bribery investigation, it will be worth it.

Wait! It’s already worth it, since the House managed to censure slimy Adam Schiff, which caused the human praying mantis to step back from running for Senate, thank Heavens. But I digress.

In the latest update on this breaking story, Senator Ron Johnson has now called for Dr. Luft to be granted full immunity, so he can testify before Congress about the Biden Bribery case.

Hey, no one is above the law. Right? Buehler?

💊 Ethical Skeptic, the former US Naval Intelligence data analyst and covid commenter who I’ve quoted extensively in the past, published a new chart yesterday showing excess rates of Non-Alcoholic Liver Diseases. The chart, using CDC data, shows a giant bump in excess liver deaths during the pandemic, after which the excess rates have now, mercifully, returned to baseline:

Ethical pointed out, rightly, that the data provides yet more evidence for people who think Remdesivir was a killer. Thanks, CDC.

💉 The Times of India ran a story yesterday headlined, “Peru Declares Health Emergency After Rise In Guillain-Barré Syndrome Cases; Here Are The Signs Of This Neurological Disorder.

On July 8th, the Peruvian government declared a nationwide health emergency after an explosion in cases of Guillain-Barré Syndrome. The state of emergency will last for 90 days as officials tackle the “unusual increase” in cases.

You’ll recall, I’m sure, that Guillain-Barré was what killed Justin Bieber’s mega-career. I was surprised when I went to look for it, maybe I shouldn’t have been, but most of the previously viral videos of Justin’s self-report can no longer be found. I did finally scare one up:

The Internet giveth, and the Internet taketh away.

Good luck, Peru! Pfizer thanks you for your patronage.

🔥 Revolver News, which has been at the forefront of relentlessly tracking the stomach-turning Ray Epps story, released a blockbuster report yesterday headlined “Meet Ray Epps, Part 2: Damning New Details Emerge Exposing Massive Web of Unindicted Operators at the Heart of January 6”.

Revolver has traced Ray’s movements using thousands of hours of independent video clips, and finally identified a much larger group with which it sure looks like Ray was working on that fateful day.

Below is an unknown, bullhorn-equipped person who was coordinating crowd movements and encouraging people to press on to the Capitol from the top of a strategically-placed scaffold, dubbed “the Scaffold Commander:”

Next is another unidentified man, labeled “Fence Cutter Bulwark,” who methodically removed fencing and “Area Closed” signs preventing access to the Capitol — more than 17 minutes before Trump’s speech ended, right before the crowds arrived. In other words, he couldn’t have known the crowds were coming, unless he knew. Somehow.

Or maybe he just hates fences.

Like Epps, neither Scaffold Commander nor Fence Cutter Bulwark have ever appeared on the FBI’s “J6 wanted” list. Maybe it’s because they aren’t grandmothers or teenagers.

There are more co-conspirators. The Revolver article, which goes into great detail on five standout suspects who had contact with Epps during the protest, is too long and detailed to summarize, but if you’re interested in what caused January 6th, read the whole thing.

🔥 The Netherlands made history this week, sort of, as its annual “Miss Netherlands” competition awarded first prize to an unattractive cross-dresser, I mean trans woman, I mean man, Rik (Rikkie) Kollé. From the UK Daily Mail:

Look who Rik easily beat out for first place:

Beauty pageant winner, left; Runner up, right.

Maybe it was the purple hair?

Anyway, Rik now moves up to compete for Miss Universe as the Netherland’s entry. Rik will be competing against other national beauties, like Miss Universe Russia:

I was going to say it, but I found it on Twitter first:

Tough break, ladies! Try harder.

👽 Award-winning journalist Michael Schellenberger, who was recently deeply involved in the Twitter Files exposé of government social media censorship, posted a Substack article last month headlined, “US Has 12 Or More Alien Spacecraft, Say Military And Intelligence Contractors.”

Celebrated UFO Whistleblower David Grusch

Schellenberger’s stack, which has lead to viral videos on the story, was reporting on deep-state whistleblower David Grusch’s testimony to Congress and whistleblowing-complaint allegations. But then, Schellenberger said he’d been contacted by “multiple sources close to the matter” who anonymously “confirmed” that the U.S. government has twelve — a fascinating number — of literal extraterrestrial space ships, which somehow made it all the way across the Galaxy but suddenly crashed when they got to Earth:

Personally, I do not believe in aliens. But I report this developing story from fairness to pro-UFO C&Cers, and because I find all the sudden new disclosures and serious treatment of the subject completely fascinating. Schellenberger may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he is a credible journalist and when he says he spoke to “sources,” I believe that HE believes he was talking to people with information.

Where will this developing narrative go next?

🔥 Finally, for your amusement, Dr. Susan Oliver (PhD) made a video debunking Dr. John Campbell, MD, over his excellent new video about the Danish study finding three discrete groups of adverse REACTION rates, depending on batch number. (Note: Previously covered in C&C.) Then, someone made a shorter video de-bunking Dr. Oliver’s de-bunking of Dr. Campbell.

The de-debunk clip was so entertaining and informative I just had to include it in the roundup. THIS is how it’s done, people!

Don’t be Dr. Oliver.

But DO have a terrific Tuesday! And join us all right back here tomorrow morning for another entertaining and elucidating C&C roundup.

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The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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