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☕️ BATHROOM SAUSAGES ☙ Thursday, April 20, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Thursday! Today we have a nice roundup with lots of news from the gender wars, and I’m not talking about the 1970’s Celebrity Battle of the Sexes.

In today’s roundup: IRS whistleblower claims to have criminal evidence on Joe Biden; Florida extends gender instructions ban to K-12; Florida passes bill outlawing revolting drag shows and gross pride parades; Florida passes bathroom bill; Colorado goes the other way; mystery object blows up over Kiev, right after mystery object explodes over Israel; CDC director explains how “the science” — which we must always believe — keeps changing; SADS football death; DeSantis’ new Disney management board strikes back; and Tucker asks some more hard questions about Ukraine.


🔥 Trending Politics ran a story yesterday headlined, “BREAKING: Senior IRS Agent Comes Forward, Says Biden is Blocking Criminal Prosecution of His Son.”

An IRS whistleblower’s lawyer delivered an explosive letter to a Senate Committee this week, making some pretty exciting claims. The whistleblower, a Senior IRS Criminal Supervisory Special Agent, asked for protection, explaining that he (or she) had already reported the potential crimes internally but no action was taken. He wants to share the information with Congress but does not want to be prosecuted for disclosing private tax information.

Among other things, the whistleblower suggested that the IRS’s leadership had been lying to Congress, and that Joe Biden interfered with a criminal IRS investigation to ensure Hunter Biden was never charged. The whistleblower’s lawyer wrote:

The protected disclosures: (1) contradict sworn testimony to Congress by a senior political appointee, (2) involve failure to mitigate clear conflicts of interest in the ultimate disposition of the case, and (3) detail examples of preferential treatment and politics improperly infecting decisions and protocols that would normally be followed by career law enforcement professionals in similar circumstances if the subject were not politically connected.

Will democrats on the committee accept this proffer of evidence or keep covering for the Bidens? Inquiring minds want to know.

🔥 Along similar lines, the New York Post ran a story Tuesday headlined, “Six More Bidens May Have Gained From Family Business Schemes: Comer.”

Yes, but did they pay taxes on the influence cash?

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer told reporters Monday that the Committee has received and reviewed thousand of pages of documents relating to alleged Biden influence peddling, including several banks’ “suspicious activity reports” received from the Treasury Department.

Senator Comer explained, “The Biden family enterprise is centered on Joe Biden’s political career and connections, and it has generated an exorbitant amount of money for the Biden family. We’ve identified six additional members of Joe Biden’s family who may have benefited from the Biden family’s businesses that we are investigating, bringing the total number of those involved or benefiting to nine.”

It’s the Biden Bunch! The additional Biden capos have not yet been identified.

You may recall that last month, Comer announced the committee had evidence that at least three Biden family members and two associates received payments originating from China in 2017, less than two months after Joe Biden left office as vice president. Records showed Hunter got $610,000, James Biden got $360,000, and Hallie Biden got $25,000 in “seed capital” provided by a Chinese government-affiliated corporation.

What grew out of that seed capital? How much was for the Big Guy?

Committee member Nancy Mace (R-SC), described the amount of money involved in the latest investigation as “astronomical,” and hinted that the Biden family interests included “prostitution rings:”

Well, this is shocking. How could this have happened, and so forth. None of it would’ve happened absent the Republicans retaking the House last November. For years, Democrats have blocked any efforts to investigate Biden family influence peddling.

As some folks have been pointing out, there’s a loophole. It is illegal to give government officials money, but it is not illegal to give the money to an official’s family members, even (apparently) if those family members are expressly offering access. So it’s not open and shut, not yet.

It does however shed some light on why democrats were so desperate to retake the White House and put the Big Cheese back in charge.

🔥 In great Sunshine State news, Florida’s Voice ran a story yesterday headlined, “State Board Of Education Bans Gender Teachings Through 12th Grade With Exceptions.”

Florida’s Board of Eduction, which is thankfully back under the control of mentally-sound grown-ups, issued several new rules about sex ed yesterday, with strict enforcement mechanisms — a teacher could lose their license if they break the rules.

Under the new rules, teachers may no longer instruct students in pre-K through 3rd grade about “sexual orientation” or “gender identity.” In grades 4 — 12, teachers may not teach those topics unless specifically required by state law, or as part of a health-related lesson providing for parental opt-out.

Furious grooming advocates complained that the new rules will hogtie teachers or something. After all, they already can’t say “gay” anymore. Now THIS. Starting next month, teachers will no longer be allowed to describe their eccentric, atypical sexual interests to the young children in their classes.

It’s so unfair! Plus it genocides trans people. Supposedly.

🔥 In more good news from the Sunshine State, Florida Politics ran a story headlined, “Legislature Passes Bill to Punish Exposing Minors to ‘Lewd’ Performances.”

SB 1438 passed the Florida House yesterday after two days of debate, during which trans activists tossed garbage and women’s underwear down onto lawmakers’ heads, and gathered in small, colorfully-attired groups in the hallways to shriek maniacally at innocent representatives trying to go about their business.

For some reason that I do not fully understand, it is EXTREMELY important to some people to be allowed to prance around partially undressed in confusing clothing in front of kids. According to activists, stopping this obscene nonsense is literally genociding cross-dressers.

But lawmaker Randy Fine (R-Brevard), who introduced the bill, did not mince words on the House floor: “The right question is not: Why do I want to stop children from going to these kinds of events?” he said. “The question is: Why are THEY so determined to do it to children?”

Representative Joel Rudman (R-Navarre) explained, “Unless you’re targeting children with stuff that, let’s be honest, is frankly disgusting, you have absolutely nothing to fear. And if your business is targeting children, that business model ends today.”

The bill, which now heads to Governor DeSantis’ desk, does three things:

(1) Any person admitting a child to a show involving sexual imagery, whether real or prosthetic, would be subject to a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail.

(2) The business hosting the event could lose its liquor license and be fined $5,000.

(3) If City officials issue a permit for a public event that exposes kids to inappropriate sexual material — such as inappropriate floats at a “gay pride” parade — the official can be criminally charged.

Even though the bill doesn’t interfere with adult activities at all, Democrats still whined that the bill “erases” trans people, right off the map, and said no real citizens even care about drag shows for kids anyways, it’s just a made-up moral panic. According to House democrats, all we care about is recycling and rising sea-levels, and THAT’S what we should be passing laws about.

Here is Randy Fine’s excellent closing statement about his bill (6 minutes, somewhat choppy): https://twitter.com/christiancamara/status/1648863301101551616

🔥 And that’s not all. Yesterday Florida’s House also passed the MOST genocidal, terroristic bill of all: separate bathrooms. Although people have never had the right to use opposite-sex bathrooms, all of a sudden, laws prohibiting cross-bathrooming are literally violencing trans people, or something.

It was so horrible that representative Jennifer Harris (R-Orlando) sobbed uncontrollably at the thought of Florida’s continuing bathroom rules in place since 1887:

Florida Politics ran the story with the headline, “Bathroom Bill Passes on Party Lines in House.” That’s right: for some reason, every single democrat voted in favor of cross-sex bathrooms. The companion bill is still working its way through a Senate committee.

If passed, the law would prohibit adults from intruding into restrooms or changing rooms designated for the opposite sex. If it happens accidentally, and an intruder refuses to “immediately depart” when asked by someone in the restroom or changing facility, the intruder would face a second degree misdemeanor. It also requires businesses and government entities to provide separate bathrooms and changing rooms for men and women (or provide a separate unisex facility).

So ladies, you won’t be able to use the guy’s bathroom if the line for the ladies’ room is too long, unless the guys consent. But that seems like a small price to pay to keep cross-dressers from dangling their sausages in your spaces.

In a hundred years, they’re going to look back at the law requiring people to use their correct gendered bathroom and wonder what the heck was going on in 2023.

🔥 Meanwhile, Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed a bill this week making Colorado a “gender surgery sanctuary state,” where minors can come and the state will “protect them” from their OWN PARENTS. In other words, Colorado will refuse to return children who travel to that state, and says it will even ignore a court order from the state of origin.

In other words, Governor Polis is a child trafficker.

The bill was sponsored by Colorado’s first openly cross-dressing lawmaker, representative Brian “Brianna” Titone (D-27). I did not make that name up. Brian has a nice, deep voice.

When Titone says the “trick” is to get around the Constitution, what he means is that states like Colorado are Constitutionally required to give “full force and effect” to out-of-state judgments, like for example, a court order requiring repatriation of a child back to another state.

Colorado, where delusional inmates have taken control of the state looney bin, makes for a nice contrast to Florida, which is leading the way toward common sense.

🚀 Yesterday, a mysterious object detonated in the night skies over Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, in what local authorities initially identified as a decommissioned NASA satellite that had been intentionally destroyed for safety. It was NOT a Russian missile.

But NASA denied it was the satellite.

According to government-funded BBC, Ukrainian officials later changed their story, and said the explosion was caused by a meteorite. ANOTHER meteorite. It’s weird, since a different meteorite just exploded over Israel this weekend, as I reported on Monday.

What does it all mean? What signs and wonders do these exploding meteorites signify? Your guess is as good as mine. We’re in some pretty surreal territory here.

💉 The Science has been drinking again, but — trust the government — you can still believe it. In Congressional testimony yesterday, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky finally admitted that the jabs do NOT prevent transmission after all, and blamed her shifting statements about the issue on “evolving science” plus an evolving virus.

It’s all very complicated. Only experts can understand.

Walensky’s silly claim that her early comments were correct that the mRNA shots prevented transmission of the “original” wild-type or Alpha variants is a lame excuse. There are multiple studies — I’ve cited them before — showing viral transmission in 100%-vaccinated hospitals during the initial wave.

She’s lying, of course.

How should she have known? It’s not like anyone else predicted this.

It’s time to remind you that all other vaccines DO prevent transmission. And that the official position on the mRNA jabs is they “reduce severity” of the disease, but — and this is the official position — they DO NOT KNOW how that works.

The problem in these situations is, Science has to WANT to change.

💉 Former Browns Defensive End Chris Smith, 31, suddenly and unexpectedly spiked his mortality in life’s end zone on Monday, wrapping up the game once and for all.

Chris played in 72 games over eight NFL seasons, and he just signed a contract in March to play for the Seattle Sea Dragons in the XFL.

No cause of death was disclosed, because why would it? Who cares WHY a healthy 31-year-old athlete dies? Happens all the time.

Happens all the time, THESE DAYS.

🐭 The Mouse may be in a trap. Yesterday, the Orlando Sentinel ran a story headlined, “Disney’s Reedy Creek Deal Violated State Law, Attorneys for DeSantis Board Say.”

On February 8th, right before the State of Florida took over the Reedy Creek Special District, Disney quietly tried to tie up all the land in the zone to effectively prevent the State from exercising any oversight.

To me, the entertainment giant’s caper smelled desperate. But Disney’s legal maneuvering delighted liberals, and lefty media like the Orlando Sentinel ran glowing articles crowing about how haha, Disney’s clever army of lawyers was running rings around Governor DeSantis, and so forth.

But yesterday, after investigating the facts and circumstances, the new Reedy Creek Board announced that it considered Disney’s 11th-hour deeds and resolutions to be null and void, for a variety of technical and substantive reasons.

Furthermore, lawmakers quickly filed House and Senate floor bills allowing the development agreement to be voided by the new board, which is now known as the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District. So Disney is going to have the problem of defeating the new statute as well as proving its sneaky agreements were properly handled.

Who knows how this thing will play out, but I’m betting against Disney. It’s hard enough to fight City Hall, never mind the entire State government.

🚀 Last night, Tucker asked the hard questions about Ukraine again. First, why did the U.S. have tons of secret biolabs over there, right next to our mortal enemy, instead of in a more stable country or even here in America? Second, why yesterday did the Department of Energy warn Russia not to meddle in Ukraine’s nuclear power plant because it includes “sensitive U.S. nuclear technology?”

Russia has been in that power plant for a YEAR NOW. What took so long for the DOE to fess up?

And … wait. WHAT “sensitive nuclear technology?” WHY is it in Ukraine’s nuclear power plant? What is it doing there?

Expecting the usual suspects to complain about my Ukraine coverage in the comments today, I’ll preemptively ask them to please focus on answering Tucker’s questions rather than wildly accusing me of sending a flowery gift basket to Putin or something.

Have a terrific Thursday and enjoy all this great news! I’ll meet you back here tomorrow for your Friday refill.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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