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☕️ AD INFINITUM ☙ Wednesday, August 9, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Wednesday! We have a tight roundup this morning due to back-to-school chaos. But there’s still plenty of good stuff:  Gateway Pundit breaks story proving evidence existed in 2020 of election fraud in Michigan; prominent Texas official enters Fetterman-style depression treatment; FBI nabs 100 pedophiles and rescues kids in worldwide investigation; Bud Light’s woes continue as Budweiser sells off eight brands; new study suggests vaccine-induced myocarditis can reoccur even after being “mild” and “resolving;” and an amusing — sort of — video clip for you to consider and comment on.


🪖 After yesterday’s blockbuster post about the study revealing the mechanism of covid’s HIV-like immune system injury, I noticed some fretful comments from folks, both from those who’ve had covid infections (most of us) and from those who were jabbed at some point back when they used to trust the government. So let’s do a little housekeeping about managing anxiety levels.

We must be realistic. From the time we began questioning the jabs, based on science, there were (loosely) three possible outcomes from the experimental spike protein injections, ranging along a spectrum of concern, from none at all to complete hysteria.

Here is what I call the Iatrogenic Disaster Spectrum:

(A) false alarm! jabs either work or at least are harmless;

(B) jabs injure people at rates comparable to the worst previous (non-mRNA) vaccine disasters; or

(C) depopulation, alien amoebas, self-assembling nanobot brain robots, the Mark of the Beast, and the end of civilization as we know it.

image 7.png

Every single day I watch the developing news and track the numbers, trying to calculate exactly where we are along the Iatrogenic Disaster Spectrum.

Outcome A seems to be a distant memory at this point. By the estimates I find most reliable, excess deaths are up about +25% in most jabbed countries, with the United States leading the pack. Worse, this excess includes mostly working-age people who should have been decades away from any meaningful risk of dying.

(One reason everyone focuses on excess deaths is because that category of data is hard to manipulate. It’s a binary. There are only two options: still alive or died. And that will continue, at least until the Alphabet Army figures out how to identify themselves as zombies or something. I’m sure they’re working on the problem right now.)

While +25% excess deaths are horrific, a crime against humanity, causing incalculable suffering and loss, not to mention economic damage, it is not a Type C depopulation-level event. Purely as an example, if the prior death levels were 1,000 per week, we are now seeing 1,250 per week. Don’t get me wrong: If a working-age person’s life is worth about $2.5 million in an car accident scenario, that’s a retail cost of +250 deaths times $2.5 million, or a staggering $625,000,000 of economic loss per week.

Nothing like that has ever happened before; it’s a Black Swan event. A hundred percent. Manmade, I might add.

But — and this is the point — your personal risk of dying, based solely on the excess deaths figures, has shifted only by a very small amount. Anecdotally we aren’t seeing elevated sudden deaths in unvaccinated persons. The data we have suggests that the excess risk of dying from a regular covid infection so far seems comparable to influenza.

Even for jabbed people, the risk is wildly distributed. The Dutch study suggests two conclusions: that up to 30% of mRNA vaccine batches were placebos, or else there was a wild disparity in manufacturing standards. So even if you got the shot, there is no way to calculate your individual risk. It might be zero. So calm down. If you want to do something proactive, follow a de-spike protocol such as suggested by Dr. Kory’s FLCCC and consider an aspirin regime.

While a Type C outcome remains theoretically possible, based on current data, the most likely scenario appears to be Outcome B, a vaccine disaster comparable to the worst vaccine blunders in history, magnified by a coordinated worldwide scheme to jab every single man, woman, and child (and the other genders too, sorry).

It’s bad enough. If we do land on Outcome B, it will be a monstrous tyranny never surpassed in the dark and lamentable catalog of human crime, or words to that effect. But your individual risk so far remains low.

Wait and watch.


🔥 The Gateway Pundit ran an intriguing story yesterday headlined, “NOW WE HAVE PROOF! TGP EXCLUSIVE: Massive 2020 Voter Fraud Uncovered in Michigan – Including Estimated “800,000 Ballot Applications Sent to Non-Qualified Voters” – Bags of Pre-Paid Gift Cards, Guns with Silencers, Burner Phones, and a Democrat-Funded Organization with Multiple Temporary Facilities in Several States.”

The short version is that Gateway Pundit somehow received a 2020 police report and search warrant affidavit describing detailed evidence of a massive, apparently illegal, vote harvesting operation in Michigan. As the headline reports, police found bags of prepaid gift cards, cases filled with fully automatic rifles (later found to be legally purchased), a white board including an item about “weapons training,” and disposable cell phones.

The investigation was triggered when, on October 8, 2020 — one month before the 2020 general election — Muskegon Clerk Ann Meisch noticed a black female (whose name was redacted from the police report), dropping off up to 10,000 completed voter registration applications at the city clerk’s office. Meisch thought that was suspicious, and she thought a lot of the ballots looked fake, so she called police.

After a state investigation, Michigan’s attorney general referred the entire matter to the FBI, which is where the trail ends.

The police report and investigation don’t prove election fraud. But it does put the lie to repeated official claims there was “no evidence” of election fraud in 2020, particularly in the key electoral state of Michigan. And the most interesting fact, not mentioned in the article, is how Gateway Pundit got hold of the police reports. It suggests the story of the 2020 elections is far from over.

Here’s the link to the full story.

💉 The Houston Chronicle ran a surprising story yesterday, headlined “Lina Hidalgo takes leave of absence as Harris County judge to receive treatment for depression.

The historically-youngest chief executive of Texas’ largest county (referred to as the “County Judge”), leftist democrat Lina Hidalgo, 27, announced Monday she is temporarily stepping away from her position, and had already checked herself into inpatient treatment in late July for her “clinical depression.” For a few months.


Coincidentally, earlier this year democrat U.S. Senator John Fetterman (D-Pa.) got six weeks of paid vacation, I mean inpatient depression treatment. It’s been going around.

This isn’t Lina’s first bout with weird unexpected health issues. In early October, Hidalgo took some time off to recuperate from severe food poisoning and dehydration. Dehydration again! It’s practically an epidemic these days. On October 7th, she tweeted that her doctors had also found “a benign ovarian cyst that’ll likely require surgery later this year.”

It could be stress. She has reasons to be stressed. But she’s only 27. And, well, you know. The jabs.

Speaking of stress and vaccines, Hidalgo’s newest health issues arise amidst a swirl of corruption investigations. Hidalgo’s top three staffers were indicted in April, after prosecutors expanded an investigation into an $11 million “vaccine outreach contract” awarded to one of her political cronies.

image 2.png

Imagine that.

Hidalgo is also under investigation for election misconduct. In November, The Texan ran a story about the beleaguered official headlined, “Judge Hidalgo Calls State Investigation of Harris County Elections ‘Harassment,’ Dangerous.” The Texan reported that Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered the Texas Rangers to investigate Hidalgo’s office for “allegations of impropriety” related to the 2022 elections in Harris County.

I couldn’t find any updates on the investigation. Folks are speculating that Hidalgo is hiding out in the quiet room at the depression center to avoid being deposed in the election investigation or something. But we don’t know.

Texas has an interesting and unique law allowing citizen to petition for the removal of a sitting official for various causes, like an inability to carry out the duties of their office. Just saying.

🔥 NBC News ran an encouraging story yesterday headlined, “Global child sexual abuse probe that was launched after two FBI agents were killed leads to almost 100 arrests.”

image 3.png

You can’t make this stuff up. Almost 100 people in the United States and Australia have been arrested so far on child sexual abuse allegations, after a fatal shooting in 2021 of two FBI agents led to the unraveling of a massive, international pedophile ring, officials announced yesterday. Nineteen men were just arrested in Australia, and more importantly, thirteen children were rescued from horrific abuse.

“Operation Bakis” began in 2021, after FBI agents got into a gunfight while executing a search warrant in Sunrise, Florida. Special Agents Daniel Alfin and Laura Schwartzenberger were fatally shot, and three other agents were wounded. The gunman and suspect, David Lee Huber, 55, was killed.

After they looked into what Huber had been up to, they discovered the tendrils of the worldwide child abuse ring.

The NBC story reported the FBI has alerted other countries besides Australia to suspects in those jurisdictions, but did not say which countries.

In fairness, this is terrific work by the FBI. And it’s also worth noting that for several years, some kooky conspiracy theorists have suggested the existence of a worldwide pedophile and trafficking conspiracy, but what do they know?

Anyway. Progress!

📉 On Monday, The Street ran a tear-jerking story headlined, “Anheuser-Busch is selling 8 of its beloved brands as Bud Light drama plagues its business.”

image 4.png

After its bubbly transgender marketing blunder, Anheuser Busch continued hemhorraging this month, now announcing the sell off eight of its smaller craft-beer lines to a Canadian company specializing in legalized marijuana.  The brands to be sold include: Shock Top, Redhook Brewery, Widmer Brothers Brewing, Breckenridge Brewery, Blue Point Brewing Co., 10 Barrel Brewing Co., Square Mile Cider Co. and HiBall Energy.

As of the week ending July 29, Bud Light sales dropped for the 17th straight week in a row, down 29% year-over-year.


💉 Science Direct published a troubling study this week, featuring thirteen authors including the Chair of the University of Rome’s Pediatrics Department, titled “Relapsing myocarditis following initial recovery of post COVID-19 vaccination in two adolescent males – Case reports.”

It’s not good.

Two teenage boys who’d been diagnosed with “mild” vaccine-induced (Pfizer) heart inflammation, and who had seemed to “fully” recover, suddenly and unexpectedly relapsed several months later. The new scans showed new heart damage that wasn’t in the original scans. The boys also had high levels of warning blood proteins (troponin), and yet more visable spots of injured cardiac muscle.

Here’s the illustration from the study, which includes a timeline. You can see the original myocarditis occurred 1 day and 4 days post-injection, making the connection to the jabs pretty clear:


Also notice the large, prominent arrows at the bottom of the timeline, ominously pointing downwards at nothing. Those giant downwards-pointing arrows are pointing into the unknown future. That design choice wasn’t an accident.

Here’s what the researchers said about the young mens’ baffling prospects:

Long term outcome of myocarditis and pericarditis after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination is still a matter of debate since the recent onset of this condition and the need of a longer follow-up… The pathogenesis of COVID-19 mRNA-vaccination-related myocarditis still remains poorly understood… Given the short follow-up time and the recent history of the disease, it is still not known whether patients with a prior history of myocarditis after mRNA based COVID-19 vaccine are at increased risk of recurrent myocarditis… More efforts are needed to depict the underlying mechanisms beyond this phenomenon and to understand the risk of complications such as recurrence, potential evolution to dilated cardiomyopathy, and arrhythmias in the future.

So basically we don’t know anything about what is causing this mysterious myocarditis or what these kids’ prognosis might be, apart from the fact the jabs caused it.

That’s pretty much the opposite of everything they’ve been telling us. For a good example of the current “official” myocarditis narrative, Medscape ran this headline in January:

image 5.png

Mild. So, the current narrative for parents is: “it’s nothing to worry about.”

As many of us have been shouting since the beginning, the problem isn’t the increasingly less-rare side effects, what’s most worrisome are the unknown long term risks. Pro-jab scientists optimistically assumed that vaccine-induced myocarditis progresses (or doesn’t progress) the same way that naturally-occurring myocarditis does.

That is a fabulously defective, unscientific assumption. Scientists on both sides admit they are baffled about the mechanism of mRNA cardiac injury. In other words, they admit they don’t know why the vaccines are causing myocarditis in some kids. So … how can they possibly honestly call these heart injuries “mild” and say they “resolve quickly?”

To my knowledge, this case report is the first one that shows continuing (reoccurring) heart injury post-vaccination. How long does it keep going? What is causing it?

Maybe there wouldn’t be so many unknowns if these geniuses hadn’t tried out a brand-new, untested, experimental vaccine platform for the first time on the whole world?

Anyway, let’s hope this case report of two teenagers in the same region with recurring vaccine-induced myocarditis is unique and doesn’t happen again. Both for kids and for what’s left of science’s tattered reputation.

🔥 Finally, with gratitude to Libs of TikTok, consider this remarkably resourceful video clip of a maniacal Branch Covidian who wanted to see the Barbie movie, but also never wants to leave her house again. It was a conundrum. So guess how she handled it?

image 6.png

That’s Oregonian resourcefulness for you. Be resourceful! But not crazy like that.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! And return with your empty mug tomorrow morning for another delicious refill of Coffee & Covid.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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