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☕️ AIRBORNE ☙ Thursday, August 10, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning and Happy Thursday, C&C! Your roundup includes another extended-form report on the biggest news this week: Governor DeSantis removes another Soros-backed District Attorney. Plus, Senator Feinstein takes a short trip, the Biden Administration admits it made up its booster recommendation while following “the science,” and real flying cars have finally arrived.


🔥 This is the kind of terrific, meaningful story I loved to celebrate over the last couple years but which has become unfortunately rare in this time of presidential back-and-forth. But we’ll take the win! Yesterday, CNN ran a spiritually uplifting story headlined, “DeSantis suspends Orlando-area state attorney in second sacking of democratically elected prosecutor.”

At last!

In other words, from CNN’s point of view, Florida Governor DeSantis “overruled the will of the voters” and removed the woke, George Soros-funded, “intersectional” (black female) historically-suppressed district attorney of the Ninth Judicial Circuit in Florida, the central Florida Circuit including Orlando.


Ms. Worrell was, as they say, not pleased. But apart from attacking DeSantis over the politics and calling him an out-of-control “dictator,” Worrell knows her goose is buttered, coated in spicy Cajun batter, and deep-fried. From CNN’s article:

“I am a duly elected state attorney for the Ninth Judicial Circuit,” Worrell said at a news conference outside the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando. “And nothing done by a weak dictator can change that.”

Worrell said she is considering legal action, but also acknowledged the long odds.

Worrell vowed to run again to regain her office in 2024, and whined that her suspension was just a stunt to prop up Governor DeSantis’ struggling presidential campaign.

Florida’s constitution allows the governor to suspend any elected Florida official for “malfeasance, misfeasance, neglect of duty, habitual drunkenness, incompetence, or permanent inability to perform official duties.” After the official is suspended, they get due process in the form of a hearing, a sort of a trial, in the Florida Senate, unless the official challenges their suspension in court. If not, the Senate will vote on whether to reinstate or permanently remove them.

In other words, it’s not just the Governor. Worrell could be back in office in a few weeks if it is just, as she claims, politics.

DeSantis has now used his constitutional suspension power three times — which is three more times than any other governor, excluding cases involving convicted criminal wrongdoing. As far as I can tell, the only thing stopping previous governors from suspending poorly-performing officials was politics, which is admittedly intense. As CNN’s headline suggested, even though it is constitutional under Florida’s constitution, suspension is viewed as un-democratic or anti-democratic because it bypasses the popular vote that put the person in office in the first place.

The first official that DeSantis removed early in his Governorship was an incompetent poltroon, Sheriff Scott Israel, who ordered his deputies to violate their training and not enter Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during a tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida in 2018. Israel sued the Governor after the Senate voted on party lines (23-12) to remove him. The cowardly former Sheriff lost in court after his lawsuit alleging lack of due process and political bias was dismissed.

It still amazes me that Israel was so deluded he actually believed there was no legitimate reason for him to be removed apart from being a democrat. Israel maintained that fiction while standing on a pile of childrens’ corpses whose deaths he should have prevented.

Last year, DeSantis suspended his second official, the woke, Soros-funded District Attorney Andrew Warren, state attorney for the 13th Judicial Circuit, which includes Tampa. Warren’s suspension became the first time that a Florida governor suspended a state attorney for refusing to enforce a law.

It turned out Warren had publicly vowed, many times, that he would never prosecute criminals over minor offenses, such as trespassing and marijuana possession, that he would not enforce the State’s 15-week abortion ban, and that he would not enforce the State’s ban on genital mutilation, I mean gender affirming surgery. In other words, he became a little government unto himself.

Unlike Sheriff Israel, Warren sued the Governor, preventing a hearing in the Senate. A federal judge found the Governor had authority to remove him, and sent the case to the Florida Supreme Court on Warren’s challenges to the constitutionality of the removal power. The Florida Supreme Court dismissed his case, essentially ruling he’d waited too long to file.

That’s two.  Now let’s look at number three.

Woke, Soros-funded District Attorney Monique Worrell might be the worst of the bunch, which is saying a lot. DeSantis’ executive order suspending Ms. Worrell was packed with facts. For example, of 58 Robbery with a Firearm cases referred to Worrell’s office in 2021 and 2022, only one mandatory minimum sentence had been imposed in any of those cases. Out of 130 cases involving Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon referred to Worrell’s office the last two years, only five resulted in a mandatory minimum sentence. Even more disgusting, Worrell also strictly limited the number of child porn charges that her prosecutors could allege, regardless of the facts or how much child porn was discovered in each case.

It was a long list.  If you’re interested in more detail, here’s a combined thread outlining all the facts from the Executive Order.

Unlike Worrell’s false claims of “presidential politics,” the actual trigger for her removal was a horrible case from February, when 19-year-old gunman Keith Moses of Orlando, a known gang member, was arrested for the triple homicide of 9-year-old T’yonna Major, journalist Dylon Lyons, and a 38-year-old woman, Nathacha Augustin. He also shot two other people who didn’t die.


It quickly came out that District Attorney Monique Worrell had previously released Moses — without bail — on multiple serious charges, including aggravated battery, assault and grand theft, for which he was not convicted, and the records were sealed because he was a minor.

And now three people are dead, including a 9-year-old girl.

image 2.png

I have a personal connection to the triple murder. I knew reporter Dylon Lyons. He was a fine, hardworking young man, who started out here in Gainesville covering a bunch of my early mask and vaccine litigation. He was later excited to get a promotion to a bigger station in Orlando, where he was killed by a subhuman thug who should have been in jail, except that barely-literate DA Worrell was trying to score some kind of racial grievance point.

When state officials started looking into how Moses got back on the street so quickly, they found a disturbing pattern. Worrell’s office, like DA Andrew Warren’s office, had a ‘turnstile policy’ allowing criminals to get back in business as fast as possible. For example:


We wanted accountability, and here it is. DeSantis has now shattered all prior records by removing three awful public officials who were — at best — incompetent, without requiring a criminal conviction first. These officials were so incompetent they were getting Floridians killed. If there’s one complaint I’ve heard over and over, it is that public officials get away with gross incompetence and mistakes and nobody ever does anything. Governor DeSantis is doing something.

An under appreciated side-effect is the message the Governor’s willingness to remove failing government officials sends to other public officials, especially district attorneys. You’d better believe they are all thinking, hard, about their own policies. It also sends a loud message to every other Republican governor in the country: you can get rid of these awful, pro-crime Soros DAs.

I won’t opine about the broader political issues, given the pending primary election, because it’s unfortunately divisive. We need to stand together when things go the right way. This is the way.

💉 Speaking of failing public officials, aging Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Ca.), was briefly hospitalized after taking a tumble in her San Francisco home, right before she was scheduled to give a speech about her memories of being a Senator during the French-American War. Okay, I made up that last part.

image 3.png

But don’t worry, she’s doing great! Supporters say she’ll be sprinting up the steps to the Senate building in no time.

Does anyone else suspect that one reason we are ten seconds away from war with every other world superpower is because the average age of our federal ruling class is 103? How can a Senator who falls down hold up the country — in wartime?

Well, I suppose on the positive side, if she fell down it means she must have been standing upright, at least for a minute. I guess that’s some kind of progress.

💉 The Epoch Times ran a story yesterday headlined, “Biden Admin Concedes No Evidence Behind Recommendation for 6 COVID Booster Shots a Year.”

Last November, Biden’s diverse Secretary of Health, a lawyer with no health background, Xavier Becerra, wrote in a social media post that people should get vaccinated whenever “it’s been over 2 months since your last dose.” The next day, he wrote “An updated COVID vaccine can help protect you from the worst outcomes of COVID. If it’s been over 2 months since your last dose, make a plan to get one now.” Becerra then posted several more items along the same lines.

So the Functional Government Initiative (FGI) filed a Freedom of Information Act request for documents supporting the statements, including all “scientific support” for the statement and internal communications related to the post.

Predictably, the Biden Administration stonewalled the request, so FGI sued.

In its latest response, the government admitted it had no evidence to support Mr. Becerra’s recommendation. That’s Science!  Specifically, Alesia Williams, an HHS official, said, “The department reviewed 1,263 pages of potentially responsive records captured in the agency’s search for this FOIA request. After a careful review of these records, I determined the 1,263 pages were not relevant to your request.”

🔥 In News of the Weird, the Washington Post ran a story a couple days ago headlined, “Car crashes into second floor of house in ‘intentional act,’ police say.”

image 4.png

On Sunday, firefighters responded to a one-car crash at a home in Lewistown, Pennsylvania, and found a 2006 gray sedan jutting into a dormer window and stuck on the mangled roof.  Only the driver, Evan Miller, 20, was injured. The homeowners expressed a degree of surprise.

It’s not perfectly clear how Mr. Miller accomplished his remarkable feat. The fire department said it thinks Miller hit a culvert next to the house allowing the car to fly into the air. “The raise and elevation from the bottom and top of the culvert was enough to give the vehicle the ability to clear the vehicles in the driveway and land in the second floor of the house,” a fire department spokesman explained.

A culvert? I’m not so sure. I’m going with aliens.

Apart from confirming the crash was “intentional,” State Police did not share additional details of the incident, such as any motive for the crash or whether Mr. Miller knows the family that lives there.

Now, I’ve been waiting for the promise of flying cars* since the year 2000, but this is not what I had in mind. (*results may vary.)

Think of this story as a metaphor for the Biden Administration, and it will all make sense.

Have a terrific Thursday! We’ll be back tomorrow with a normal style, jam-packed roundup, I promise.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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